Knowledge is Definetly Your Power…Unleash it!

In the forever quest of self discovery I took a real hard look at the inner reflection to see if I could try and uncover what really made me tick. With time inching on I had to find a purpose bigger than myself to help fill the void that was beginning to grow with each increasing negative experience that seemed to be a cycle in my life. From the outside looking in I began to see that we are all each and one of the same. What makes us unique also brings us together and that is an incredible lifeline to have. Take example my relationship with my husband. Throughout this journey of self discovery I began to see that me and my husband don’t have alot in common. Putting all my eggs in one basket would just lead to disharmony in our marriage and it was only after exploring life in its simplest form was I able to create balance in my life.
The very first thing I did was read the book “The Virtues of a Philosopher Queen” by 7 Barb Stegemann. I had the book for a few months as it was given in my Gratis from before I went on maternity leave. I didn’t know the gold I held in my back pocket like I do now. With quotes like, “No one can teach you how to become yourself. Only you can. Some people are fortunate to find a clear path in their youth, and others recreate themselves mid-life.” How could I not be moved to at least try a different way of living? There was never a better time in this moment so I plunged head first into self discovery. Ringing in the New Year I was newly appointed the status of full time mom and wife. When we made the decision we made that one together as it would impact our family and set the tone. With my husband working so much I wanted to keep my identity outside of my marriage so with Barb’s book in hand I set off on my quest.
First and foremost I wanted to be the best mom possible. That meant keeping the house clean and tidy as much as one can with a baby, 9 cats, a dog and 4 budgies. To me the health and well beings of all us was something that I could take pride in so I wanted to do my best. I am not a saint by any means and there are days where the housework does slip a little but in my defense this job is beyond full time. You are on call 24/7 but you know there is nothing on Earth I would rather be doing then stealing away afternoon naps with my son in my arms. That right there no money can buy so in those moments I get jazzed about the path I am on and get reinvogorated to get back on the ball and gets those floors cleaned.
Something else about that book inspired me. I made the decision right then and there that I was going to create my own business. I was going to start a non profit whose soul purpose is to help other non profits. Specifically animals but also babies. These two areas in my life is what got me here to this moment so I owe them everything I am to give back to them. The Prairie Passion for Pets Foundations was formed so in my spare time when my whole house is sound and taken care of I plan fundraisers. Everyt month I fundraise for a different organization in our town and I try to help them in every way that I can. I love baking and it has given me a way to bake and get out in the community. Being able to express the nurturing side of me is very fulfilling. Knowing that I can have an impact in somebody else’s day is a great feeling. This month I turn 40 so I have decided to host an event at the Pet Valu in Okotoks to raise funds for Megan’s Rescue Efforts Society here in Calgary. They have some outstanding vet bills so when I heard about that it became my birthday wish to help her out. I love my non profit because not only does it help me stay relevant in my community by keeping my skills current it allows me the opportunity to get out and help. Plus I am my own boss and I can’t beat the hours or the feeling of love that fills my heart.
In keeping with the trend of taking specific points out of the book she encouraged one to get involved with their community. I joined It Takes A Village here in Okotoks in January and have met a lovely bunch of ladies. One of the most interesting points is that the President of our Fundraising Group went to school with my husband. I mean since they were kids. How cool is that? Having the positive reinforcement that you are on the right track is the best feeling ever. One of my main concerns was not having a network of friends out here in Okotoks and here the 7 Virtues gave me a roadmap to help guide me in the direction of my life.
My thirst for knowledge began with this book. Reading was always one of my favourite past times. I used to love lounging around inside or out reading a frivulous book. Now here at my fingertips Barb was suggesting reading for knowledge. I decided to read for knowledge in genres that I was interested about. Philosophy, Women of the Ages and Pets. These are all areas that if I had better knowledge of it would help me in conversing with people of like minds. You are only as good as the company you keep so it was time to strengthen my character so I can appeal to somebody like me. The book “How to Hepburn” is equally an impressive read. It taught me things like how it was important to find yourself interesting. That you can explore the World out there that inspires with you. To always have courage and to never fear the unknown. In that book was a Rule that encouraged one to be athletic. I had since hoped my athletic days were past me. I have lost that drive to want to win. I love to compete but I know that we are all equal (well we are supposed to be). I hate the idea that one gets rewarded for being themselves and the backlash that ensues. With that idea resonating through my mind as I finished my first 5KM marathon I had the thought…what if I just competed amongst myself and just worked on beating my own time.
Not sure how to keep myself accountable I posted on a local mom’s group that I was looking for a partner to keep me on track. That was last week. Fast forward to today we had 4 women, 3 babies, 3 dogs and 2 chariots getting out for a run. The feeling of balance that rushed through me as I huffed after our pack was a feeling of euphoria. Before I never would have dreamed of just getting out but out of curiousity and a desire to implement what I had learned from what worked from the women before me was a total life changer. Now the four of us are creating a mom group where we are going to get together for walks, runs and even a game of pickle ball. It will be our athletic outlet when the rest of our mom groups don’t understand.
One of my other obsessions right now is the Violin. I absolutely love my time driving to High River to learn something that I have always dreamed I could be good at. The feeling of pride and accomplishment even at this age makes me so excited for each and every week. I love to practice and I love the sound of a perfect note. If this is living in harmony then I don’t ever want to stop. I also have my regular Friday nights at the A and W car show for MS weather permitting.
The wonders that come to you when you are able to reconnect with yourself again are out of this world. I encourage everybody to get out of their shells and explore the possibilities. There is no failing in something that you have decided to try. The success in having the courage to explore who you are. There are people who don’t have the same luxury as me so I owe it to them and to myself to be the best possible version of myself that I can be. That is what made me reach out in the way that I have. My life does feel pretty complete right now. There will always be these times when everything feels like it is spinning out of control but it is how you handle it. It is true that your energy will dictate and manifest into its own entity if you will let it. Once the negative vortex reaches its full speed there is nothing in its path it won’t destroy. I am simply trying to provide an outlet so it doesn’t have to get to that point. My world is never to busy or to fast for me not to want to help somebody who needs it. I will always believe that we are all equal and it is only the way we define social status that divides us. We have lost our ability to hold basic human compassion because we always have to have our guard up. There are so many different types of poisons out there trying to suck you in. That’s just the nature of it all now. When enough of us start walking down the wrong direction of a one way path you best believe the energy will be listening and catering to those needs. It is going to take alot of courage and self reflection before we see a shift in this path. Enough people are going to want to come together to say that they can’t stand it anymore. When the time for change comes the only way that we will be able to stand up to it is with knowledge. Knowledge is power and it takes all kinds. Specializing in one area is important but it also can make you obsolete. If you are going to go off down your own path make sure that you are confident of your decision.
“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”
― Dalai Lama XIV
Being able to inspire and instill knowledge on anybody is life’s greatest gifts. It opens a world of endless opportunities and give you the skills necessary to be able to handle yourself in any room. Isn’t that the essence of life? To share and enjoy in each other’s strengths and weaknesses by celebrating each others victories and failures? For is somebody truly failing if they are actively trying and participating? Wouldn’t the one on the sidelines who refuses to be an active participant in their lives be the true loser if ever a title was ever needed to be given? I love this new direction that my life is on and it is hard to not want to resonate this passion into everybody. If only this secret was unvield to me sooner there is so much more I could have been. The blessing is truly that I made my way here as you are never late when you are doing the right thing. I hope somebody out there is feeling inspired or even needs to reach out. I would love to help you find your way as it really did change my life. Never give up on yourself and be your own biggest fan that way even in a room all alone you are still in your own best company.

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