Empath or Emotional? You be the Judge

Empath: This is the official definition of the American Empath Association: An Empath is someone who understands the mental or emotional states of others in a way that defies conventional science and psychology. Empaths have the ability to sense the feelings, thoughts, and energies of people, plants, animals, places, or objects. In addition to sensing, Empaths absorb the energy of those around them. Empaths often experience stress or illness if they are bombarded by too many negative emotions. Empaths can also use their abilities to help others by imagining themselves in someone else’s situation and connecting with them on a deep level. (https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Empath)

Ever since I was a young girl I knew that I could feel on a deeper level. Usually people just chalked it up be being crazy, emotional, female, gemini, or my personally favourite because of my lineage (I am Russian/Italian/Belgium). Factor in that my mom is ginger and you have what to the outside worlds look the perfect mix of irrational hormones. I never wanted to feel the way I do and it just seems to have intensified since my out of body experience. As always my mantra has been the more you know the more the outside world makes sense. So if you are brave enough to uncover the raw essence that is you.

Did you know that modern medicine has determined that there are 17 types of Empaths in the world as recognized by the American EmpathbSociety! 17!!! Surely after learing about what defines an empath I will be able to untangle the emotional web that has taken up residency in my brain. I would encourage anybody who is contemplating on weather or not that though show empathatic tendencies to check out the American Empath Association they have tests and materials to help you on your journey to uncovering the truth. There is a range of empaths from emotional, animal, nature, crystal, medium….there are 7 of them https://americanempathassociation.com/. You can also become a certified empath and you can become a member. This might be something I will explore into later but for now I am just happy to learn that when others thought that I was certifiably crazy I was just able to feel energies in a way that they are not able to.

Emotional Empath

This is the category most often associate with Empaths. Emotional Empaths are known for sensing and feeling the emotions of others. They will see through any façade or front that another person may be putting up to hide how they are really feeling. Unlike other empathic or highly sensitive people, emotional Empaths actually experience the emotions that other people are feeling(https://americanempathassociation.com/). Is it true? Is there a group of individuals out there that experience these feelings just as I do? The idea that this group was just opened for the public in May of this year goes to show you that maybe just maybe there is a bigger problem on our hands.

I remember my first incidence of being able to feel somebody else’s emotions. I was maybe 12 and this over whelming sadness and fear over whelmed when I found out my Grandma was sick and having to go through rounds of chemo in Vancouver BC. She lived in a small town her whole life so the idea of being in a big city was incredibly daunting. When she first left for treatment I felt like the world was closing in on me. I didn’t leave my bed for days because I felt so incrediblyd drained I couldn’t explain it.  Even earlier I remember being at the Trail Silver City Days Parade. I was 5. I watched as this lady handed out flyers for Little League. We didn’t know what the flyers were for at the time but when I watched my dad reach out for a flyer and she ignored him it was game on. I felt this weird sensation of embarassment that I couldn’t control. Feeling anger I rushed up to the lady and kicked her in the shins and told her she hurt my dad’s feelings. Well I am not sure what embarassed him more the misunderstanding that she was only giving the flyers to parents of boys or that his daughter seemed like an emotional tyrant hell bent on ruffling feathers.

Did you know almost 25 million adults are on anti depressants? This has been over the last two years alone. Yes some of it due to unrealistic expectations imposed onto us. What if some of this medication was being prescribed unecessarily. For instance, my whole life I have been told that I am crazy emotional and fly off the handle. Compassion for anything living has always rushed through my veins. The eyes are definetly the gateway for the soul. At times I think that I am able to connect with animals on this deeper level of understanding. I wouldn’t say that I can tell them what to but I understand what it is they are tryin to say to me. Imagine though that when you start feeling the energy and that tension that fills up every room and you don’t understand why. If you aren’t able to recognize that the energy shift is actually coming from another entity in the room you would be overwhelmed with the negativity of it all. As an empath your role is to absorb the negative impact that your energy will have in the Universe. Sounds like an incredible task doesn’t it? Once you are able to recognize the shift in the room when there is another presence. You will be able to identify the source. Once you are able to differentiate yourself from the shift you will be able to leave your energy source intact as you begin to change the energy in the room.

I remember once watching a commercial on TV. It was for the summer Olympics in 1984. He was Canadian (interestingly enough he is from Alberta) and he was the man that gave up a gold medal to save a life. His name was Lawrence Lemieux and he would define the person that I wanted to grow up to be. He decided to give up his life long dream of being a Gold Medal Olympian to saving a life of his competitor which led to him getting the Pierre de Coubertin Medal. You know to this day when I think of the commerical I get goosebumps and I fill up with pride. There are tears as I feel the dream of winning gold lose site but as I help bring this man into my boat there is no feeling in the world that winning could ever replace. Putting this single moment in time into persepective what Lemieux defined what it meant to be the top athlete in his class. Lemieux is one of only 5 people who have won this medal. When you factor in that there are hundreds of medals awarded at any given event and probably many more thousands to come this is truly I medal of honour that should be worn with great pride. We as Canadians should feel great pride for this historical moment.

I am left to wonder if there are more empaths like me that are just beginning to understand their crazy emotional roller coaster. If you are absorbing the energy of others in the room and you aren’t identifying with the source you have just started the perfect receipe for disaster. Without understanding that these are the feelings of others and not coming from within alot of people find themselves being medicated to help cope with it all. Yes medication does help with these crazy influx’s but it also prevents you from being able to feel and it’s these feelings that are able to help and to help push us forward as a society. The world is so impersonal now and we are always rushing around trying to cram everything into one day. Sometimes I reflect on my life and I can’t help but feel all these blessings. I guess why it has become so important to share my storey and journey with you. I know in this rat race that we created in a desire to become bigger, faster, better we forgot what that truly means. We have created this empire of drones that is only content on posting the newest hit selfie or self harm video in order to gain attention. What if I told you that when you are asking for this attention that what comes back to you is unpredictable and unwarranted. Positive energy isn’t attracted to to energy that is filled with vanity and greed. We see celebrities living what we interpret as being these perfect little lives but all we need to do is pick up the latest magazines to see that this simply isn’t true. I guess we could all be comforted by million of dollars but what happens to that when we are long gone? How have you impacted the generations that are looking up to you begging for instruction and leadership? We can’t fault the blind for marching down these paths of irrational thought in the hopes of making a change. Everybody has their purpose in life just like as in nature. We depend on every species and being to make this world go round. Take bees for example they are necessary to pollenate our flowers, gardens and to make honey. Well in bees defense they aren’t making honey for us so it is best to respect this connection. Without bees we would have to find an inorganic way to help our flowers bloom. Everything in this space of time is connected. If more empaths were in positions of power than they would be able to make the necessary changes to see the shift that the universe so desperately needs.

Just because you are able to identify the energy switch in a room you can still be blindsided. For me that shock hit me hard yesterday. Yesterday media was consummed with Juno Beach. I appreciate it’s significance in time but I was overwhelmed with the loss of life in the way that it happened. Feeling this overwhelming sense of pain and suffering it was intensified when I could feel that this loss of life has falling onto a generation that is so entitled that it is alarming. At the time of Juno beach the average age of a soldier was between 18 to 19. Factor in that nearly 5,000 men died that day (correction children) that was alot of life taken to soon. The overwhelming sadness I began to feel brought me to my knees. I grieved for what they were to become and for them dying in vain. 80 years later we have not learned a thing from their sacrifice. When the way of the world is who took the best selfie and not trying to uncover the true way of the world there is only one way to look at this. We as humanity are failing and it’s our lack of emotional connection to all thing that being alive encompasses that will be our down fall. Our inability to be able to relate to those around us is preventing us from being able to establish true connections. When our youth feel that they are more of a bother than an asset of course they are lead to fumble and find their way. They are only doing the best with the resources that they have. Without outlets to express these feeling swe will continue to see a rise in voilence, suicide, addiction and any other negative outcome that we choose to stick our nose up at. I hope that bringing the connection that the empath has with the rest of the world to the forefront so in the company of other like minded individuals we can change the world. The more compassion we show our neighbours and fellow man the more welcoming of a world that we will all be a part of. Together we can be the change that the world so desperately needs.

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