Lessons we can still learn from Nanny McPhee (even as adults)

In a world where we are constantly being challenged yet desensitized it is hard to even know where to begin when you get up in the morning. For me my routine has become pretty regular as I am look towars nurturing and feeding my son’s brain and soul. I can’t expect my son to grow into a passionate human with a desire to be the change if I don’t lead by example. With every breath in my body I try to be the best version of myself taking leaps and bounds in a direction that I have never dared travelled on before. It has provided a great source of strength for me to look for the hidden meaning intertwined with little tidbits of knowledge. The momentum of my life is moving forward in this positive amazing direction that I never possible.
At the end of each day my most favourite part is when I get to unwind, relax and enjoy the company of my almost 2 year old. There is no better feeling then the tired cuddles of a lil being that also thinks that this is the greatest part of his day. I am not sure if that is exactly what he thinks but it’s definetly the vibe that both of us share in that moment of time. It’s very rare that my husband joins us for this time so it really is these stolen moments of time that are worth their weight in gold. I remember when he was a little babe I used to watch Investigative Discovery when he was a child during feeding, rocking, sleeping…basically in any moment I need to mindlessly get away. What I found was that I couldn’t enjoy that type of television anymore. I was worried that somehow he would absorb the fear, anger, passion that was being explained about in these stories so I decided to learn and explore genre specific movies that in time he would ask to watch. I started to watch the Avengers (I still don’t really understand the difference between Marvel and DC comics. I know one was written by Stan Lee…Spiderman I think) and all the superhero movies but not in order.
Now that I know he is watching the TV I put on child approved movies and shows in at least the time that he is awake. Sometimes when my husband joins us he will play a movie that only he will enjoy. I mean violence, torture, rape etc. When these movies or shows are playing you can see the register of panic and fear that washes over my sons face as he points to the tv afraid. The more annoying part is how usually my husband is alseep in 5 minutes anyways but that’s a whole other issue. Last night I played Nancy McPhee returns as me and my son snuggled down to watch a movie after a fun and eventful day.
The storey line was a classic one of poor family with rich family coming to visit. The setting was during the World in Europe with both Dad’s serving their country. Mrs Green struggles financially raising 3 rambuctious children living on a farm that was owned by her husband and his brother she was coming up short for that months tractor payment. The brother who had a gambling addiction needed a quick sale of the farm or the hit ladies were going to do him in. As the children struggle to clean with their mom at work their cousins show up unexpectantly. Coming from uppler class society the newest additions are appalled and disgusted with how these “poo people” live. Within minutes all the children are fighting and they begin to fight into the night when Nanny McPhee enters.
Nanny McPhee is not too pleasing on the eyes as she has these hairy warts and this giant tooth and a very stern personality. Nanny McPhee tells Mrs Green she was sent from the army and that once the children had learned 5 very specific lessons and once learned and she was no longer needed she would be on her way. These 5 lessons that she teaches the children can be applied in day to day living in all walks of life to achieve harmony and balance. I mean looking at these 5 simple to follow lessons if only our government would watch Nanny McPhee and be opening to learning the lessons imagine how much better the world would be.
!. Stop fighting. Of course there is nothing more valuable then a group of individuals who get along. This lesson prooves to be the hardest lesson for the children to learn as they are just introduced to Nanny McPhee. She shows the kids just how it feels when they are being punched and kicked by themselves (she uses her magic to get the children to beat on themselves). The children being more stubborn as an ox refuse to apologize to each other so Nanny McPhee has to be more foreceful with the message. Threatening to have the letters burned by the youngest hands the children one by one stop fighting and apologize to each other. Imagine a world where fighting amongst each other ceases to exist. Nobody gains from being vile. Speaking from experience when I was younger their was no gratification in name calling, pinching, scratching etc Trust me I did it all. One time even on Christmas Eve. Me and my sister were fighting and she bent over so I decided to bite the small of her back. So if you are curious to what happened next…my dad cancelled Christmas. We weren’t allowed to go with him to Grandma’s house and all the presents from “Santa” were thrown out of his closet onto his bed. So what started out as an outburst to get my way turned into this really big thing that even now I think about. I know what you are thinking kids will be kids but that sure changed the nature of the way that I fought with my sister.
2. Share nicely. This is another great skill to have and be able to use effectively. The best stories are the ones from experience as Nanny McPhee usues magic to show the kids what it means. I mean she got a cow, a goat and an elephant to sleep with the children. As a child I was very selfish. Sharing to me didn’t come easy. I have no idea where I got this idea from. I hated sharing so much that I would even hide any candy or chocolate I got and cry if I had to share. Here’s what I learned about sharing. It feels good when you share. I mean giving somebody else the opportunity to have something that they otherwise wouldn’t is the raddest feeling. Coming from being a selfish little girl I am always quick to open up my panty, closet or heart. I mean I have alot of selfishness to make up for right? Besides did you know when you share food you are literally saving yourself half of the calories now? I know I should feel guilty but making somebody else happy by sharing and saving my hips…SIGN ME UP!!!
3. Help each other. This needs to be ingrained in everybody’s life. Everybody needs help at some point in their lives. It becomes alot easier to achieve success in tasks when there are others helping out. Not to mention the time also goes alot quicker and it is always so much rewarding to accomplish something as a team then solo. I am sure we have all been in places where we have felt the burden of accomplishing a daunting task that we know will take a long time to finish. When faced with doing it all alone you can feel this overwhelming sense of dread and it’s hard to get your head in the game. When you are in the right company working towards the same goal the bond that is achieved once you hit it is amazing.
4. Be brave. With everything in life you have to be brave. Having the courage to stand up for yourself and others to make the world a better place will always be its own best reward. To often we are made to feel that we need to conform to certain social practices and behaviour. Having the strength to know that the task at hand is necessary in order to achieve the end goal is sometimes all you need. Being brave is a characteristic of all leaders that have helped shape the directional change that we have all so needed throughout time.
5. Have faith. You have to believe that what you put out into the world will be brought back to you. Having faith that you are moving in the right direction is all that you need. The realization that the direction that you are going is always right as long as you keep going forward will help you to achieve some of the greatest moments of your life. If you don’t have faith in yourself and your abilities why would anybody else? The saying fake it to you make it applies here. Maybe you have been kicked down more often than not so your faith has long hit the high roads. Act like you would if you had faith in your ability. Fake it until it becomes a part of who you are. Part of being human is that we will always have this self doubt. It is up to us to be able to push through that doubt in order to achieve greatness.
As the end of the movie neared and my son had finally fallen asleep my husband had entered the room. It was right at the part where the family learned their final lesson and Nanny McPhee’s tooth changed. My husband asked what had happened to her ugly tooth. The beautiful part of the movie is that once the children learned the beauty of the lesson learned Nanny McPhee’s appearance began to change to reflect these skills. Nanny McPhee’s reflection was a symbol for the ugliness that the children were exposing the world too. Once the new skills were learned and implemented into the task at hand she would transform into a creature of beauty to reflect back onto the children the goodness that was in their hearts.
I loved the movie as it brought a family divided by finances together and brought some very important skills to teach our children. In a world filled with so much outside influences it is nice to see that Hollywood is trying to still instill our youth with life lessons instead of the violence and glamour that is now in such high demand. The setting of the movie was also perfection. Who doesn’t love a quaint old town set during the War with a typical American family. Growing up on a farm myself I enjoyed the simplicity of the way they lived and it reminded me of how it felt when I was a child. We didn’t have the threat of a war or bombs landing in our fields but we did learn alot of the lessons that Nanny was trying to teach the children. We grew up in a time where entertaining each other in the fields was important as you needed to keep out of the way of adults. There was no TV to entertain just our own imaginations and free will. I would recommend watching this movie with your children so you can enjoy the sweet company that togetherness provides will helping your children learn valuable lessons. Just as how Nanny McPhee would say, “When you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go.” The same rings true for our children. When they need us but don’t necessarily want us is when they need us most, but when they want us but no longer need us our time together has always passed. Maybe we can say Nanny McPhee in essence taught us lesson #6: Live in the moment appreciating each and every aspect of it.

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