Tips for the Fundraiser (Don’t take things to personally)

The greatest tragedy of all is the way that we treat each other. I have been spending extensive time out in the community as well at home and I can see that the behaviour that seems to be plaguing out nation is the exact same behaviour that I have been getting at home. Yesterday was a hard day of realization for me. It has been said keep your circle small and I am begging to see why. The same can be said for keeping your enenemies closer. The idea here is to build up your inner strenght because that is really all that matters. Your opinion of yourself and those around you that you care about and have similiar interests to you matter the mast. Above all us treat others how you would like to be treated. It is amazing out there how manys sole purpose is to build themselves why minimizing what you do but you know what. You are extememly valuable your life has purpose. This article is simply written so you can see just how prominent the desire not to connect is out there and to not take it personally. In fact those lil blips just room to make even greate ones. For that is truly what matters finding like minds with similiar passions who know this journey in life is best walked with somebody by your side then meandering off on your own. Here are a few characterisitics of those that you want to avoid while off fundraising and promoting your cause.
1. The person who doesn’t reflect your energy back after you make the first move. We are all exhausted when we are out doing our day. Take me for example I have baked all my goodies fresh that day or the day before to make sure for extra yumminess. When somebody first comes into the store I am not thinking about how much money they donated I am thinking about them. In fact the first couple minutes of our interaction is me asking questions about them trying to make a connection. We are human we need that connection so I think it is only fair to start each and every interaction with a warm smile and a hello.
2. The standoffish and will head down any aisle to avoid you. What you are looking for are the ones that seek you out. They engage in storeytelling and want to be heard and will listen. We are humans hungry for interaction and knowledge. We love to compare stories as reinforcement that the way we handled certain situations or to have our lives validated. This is a world that is moving so fast that we never take a second to just absorb in the beings that are in front of us. When I am out fundraising I am also creating awareness. Whatever it is that is bothering you I want to hear it. I do care that is why I started my non profit. It is much about having a passion for animals as it is for their owners. Pet parents are the most selfless breed of human we have. They realize that the time they have with their pet is short but the love they have is unconditional. They sacrifice their time and place in the world in order to give comfort to another. Most will never understand this connection between human and pet but I do. I love hearing your stories of connection, friendship, and loss. It tells the world that the love you shared is a part of you and that it is a love that will span the space of time.
3. The ones filled with too many excuses. I have heard it all but my personal favourite is I already made a large donation to an animal shelter so I don’t need to give anymore. Yes this is true I actually had two people say this to me. One claimed that they just ran a marathon (that is great I did too! Ihonestly thought we were going to connect until she told me that because she ran a marathon she did her part). There was another gentleman who literally ran past me as he told me he donates thousands every month. Here’s the thing. I am greatful that you have donated but all I wanted was to say hi and tell you about me. I also have a million exscuses on why I don’t want to do this. It’s very time consumming to bake, acquire raffles, find a shelter to highlit, travel there set up etc. All this comes out of our pocket and at the expense of my family. It is not a competition about who gives back more. My purpose is only to try and raise funds and to promote awareness. Sure if you would love to make a donation I will appreciate it a million times over. 100% of everything I make goes back to the shelter. I recover no costs for the baking supplies, set up, adverstising. My goal is to be known in the community and bring attention to the selfless individuals and organizations that are trying the best to try and help with the out of control pet/stray population on our hands. Most of the time I have never met the people in the organizaiton. I just know that they need my help and as somebody who is committed to making the world a better place I want to do my part.
4. Those that don’t carry cash. I am also guilty of not carrying cash so I could never fault you with that. I just want to tell you a bit about me and my journey as well as the shelter that I am highlighting. I also always encourage them to take baking. Leaving a review on facebook telling me how much you love my cooking and what I do is it’s own greatest reward. I am new to the world of fundraising so I appreaciate any and all feedback and help.

I could probably go on about all that is wrong about the fundraising world but I don’t like to dwell too much on the negative. How about I provide you with some tips to help you make the people in your community feel great without donating a dime.
1. When you see us out in your community it is usually because we are extremely passionate about what it is what we are doing. Come over and say hi. I promise we don’t bite (well I don’t). I love to chat and tell stories and listen as well. If anything let’s be friends so when you have a local shelter that you love and highlight that is something I could do for you.
2. Ask questions about what it is that we do. Obviously if we have made the necessary steps to get out in the community it is because we believe our message is valuable. Why not find out more about the groups in your neighborhood you never know when you might need to loan from their resources.
3. Check out our social media pages and share and tell others. We are only as big as our followers and therefore can only make an impact as big as those that believe in us. Raising funds is a pivotal component to all that I do but it isn’t all that I do. My main source is to provie resources to shelters that I have identified that need our help in any way, shape or form. By sharing our pages on social media you are helping get the world out (my page is Unofficial: Passion for Pets).
4. Donate what you can. There is no amount too small as any donation of any size is a step in the right direction. Of course like anybody I wish I could immediately change the world but I am also realistic.

In times of economic downturn it does seem like there are more people with their hands out. When I first started this journey I was one of those. I was trying to raise funds online through facebook and other platforms of social media. For me the last of personal connection I found to be to daunting. I wasn’t sure if actually physcially going into a store was going to be the solution that I needed in order to make a difference. At this time it is hard to assess if this is true or not. Online I made over $600 when I first started, then $350 and now I am in the 3rd month so the results are still out. What I like to see is continuous improvement and effort on my part. I am right now a one man show. I rely on the support of my family and a few others in my community that share my same passion. Usually I can be seen at different Pet Valu’s throughout the South with my favourites being Pet Value Okotoks, High River, Heritage, Shawnessy. Here I found my little community of people who share my passion. They know that there are shelters that need more help then what our community is providing. If it weren’t for these great ladies who continuously believe in my vision and dream I have no idea where I would be at this point. We all need to have somebody in our corner who can dust us off and tell us that what we are doing will proove to be an integral part in helping these shelters stay afloat. This is the feedback that matters in a world of those that aren’t sure where there place is in this world. It is hard to sometimes not take the negative responses to heart but it is very important to remember it is not personal. How could it be? They have no idea who you are or usually the organization that you are helping. Some people are just naturally more cautious, guarded and closed in and that’s ok. Maybe in time after seeing the same person everyday they will work themselves into a smile instead of trying to avoid the human interaction. We don’t know their storey or their journey and that is why it is ok to leave them to their own direction until they approach you.
There really is no right or wrong why to fundraising as long as your heart is in the right place. You do have to make sure all your legal dots have been put into place (for us here in Alberta it does take getting your gaming licence). But overall fundraising is fun. Getting together to make a difference in anybody’s world should be fun for us all. The idea that we can make a difference and alleviate some of the stress and pressures that they are facing for something that we all wish we had the strength to do should be rewarded. There is a reason why you haven’t found yourself on the front lines pulling animals from wildfires, abusive situations or accidents. You don’t need to see the tortures of the world to believe them. Trust me they are there. Once I discovered exactly what it means to be working with our stray animals I knew this was an area I could help him. I am one of those tough enough to work on the frontlines and I am also put into a position where I can try to help behind the scenes as well. Being able to bring these stories to the forefront will hopefully help alleviate some of the financial stress. For me picking Megan’s Rescue Efforts Society was a non brainer. When somebody can go onto a reserve and agree to take on an animal who required a leg amputation with no questions asked. She needs our help. Her vet bills have reached a place where she is no longer able to take in any additional animals until her bills are lowered. It is my wish that I can hopefully help brings those bills down. Every penny that I earn will directly go to her. You never know who just might have it in them to give. I wonder do you have it in you? Can you forgo your morning coffee to help a woman in need? Here’s her storey go give her a read and if the answer is yes why not donate here. I know she would appreciate any and all help!!


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