40 Points of Value (on the eve of my 40th Birthday)

Well here it is.  My birthday eve is finally creeped up on us. All things considered I have survived 4 decades of the craziest roller coaster that one could ever imagine. In the spirit of all things 40 (including me) here are 40 points of value that I think will help anybody reach their journey down this crazy road called life.

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If I could only tell my younger self. The amount of times  I worried over things that really don’t matter in the larger scheme of things. I could have saved myself alot of grey hairs.

2. It’s ok to cry. Nothing feels good as releasing that dam of emotions that is dictating every bump in the road.

3. Take risks. Any kind of risks just get your blood pumping and go for it.

4. Believe in yourself. Nobody else will have that fire that you do. If you don’t believe in yourself how could you expect anybody eles to.

5. Wear whatever it is you want whenever it is you want. Yes we all have dresses we are saving for that perfect occasion but what if that occassion never comes. All beautiful things deserve to be seen and that means you.

6. Love recklessly. It’s ok to get your heart broken once just don’t let it consumme you. If it is an ending that you are seeming to attract more often than not then maybe this lil tip isn’t the best one for you.

7. Stay in touch with family. Only they know where you came from and love you unconditionally. It is never to late to reach out and establish a connection with those that you love.

8. Take pride in your surroundings. You made it this far so take care of your life. Nobody has to understand your journey but you. Take a moment to reflect on what it took to get to this moment in time and just be thankful to be.

9. Love yourself first. You really do have to love yourself first. How could you expect anybody to if you are constantly picking yourself apart and being your own worst version.  Once you can safely say you love all that you are than you are ready for the next step.

10. Try a crazy new do. You never know it just might be you. For the longest time I was the redhead with the crazy new locks. Now as I enter a time in my life where I am finally finding myself to be secure in my surroundings I have change it up. It is very liberating to have a short blue bob. I never thought I would have Marge Simpson hair but now here I am lol

11. Join a community committee. I never had an idea how exciting and fun it would be to be involved in your community. In addition to having my own non profit that gets me out and about I also sit on a committee that serves families in our area. (It Takes a Village). I also had an interview for the Rowan House to sit on their board. I just can’t be somebody who sits idly by. I see so many people who have become these keyboard warriors instead of getting out.

12. Strive for daily exercise. Gone are the days of going to the gym twice a day. Now I am content going for walks with my son and my dog. We may not get far but it sure does beat sitting around at home.

13. Take a moment out of each and every day to just be thankful for all that you have. Some may call this meditation I just call it reflection. In any moment at any given time if I find myself with a free second I take a deep relaxing, self reflecting breath in and just give that internal sigh of relief. With a smile a thank the universe and I let the breath out. It’s like an internal positive cleanse for the soul.

14. What’s one more dog our cat. If you are settled in your life and can care for one more being I say go for it. There are limits and you have to know what those limits are for you. For me and my husband stopping at 2 didn’t make much sense. We have the space and the finances to care for a few more so we have taken them on. We already know that our ability to travel is limited but our furbabies sure do make up for it. As a fun side note did you know each cat in your household requires 15 minutes of uninterrupted bonding time. Before taking on one more cat make sure you have at least 15 minutes to spare. Your kitties require more than just furry four legged friends they also require time from you.

15. It is never too early for red lipstick. The one thing the world of Pinup has taught me is that I can pull off red lipstick. I never though I would be bold enough to rock “Lady Balls” in the morning on an impromptu early timmie’s run but here I am killing it (Too Faced Liquid Lip…MY FAV!!!)

16. Accept your reflection in the mirror. We are all aging and those lil grey hairs and crowsfeet are really your medals of honour that show a life well lived. So much easier said then done and  what do I know right because I am always dying my hair. You are so wrong. My roots are more silver then they are brown at this point. I never thought I would be one to age gracefully. I always was that one who cares about the reflection in the mirror. I have been telling myself it’s ok that I should only be so lucky to be able to age because there are so many that would give anything for grey hairs and wrinkles. For the longest time I was ashamed of wearing glasses (I have been wearing them since Grade 6) I was that girl in class that would hold my glasses in my hands and look through to read my notes. Just recently my husband was told that he has macular degeneration. He is going blind. In order to support my husband I have decided to wear my glasses and forgo my contacts as he was instructed to stop wearing his contacts. How funny that even know I feel that insecurity I had when I was a little girl. I will take pride in who I am and in my reflection. My outward appearance doesn’t define me and if it does to you then I feel your loss because you will never get to know the great person that lingers underneath.

17. Don’t be scared to uncover hidden talents. Strive to make your heart sing. You will know when you feel that you are on the right path. I love baking and nurturing. There is no greater reward than hearing somebody say they love what you made or one of my favourites, “I have never known anything bad to come out of your kitchen.”

18. Never stop learning. The only regret is all the years lost. I gave up learning the day I graduated and what an absolute ridiculous thing. When given the chance to expand my horizons in genres that I find compelling I chose nothing. These days I need to read at least one time a day. I love to read books on Philosophy, Women in History and of course on Pets. The best part of reading is the pieces of time that you get to be a part of and that you get to learn from the experiences of others. We have all this knowledge and experience at our fingertips and so many of us are just so consummed with a superficial existence. I am so greatful that I found my way back to these treasures of time that will help enhance my existence in the future. History may repeat itself but at least I will be well prepared in the event that it does.

19. Love like your heart will never get broken. With the passing of each pet a piece of my heart breaks off with them. Everything inside of me screams as the loss of their existence resonates within my core. The pain in that moment only lasts with the initial shock. In those moments of loss as a family we are all deeply affected. It is the comfort in each and every being that allows the feeling of pain to ebb as we take solace in each other. If having my furbabies have taught me anything it is the way that they grieve. In moments of great sadness we all feel comfort when we have each other to find comfort in. Losing any being never gets easier you just become better at navigating through the loss.

20. Help somebody out who is less fortunate than you. My non profit is just that. My husband and I live comfortably on his salary. I have chosen to give back of my free time as we as a family have our needs met. It is a natural feeling to help others in anyway that we can.

21. Be the change that you want to see in the world instead of adding to the problem. I could live a life where I sit at home and raise my son and tend to my family. If I only did that then I could no longer complain. Your voice is only heard in the company that you keep so if I think I have ideas that could change the world than the only thing that I can do is get involved….Who knows maybe one day I will be mayor!

22. Always stand up for yourself. Bullies naturally always look for the weakest in the crowd. It’s natures way. Never be rude just be stern and hold your ground.

23. When in doubt always sleep with rollers in. It’s best to be prepared to be fabulous then just be mediocre.

24. Throw yourself a party. I don’t mean to be super extravagant or…Ok I do mean be super extravagant!!! What the world is missing is just random parties of awesomeness!!! My birthday is a fundraising bash as I couldn’t think of any other way to give back to the community and the life that I am so thankful for.

25. Minimilize your existence. Wouldn’t you know I had a fight with my hubby ( I know shocker isn’t it!).  I found myself packing and in itself it became so liberating. I packed away all the clothes that don’t fit and all that extra Sephora gratis and liberated my living space. I totally forgot what we were fighting about because THERE IS SO MUCH MORE ROOM! I think it might have been about all that clutter.

26. When given the choice to sleep in and steal away extra snuggles always choose that.

27. Live your happiest life. You don’t need to explain to everybody why it is you do what you do just know that you are doing it because it makes you feel good.

28. Keep a clean house. This is just great common sense.

29. Live the life you always wanted and the rest will fall into place. Fake it till you make it.

30. Know when it is ok to let go. Sometimes holding on is harder than the actual goodbye.

31. Take up a musical instrument. Being able to play the music in my heart for the outside world to hear as been one of the greatest moments of my life.

32. A lady always wears pantyhouse. This applies to all skirts and dresses (any garment of clothing with a opening for obvious reasons).

33. Have your own life credo. Mine is: “Be the girl you were born to be before the world took away your smile.”

34. Above all else find yourself interesting. Sometimes I don’t realize how much I have on the go until I start telling people about all that I do. I never will admit to being busy. I prefer the term fulfilled.

35. Wear what you want to wear. I never need an exscuse to dress up. I wear what I want, when I want, with who I want doing what I want always no exception. Ask any of my friends who happen to drop by. You never know what the theme of the day will be.

36. Never stop searching for that soul altering connection. I know alot of us are looking for that love connection and I have that. What I am searching for is that person that your soul recognizes even before you do…I think you know what it is I am trying to say.

37. It’s ok if you don’t please everybody. In fact strive to please only yourself.

38. Live your true authentic self. Give up the idea that you have to conform to somebody else’s standards. Let me tell you if you are spinning your wheels now trying to measure up let me tell you, you probably never will.

39. Take in one lost stray. This applies to friends and furbabies. It is amazing how the power of love can transform the spirit.



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