The Ultimate Pin-Up Summer

Plato once said that life is when the soul meets with matter. Our souls are all held captive inside these bodies that we will to meet our every demand. We push ourselves to limits we could only imagine possible all to become better than the next. In a world where everybody has become yet another Jones we struggle to find our place in the Universe. What if all these struggles were in vain and we in fact hold the key to unleash our real potential. If only we could live without fear to realize our limitless potential but how on Earth can one accomplish this while keeping up with the Joneses?

Every morning I write to inspire to tell tales of my struggles so that not only will I not feel alone but so my hardships all have a purpose and my pain becomes my armour. For the last year I have worked dilingently on my character as I have since inherited this ability to live and transition through life without fear. It wasn’t that long ago when I could look in the mirror for hours and strip myself of all human dignity until I lay bare tear streamed, depleted, worthless…defeated.  A whole new world unviels itself when you change your role in society. I no longer live for myself but for another. Being selfish is one of the ugliest qualities I have ever possessed and I thankful for the grace of god that has been handed down to me. I don’t hold myself in content or judge the error in my ways. I am thankful for the opportunity to live a better quality of life and for the incredible support network that I have become not only accustomed to but privy too.

When reflecting on the last 40 years I know that there is still alot of great yet to come. I have paved the way for the next 40 years to be the most selfless and humble experience that I am looking forward to with open arms. The desire in my heart is to spread the saving graces of how Pinup saved me and to inspire those to have the courage to live their best life. In the few short years that I have transitioned over to leading a life full of the era I have seen incredible heartbreak rock the community I have since grown to love immensely. We have lost some great outstanding women over the last year and my life will forever be changed by knowing these women shared a passion for something that I hold so dear. I guess in my forever quest of constantly improving and getting out of my shell I created a summer of fundraising and giving back in order to have a positive impact on not only a community but to a family as well.

Beginning the search of what Pinup Pageant to try next was always at the forefront of my mind. Heading over to Duncan, BC changed my life in so many ways. Not only was I crowned queen but I was a participant in something alot greather than ourselves. Have you ever found yourself surrounded by 20+ ladies all glammed up and fabulous living their best lives as their nerves get the best of them. We all come together to be the strength that each one of us needs to get out of our comfort zone and showcase our feathers to the World. We get to smile and prace and celebrate each others victories. I strongly encourage everybody to enter a contest. Not to win a title but so that you can win the grace of meeting some wonderfully fantastic ladies who really truly only want to see you shine. It is true when you are surrounded by likeminded individuals your soul just begins to sing and this is what happened to me. The unique sisterhood that we created when we all came together touched me to my core. Driving back home with the bittersweet irony of it all being over I just couldn’t wait to do it again. I loved being able to share my stories and captivate attention as I truly do have alot to share.

Wanting to recreate the buzz and excitement that only a new pageant can fill I began my search. What I found is that there seemed to be alot of contests both on the West Coast and the East but not too many in between. That meant that in order for me to do a “new” show to meet new girls I would have to travel far. You see I live a very simple life. My days are filled with educating and loving my son, tending to a our house and fundraising for all the furbabies out there. To say my days are fulfilling is an understatement. I have created a World that not only empowers but I hope that it inspires. In my free time I play my violin and read about times that have come to past. Through the tales of those before us I hope to find a clearer picture of what life is supposed to mean and so far all I got is that the meaning of life differs from one person to the next. What I find inspiring could appear to be trivial to the next. The key is to keep striving for change, never become placid. Be an active participant in your life. Take leaps, take bounds forget that the World has tried to impose limitations and be that change that the World is so desperate for.

In my search I found the “Miss Cherry Pie Pageant” hosted by Mrs. Rees Vintage Beauty Parlour ( Can you believe that there is a pageant out there whose purpose is to raise money for children to help realize their dreams?!? This is inredibly I get to combine so many loves in just one day! Fundraising, Pinups and of course children. This pageant is so unique that on pageant day not only do you compete amongst your peers (Let’s not say compete let’s say showcase because we can’t compete amongst each other only ourselves. Everybody is a winner and deserves a crown. We don’t need a contest to validate our existence. The contest is merely the vessel to help carry out the message) but throughout the months leading up to pageant day you collect pledges to support the Garrett Mills Memorial fund, a vivacious 7 year old who was taken far too soon (to read more about this fund please look here For all of you that know me it has become my lifes mission to ease the pain and suffering of all those that I meet. I love a challenge and love even more getting out of my comfort zone. I entered the marathon because I kindof thought it was like “Jump Rope for Heart” you know where you took pledges in middle school to skip rope for a certain period. My creative wheels began to turn as I created the greatest summer experience on record as I set on my quest to create awareness for Mrs Rees and her selfless cause.

My summer itinerary looks as follows:

Fortins Village Classic                    June 23                Chilliwack BC

VernonCruise-In                              July 12                  Vernon BC

Wheels on the Danforth                Aug 16 and 17      Scarborough, ON (still waiting to see if                                                                                             I made it in)

Mrs Rees Miss Cherry Pie              Sept 13 and 14      Napanee, ON

I thought this would be a cool way to combine my love of Pinup and Fundraising in the most fulfilling summer yet. I can not think of a more exciting way to ring in the next 40 years then to start off the summer promotoing something so heartwarming and touching and in reality so close to home. As a mother there would be no greater tragedy then a life taken too soon. There will never be enough fundraising to take away that pain. I am hoping that when a group of like minded, positive pin-ups come together maybe we can ease that pain if only for a few seconds on that day. Every time that I am surrounded by members of this great community I find so much strength.  It just made perfect sense to want to try and do something new in a currency that I understand. What we all need to strive for is to be a better version of ourselves then we were yesterday and the only way to successfully accomplish that is to continually push ourselves out of our comfort zone. So far this summer I have spent alot of time raising funds and awareness for local animal shelters. In fact I have a big birthday fundraiser tomorrow at the Pet Valu in Okotoks with 100% of the proceeds go to Megan’s Rescue Efforts Society. In life it is all about balance and although I dress in the 50’s style everyday (almost everyday) we all do benefit when we are surrounded by our peers. They bring us fresh new ideas and a creative way of being all with a safe space in which we all can grow. In a world so big that is so vastly getting out of control being able to connect with peers in this way is so beneficial. Financially it maybe a struggle but I do have the support of my family and sometimes all you need is a little bit of faith. My body is merely the vessel to relay messages that only my soul can understand. I know that what I reflect on the outside is just an image to help those who are uncertain find a beacon of hope in an existence that can be so daunting. I want the World to know that we are not in this alone that above all else I believe in you. We have to start somewhere and in your moment of weakness I can be your strength. I have suffered enough in this life to not wish it amongst anybody. My message will always be one of hope as I venture across this country. The greatest gift that I hope to instill apon the world is that you are enough and your existence is truly enough to be the change that the world sure dearly needs. In a world with no direction it is ok to take calculated risks in order to see the greater good.  As my journey unfolds and I get ready to embark on a lifetime adventure collecting pledges along the way. I know that in the end I truly won because above it all I had the courage to stand out amongst the crowds and dare to do something different. I dare to be the change in the world and I hope to be that change with as many Pinup sisters by my side because their is safety and strenght when we all come together. Never will I feel alone again because I have the strength of all those that walked before me who dared to be the change that we all so desperately need to see in the world.

In summary, age is only just a number. It doesn’t need to define you. I have embraced my post baby body, wrinkles, cellulite, grey hairs you name it I am the farthest thing from looking outwardly perfect and you know what that is ok. I am in perfect in the sense I am perfectly me. Every little piece of me works together in this fabulous package that allows me to be a great wife, mom and friend. We all have it within us to shine we just have to find the tools to harness our inner power and let it radiate.  Life is only a journey that comes together in a beautiful package all unique and specific yet tailored just for you. It is all yours for the taking if you have the courage to take it. As a sign of faith I will post a pic of me that normally I would cringe at with the fear of backlash. But today on my 40th Birthday there is no stoping what this coming of age can do!


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