10 Reasons to Particpate in a Pin-Up Event!

This past weekend we drove the 14 hours to partake in Pin-Up festivities with the lovely dolls from West Coast Pin-Ups. That is the only reason why I haven’t had access to my blog in a few days.  Not only did I forgo bringing my laptop on this trip but I was also way to busy to sit down to write out my thoughts.

The days leading up to any Pin-Up event there is always the nervous anticipation of all things possible. There is the excitement of piecing together an outfit in the most fabulous of ways as you hunt all over town and the WWW for the last perfect piece.  We plan for weeks (sometimes months) on how we are going to wear our hair and the most dedicated practice their stage presence in the mirror and in front of friends till it feels oh so right. It is incredulous to think that one would dedicate so much time and energy to a single moment that in the grander scheme of things is over in a blink of an eye but there is reasons to the madness and I am here to help you understand and hopefully participate in an event that is sure to empower you.


  1. Where else can you find yourself surrounded by like minded positive individuals. Sometimes it is incredibly hard to find your place in the World and it was at the West Coast Pinup Event last summer that I truly felt like I belonged. Moving to YYC almost 5 years ago I found it hard to connect with like minded individuals. There is a Pin-Up community out here but I always am a West Coast Girl at heart. Being one to find dolls who stimulate my soul I had to look beyond my community limitations to expand my network.
  2. Embracing your femininty.  Sometimes in this concrete jungle of modern technology it is hard to find time to dress up and just be a Woman. There are these demands imposed on us that make it hard to dress up on a day to day basis. Being one to present a complete package to the World (I am thinking hair, nails, lashes the whole 9 yards etc) I am always looking for events that allow for this outburst of all things girly.
  3. Self confidence. If you are like me your self confidence can take a huge hit on a day to day basis. When you are a part of a community that embraces you for who you are it allows you the opportunity to gain in self confidence. In a World that is so quick to judge and point out your flaws these woman are quick to give you the confidence that you lack until your confidence tank is full. An example of this would be at the Military event that I was so graciously accepted to be a part of. Posing in front of vehicles can be hard to know what to do. For us newbies we are like these gangly toddlers that appear so ackward in photos. These girls were quick to help get you in to a great pose to help you look your best. So many times in the modern World woman are quick to feel threatened by another doll’s beauty. This is not the case when surrounded by these women. They helped put us in poses that were not only flattering but caught the beauty we were hoping to emit into the World.
  4. A safe place to just be. I am a passionate stay at home mom of my 20 month old, 9 kitties, 1 doggo and 4 budgies. I also have a 3 level house, garden and charity to run. In my spare time I am an active member of our community. At times it becomes hard to let your personality shine as you are stretched from daily mundane tasks. Being a part of a Pin-Up community gave me a safe place to embrace me and just be. Not only do I have a safe place to express myself artistically but I found myself a group of dolls that I can just vent to. I am not kidding you I joke alot about the flaws that are in my marriage. No relationship is perfect. But in their presence those flaws didn’t seem like such a big deal. Throughout all the jokes that we shared this weekend my eyes were openedto just how lucky I am with all the opportunities that I have had. So for any of you that are reading and helped me along the way thank you. It is these moments that will make me come back time and time again.
  5. To learn about yourself.  Entering a contest we are all asking to be judged. I think it would be a lie to say that we aren’t dissappointed a lil when are names aren’t called in the top 3.  Of course just like any doll I was a tad dissappointed when my name wasn’t called but to be honest I truly do believe that those 3 (4 if you include Best in Show) brought their best that day. Being completely honest with myself I could see in ways that I could improve and hopefully maybe bring home some bling in July at the Vernon Cruise-In.  Isn’t this what this is about? To challenge oneself and learn about each other to improve on the total package that we bring to stage? Either way I have a list of things to work on in the next upcoming weeks.
  6. To have fun!! This is the most important aspect of any Pin-Up event. We are all there to have a good time, looking our best and it is usually to promote awareness and raise interest (and funds for a worth cause). If you aren’t smiling and having fun chances are you are probably in the wrong company. It is extremely rare to find a negative Pin-Up most of us have been a long for awhile and are just looking for a fun, creative way to express ourselves artistically. Posing and hamming it up for the camera is just part of the fun. We all deserve our 5 min of fame and you definetly feel that in the presence of these woman. You would have to be an ogre to not laugh and embrace the day.
  7. Friendships. Sometimes the hectic pace of our day to day lives prevent us from connecting with people on a soul connecting level. We get overtaken by life and it is hard to take a second to ourselves and just breathe. Planning for an event that does take you two days to drive (for us it did with the baby and doggo in tow) allows you the opportunity to be fully present in the moment.  When you travel to these events it becomes the sole purpose of the trip so you fully take the time to make sure that you are dressed to impress and that you attend in all the festivities. Driving the distance with my family allowed me the opportunity to get to know some of the dolls on a deeper level. Yes the trip became all about me but as a stay at home mom sometimes we need these few days to be all about us. Being out of town my husband stepped up and took care of our son (this is a feat as he is teething right now). If we were in our home town we probably would have went home as our son was just that bad. He was so incredibly fussy and my husband spent alot of time pushing him around in the stroller to allow me the opportunity to be a part of the festivities. I am so thankful for my husband over this past weekend as he truly did allow me the opportunity to connect with the Dolls.
  8. It helped my marriage. We lead very busy lives and we find it hard to take time for ourselves on a day to day basis. Of course we are a part of each others lives but my husband is very part of the rate race as he tries to provide for us. Maybe I have been present with my eyes wide shut but this past weekend my eyes opened. Call me selfish, ignorant or all things in between but I see it now. Joking around with the ladies and then taking a step back it put everything into perspective. Maybe I am wound a little tight but with these ladies I am one step closer being the Dame that I truly aspire to be.  To say I am thankful to these ladies there are no words. This weekend opened my eyes on so many levels.  Being able to be free in just being I found myself falling deeper in love with my husband. I found confidence in myself to just wrap my arms around him and kiss his face off. This connection is one that I have been hoping for but not sure how to find. I am excited for what this empowering group of ladies can bring into my life.
  9. To make a difference.  In order to keep these events going we have to be involved.  Yes it does matter if you place but what should matter more is if these events don’t happen at all. We all deserve a chance in a spotlight so when one of us wins she deserves our outmost respect and adoration.  Our crowned Queen this weekend is one worthy of her title. She gives us strenght and empowers us to live our best lives. To see through the holes in modern society and to take a stand for all women in her position. She has an amazing storey that truly inspires not to mention she is stunningly beautiful. Without these events her storey wouldn’t be told and her beauty wouldn’t shine as bright or reach the masses like she deserves. The point here is we should all be involved and make a difference. Out of 13 girls we are all winners, yes some of us leave with more bling and prizes, but the real win here is the confidence it takes to get on stage and the willingness to be judged. We have to come together as a community and celebrate each others victories. I promise you that your time for bling and prizes will come just continue to shine and grow.  Being involved will not only make a difference to you but it could empower somebody in a time that they are needing it the most.
  10. and most important the memories. These dolls are truly one of a kind. In a room full of millions these ladies truly do know how to bring out the best in you and make you feel like the only person in a room. The memories that come from being involved in these events is truly one of a kind. You get to share in that nervous anticipation of taking that stage but you also get to celebrate in the victories that make us all so unique. We laugh, we cry, we scream out in nervous frustration as we chip a nail or get a run in our stocking. What truly matters most is the friendships that are built in these moments. A friendly smile or warm hug that gives us the confidence that we need in that moment.  The memories that I have from this weekend I will carry with me to the next in the hopes of cementing these friendships further.

When deciding on whether or not I want to be involved in these events again the answer will always be a yes. Every girl should feel free to be who they are in a room full of like minded individuals. Taking a weekend off to celebrate who we are as women is something I will always say yes to.  I needed an outlet to recharge my batteries and I am so thankful for this group of women. I am not entirely sure how I happened into this group but I am so over the moon that I did!


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