Living Unplugged

So for the past almost two weeks I have been without a cell phone.  Well let’s say 50% without a cell phone. Or more like 66% lol The point is I haven’t had a cell phone as far as calls and texts goes but when I am at home or at WiFi spots my phone becomes my source for human interactions. You know social media, Facebook, Insta, Messenger e-mail.  It seems these days that everybody uses messenger to chat so what could I possibly be missing out right?  You find out who really is affected by your number not working by the responses you get.  There are two people who were most affected and those are the two most important men in my life. My husband and my dad.  My husband because he likes to ask me if I need anything etc or if they don’t have what I ask for to call and see what I want.  I am trying not to be that dragon anymore so I am really focusing on the thought and not what it actually is.  He knows the basics and that’s enough.  My dad simply who doesn’t love getting a text from your dad right ❤ My landline is still a go so there is no worries there if anybody needs me I am usually home.

There were only a few hiccups.  Husband bought these really weird…not spanx thingies I needed for a pageant I was in this past weekend. Oh and the McDonalds he went to oddly had no orange pineapple smoothies, parfaits or muffins at the one he went too.  He did get me two coffees and a McGriddle. Can’t fault a man who knows my cravings while I was pregnant. These days I am trying to lose a few estra lbs.  Not because I don’t love my curves but more for the family reasons.  I had such a miserable first pregnancy that I just need to get this weight below what I started with.  Need to keep that blood pressure under control and hopefully who knows maybe baby #2.  I know talk about putting the carriage before the horse.  One day he will be mine…one day ❤

Now let’s talk about today.  Or if you must know how it all began last night.  Yesterday was the last day of school for what seems everybody in our neighborhood.  I wouldn’t have been so angry except for these guys blast their stereo at 10:30PM!!! Half hour before the residential quiet time.  Our window of course over looks the backyard and party and our son decides he wants to join.  If you haven’t met this guy yet he is a social butterfly.  He hates sleep.  He would much rather Rico Sauve a crowd and work over the ladies. We are going to have our hands full.  With every thump of the bass he starts going mental. This continues until 1 am.  I am not looking forward to the morning as I have an appointment with an animal shelter to meet a puppy.

Whatever.  Eventually it all stops and all is silent.  Until Jeffrey’s alarm gets going and he is up and out of bed like a bat out of hell.  My husband works very hard these days. 12 hour days, weekends, holidays. He is breaking his back for us so I am really working on being more accomodating.  Maybe the word is supportive. So now I am at 5 am helping him look for tylenol as he has a headache (he did look pretty rough yesterday so I had to help). In the frustration our son woke up again and I just knew that today was going to be one that tested me.

Of course as Jeffrey leaves I am forced to try and get him settled and hopefully back to sleep.  That takes until 7 am.  Everything inside me is just screaming for sleep but I have a day ahead of me which has me driving both ways 2.5 hours.  I get everything ready car packed and go.  I am only running 10 minutes behind so feeling pretty good. Did you know that mapquest will still show you how to get where you are going even if you don’t have data? Pretty cool eh? What they forget to tell you is how fast it drains the battery oh well I have 66% should be fine.  Of I go into the great unknown with my son, our dog and bags of dog food lining the gaps in between.  Might as well go prepared right?  I know that I am not going to get there by 11 am but I am feeling pretty good till I look down and see the gas line on E.  I am driving my hubbys car and not the newer model SUV that warns you.  Eyes peeled to the side of the road I nervously look for a gas station anywhere in the horizon.  I am looking at my electronic map (cell phone) thinking well this is just awesome.  If nobody stops I guess I could call 911 and get a small fine for wasting their time.  I also think to myself if I have to walk how far would that be with my baby and dog.  I of course didn’t pack a stroller.

I see the FasGas in the horizon and I thank my lucky stars. I go to use my dr and it says go in and pay inside.  I decided to grab some milk and some tea because I know exactly where this day is going.  Well could you believed my bank card was cancelled. I have no phone and now no bank card.  DEEP BREATHS!! LOTS OF DEEP BREATHS! Panicking is not going to help the situation so I get out the second card and hold my breath till it rings thru.  Victory dance and strutt to the pump and I am feeling pretty great.  I have about an hour left in the drive and I am in completely new to me territory.  That’s alright I got Mapquest. Ya so now that is sitting at 21% like what the H lil demons why do you want to play so bad! So my cell phone is pretty much showing itself how useless it can really be.  So now instead of being angry at my bank card I am now angry at my phone.  Trying to pay attention to the roads my son has finally fallen asleep so I can try to remember where I am going as I sail in the far north, east, sometimes west corners of Alberta.

I finally get to the shelter and they bring out the sweetest lil lady I have ever seen.  She was a 4 year old doll.  They found her severely matted and when they shaved her that’s when they saw.  She had deformities so severe in her back legs and her last 4 vertebrae were fused.  The tips of her tale was burned from sitting in her own urine.  I patted her sweet lil nose you know that sweet spot in between her eyes. She closed her eyes and smiled.  I fell in love with her in a heartbeat.  I asked about her storey and that’s when I was told that because of her fusions she would require hydrotherapy, laser therapy and something else.  She also mentioned that she was incontinent.  My heart sank.  With all of our animals we couldn’t possibly have one that couldn’t control themselves.  She introduced me to another doggo but truly my heart felt like it belong to the lil one with the bowed legs.  I decided to go.  I couldn’t call my husband to get his input and my heart ached for her.  I cried for half of the drive trying to figure out a solution.  To me I just wanted her to feel love.  Even if it was for a short period.  I came up with a plan.  She would have her own designated pillows to lie on that could be washed.  After everytime she ate or drank I would get her outside.  I could make this work.  Before telling my husband my plan I decided to take a look at home much physiotherapy would be for her. Yes it is expensive. And in another time or another lifetime we would have given her a home but sadly we just aren’t financially able to at this time.

Through my tears I look at the gas gauge….ITS ON E again!!! This time my nervous energy took over.  If you have ever driven in Alberta it feels like you are never going to find a gas station.  I was hesitant to turn off roads because I had my phone shut off and I was scared of getting lost.  Oh ya and my son he was officially the SCREAMIN’ DEMON as I tried not to panick.  Have you even driven a car with a baby and a dog doing 110 in the middle of nowhere on what feels like a hot day.  Every turn off that past I looked for a gas station and there was none.  On the other side there seemed to be one every exit.  To make matters worse I am not even sure how much I am dealing with in my bank card so maybe there’s a chance I would never make it home.  I drove with that gauge below E or touching for what felt like 100 KM till I finally found a city.  Ya that was my day or so I thought.

I got to my mother in laws and I am packing up the diaper bag to go inside.  Out of nowhere this nasty lil ankle bitter nipped at my dog.  My dog of course barks.  I jump up and this women starts swearing at me to get my dog on a leash.  Uhmmmm no get off of our property.  So now our dog has a chunk out of his neck and I am being told off by a stranger….

So back to the no cell phone.  Even with all this happening and the stress that could have been solved if I just called the bank and had my card reactivated.  I much prefer my time when I am seemingly unplugged from the world.  You see I have a list of things that I would like to do on a day to day basis.  Go for a walk, bake/cook, clean the hosue, read, play the violin, fundraise or strategize, practice, practice practice etc.  On paper it looks like I have alot on the go.  I guess I do. I have this higher quality of life that I am trying to achieve that I thank everyday for.  I feel this sense of pride when I am able to improve and learn from what occurs on a day to day basis.  Life has way more meaning this way.  To feel productive and like your day will have an impact. Is an incredibly rewarding way to live.  Without the constraints of the cell phone I have a lot more free time one my hands.  It isn’t like people were actually texting or calling.  Sometimes you find that you lose yourself when you only check it for a minute.  I don’t know how much longer my husband can last without me having one but I think I may hold off for as long as possible. I have alot of goals to accomplish this summer and I like when I can say that I am holding myself accountable to them.  At times you do feel a little bit crazy or out of sorts but so far I really have no complaints.  I continue to strive to open up doors that I never thought possible.  And above all us I continue to believe in myself. My family believes in me and I think they are great.  Maybe I will remain unplugged for a little while longer.  It sure feels good to go back to a time before technology took over.  Ya I think I may stay here awhile longer.

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