We Need to Do Better

As I knewer mother my primary concern is always the World that my son will be raised in. It becomes hard to have faith in a World that no longer has faith in themself. It is shocking to think that we live in a World where serial killers could still exist. I am not talking about those cowards that show up at events just to make a crass statement. I am talking about the two young boys from BC who have started a cross country killing spree. The most shocking of all is the father of the one saying that he is not surprised and he expects his son to go out in a blaze of glory. He even went as far to say “Rest in Peace” to his son on the news. Uhmmm what the hell are you talking about? You knew that you were raising a killer and you unleashed him on the World. At what point does it no longer become your responsibility to raise your children to be good adults? If you notice that your son or daughter is having problems in social settings doesn’t it become your responsibility to minimize the impact they have on the World. Don’t you want to see a better life for your son? Why sign off on his death warrant on a cross country “Natural Born Killers Scenario?”
As a citizen of this country when I wake up in the morning and see that two teens who of course planned to murder innocent people were only being charged with second degree murder. SECOND DEGREE!!! Only in Canada can you kill anybody in cold blood and get a slap on the wrist. I am telling you from experience that the only killers that stay in prison in Canada are the ones that don’t show remorse. I mean you can murder your own family, apologize, claim insanity and you will be free to collect social assistance for the rest of your life. Did you know that staying in prison for any period affects your ability to get a job? (so they say) Did you know that you can collect disability for crimes that you committed for the rest of your life? Not a bad deal right? Wrap your head around that. For the law abiding citizens we pay taxes to have these people murder our friends, family and neighbors. There really needs to be a better way of handling our criminals.
So right now they are saying these kids have driven 3,000 miles to a dead end road yet they still haven’t found them. Watching his dad apologizing to the public and crying that he thought his son was normal only angers me more. Apparently a couple years ago he asked for a soffit gun and no questions asked his dad bought him one although he was already showing signs of social inadequacy. How as a tax paying citizen of Canada can you not be angry about what is transpiring. I mean they have killed 3 people, burned out 2 vehicles and all they are being charged with is second degree murder. Not a bad price to pay for a lifetime of luxury never being an active member of society. These two will be free to watch You-Tube video and play as many violent computer games as they want. Unless of course they are killed in gunfire at the hands of the cops. There is always a chance that they have killed themselves somewhere up North and that is why nobody has saw/found them.
There is no doubt in my mind that this was planned. Nothing that they did was to gain employment or to further their contribution to society. It was a plan to do the exact opposite. The dad likes to say that it was due to their divorce when he was a kid. If you noticed he was having troubles coming to terms with the divorce shouldn’t it be your responsibility to find resources to help him out. Don’t you want the best possible chance for your son? This is what confuses me and then angers me the most. Ignorance is bliss right? At least it alleviates some of the guilt by passing it onto the next. What a horrifying World we live in. The police are saying there are 3 reasons for killings: 1. sexual 2. money and 3. Thrill or excitement killing. If this is true that means that they are a clear case of #3. What is scarey about the fact that they are #3 you would have to ask yourself what kind of thrill do you get from shooting anybody point blank. There is no thrill in that which tells me that they will probably escalate the motive and nature of their killing. But the question remains where are they? There is no possible way that they are still up North. Just turn on any T.V. and you can see their images all over it. They are already gone. Realistically one would assume that they are probably up in Alaska.
To see and hear their classmates tell stories of them talking about cutting off peoples heads and watch them blow off people’s heads is infuriating. Doesn’t anybody feel a moral obligation or at least responsibility for the World that we live in? I guess not right? Like this is the World we live in and raise our children in. In a blink of an eye everything that seems normal has been replaced.
I can’t even imagine the shock and grief the victims parents are experiencing at this given time. Canada is supposed to be a warm, friendly place and out of nowhere there lives are forever changed in a World hopefully not many of us will ever have to understand or comprehend. Their children who met abroad found each other and fell in love. They began their love for travel and for each other while exploring the World they lived in. They were even seen the evening before having dinner while they talked about how they would repair their vehicle. A friendly mechanic even talked to him and after feeling confident that he understood the problem with the engine let them both go on their way. How on Earth did they cross paths with the evil likes of these two. This is a clear case of wrong place at the wrong time. That is the family’s sad reality as they now watch this tale unfold.
To me there seems to be a strong indication that we need to review the way we handle our criminals in this country. I can tell you this from experience in our legal system. I spent 1.5 years visiting an inmate at the federal level and this is what I saw. There was a man in there who was serving 25 years. He was up to 15 years I think at that time. The ONLY reason why he was still in prison is because after all this time he still denied his participation in murdering his grandparents. Him and a friend allegedly broke into his grandparents then had to murder them when they figured out who it was. They were junkies needing a fix. Not being one to admit to himself and his family that he killed his mother’s parents he rots behind bars. No remorse=no freedom. In the same breath there is a man who shot his girlfriend square in the face. He admitted his guilt told the court it was a case of russian roulette gone wrong and he is sentence…15 years but out in good behaviour in 5. He murdered his girlfriend. The only other witness in that room is now gone. This can’t be the way I raise my son. I can’t keep preaching that we need to be part of the change that the World (at least Canada) so desperately needs. It seems some laws need to change and the only way I know how to get the laws changed is to run for politics. I guess I better keep reading and expanding my knowledge because this is not freedom. Living in fear with the mantra that bad things will never happen to me. Wake up! Bad things are happening! It’s happening to our neighbors, our youths and each other.
As I write this the news plays in the background and it is playing the exact storey the World needs more. A young girl who had a rare liver disease needed a transplant in order to prolong her life. Another woman (probably early 20’s) donated a piece of her liver for her. Both are healthy after the procedure and have lots to live for after the transplant. Even the donor who suffered two infections after the surger said it was all worth it to see the lil girl smile. She even said it was a no brainer when decided to donate because she needed a liver and she had a matching one to donate. I had no idea that the liver was one of the only organs that a living donor could donate. What an amazing gift. To give the gift a life to a family that had no other options but to watch their young daughter deteriorate. To express no remorse only gratitude that she was able to help in this way. Isn’t it the way when you begin to lose faith in humanity, humanity has a World of showing you that you need to keep going. Why is it that the good have these incredible moral decisions to make that will alter the course of their future and they jump in wildly with no questions asked. Good deeds should be celebrated by all so we can see the direct impact that they have on our community. Yes this woman is being celebrate by her employer. That is how she found out about this young girl needing a donor. She worked with her mother and considers her a friend. This is the storey that I hope that humanity will be remembered for. I know that we are a long way off from bringing stories like this into the mainstream.
We are all so desensitized that we need more horror to shock us. Evil walks amongst us and we see it in everything around us. People celebrate darkness and the evils that it brings like a commonplace occurence that should be in every household. I mean they are erecting these satanic statues as a place for people to come together and celebrate evil. This is the World I am entrusting my son in. I wish we could take a look and see how our actions are dictating our future. I won’t even entertain the new age horror films that are flooding Hollywood. They try to simulate as real as an experience as they can which just invites evil into your World. When we no longer want to reach out to help anybody in need out of fear of retaliation we need to do better. When our justice system continues to have a revolving door policy we need to do better. When we release criminals back into society that are at high risk to reoffend we need to do better. There are so many ways that we need to do better. With population limits that are growing out of control there is a pressing need for a stricter policy on how we handle our criminals and more specifically the cronic reoffenders. Not all of us desire to live in peace and get the most out of life. There are those that have pure evil surging in their veins. As a mother I have to find a way to make the World a safer place. The idea that just anybody is at risk at the hands of a few we need to do better. We need to divulge into our ancestors of our past and see the error of our ways. If we fail to do this we will live in a World where evil wins and then at that time it will be too late. We as a country just need to do better. Our children depend on us.

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