Why Can’t it Be Me?

Throughout my journey of self reflection and my passion for growth there’s always a common theme that every successful person in history does. What they all have in common is the ability to separate themselves from the World around them and enjoy the simplicity that being alive should bring. Take a moment to think about the first inhabitants on Earth. They didn’t engage in petty fights with their neighbours nor did they spend each and every day seperated from the ones they loved. Yes looking back we can say times were tough but who are we to judge their determination of what quality of life actually means to them. Take for example the simple task of eating a meal. Yes every meal they enjoyed was a labour of love for all to enjoy. They used the ingredients they had on hand and only kept what they could eat in days. You could spend your day being self sufficient in the garden, pruning trees, milking cows, collecting eggs and most importantly being around those you loved.

We have made this place to be almost selfish in nature. Our success is dependent apon the material items we possess instead of the size of one’s heart. There really is no need or desire for people to give back to their communities. How can you blame anyone really. We have become too tired being dictated to from the time we rise to the time our heads hit the pillow. It has become our nature to live this way.

My desire to learn how it is we evolved into this has taken me on the most incredible journey throughout time. As my eyes begin to open not only is it clear we have ignored the warnings from some of history’s leaders as we keep on our downward spiral of ignorance. I wonder what our forefathers would think of what we turned the world into. We as citizens aren’t so much at fault as the leaders we have voted in too impose change.

The early 1800’s was pivotal in forming how we wished our Nation to be upheld. The US was in a battle amongst themselves. Some wanted to leave the monarchy in charge and other’s wanted an electoral government that would act on behalf of the people. With so much hate being spewed in the media the only truth that is constant throughout 200 years is the way a select entitled minority deal with their people.

Let’s forget one second that there are illegal immigrants that seem to be much of the focal point for hate. Have we not learned anything from this entitled thinking. Social status only means something because we allow it to have meaning. Yes they have money and yes they have power. That has only proved that all the money in the world can’t buy you integrity and it sure can’t buy you character. I fear for the majority of the human race because if you think the meaning of life is directly tied to your bank balance you will be in for a rude awakening apon taking your last breath.

There has been way too many good people who have been taken too soon. Some at the hands of people who inhabit this Earth. There is no way that in the end we are all treated equal. The lessons you learn and the people who’s journey you positively affect have to be rewarded. Just as people who are forced to suffer because of the hand they were dealt. I know we aren’t all created equal but who are all made up from the start of one single cell.

We take for granted everything that is in our life. We compare ourselves to our neighbours constantly. Maybe if we compared our lives to those that lived before us we could appreciate everything that we have. 300 years ago people were happy eating a mash of turnips and carrots. The most important business/political meetings occurred at night in the home with Brandy or Wine (not over twitter). Even in their most boozy state did they rarely purposely offend the people the were engaging in. And just to drive a point home they would relieve themselves in the middle of the room into a pot that was kept under the bed. Most children died before 2 and any sign of mental illness was a sign of the devil.

Fast forward to now and we have become worse with technology. We stand behind our equal rights for all but shake a fist at the ones who need it most. The world really needs more compassion and less self righteous thinking and behaviour. The state that we are leaving the World to our children could quite possibly the worse the Earth has ever known. Hence why I have started reading with a passion. I need to try and understand what the end goal was for all those great historians that paved the way for s all. If our grandfathers died for us to be free are we in fact free? Take Trump for example and the fact that he stood in front of the crest of America with all the symbolism and meaning torn right out of it. The only thing to be said in retaliation is let’s make it illegal to burn the American Flag. Hi there Mr Let’s Sweep Everything under the rug because I am only here as a front for the ones who are really pulling the puppet strings. Who is really in charge of the American people and why aren’t we privy enough to know who they are. This is not why hundreds of thousands possibly millions of men and women lost their lives here on this very soil that we decide to erect another high rise. At what point do we stop and honour those before us and try to understand their message. They lived in a time where their stimulation came from learning, experimenting, surviving and most of all communicating with each other. Our World is no longer like that. When was the last time you did something out o the goodness of your heart instead of public recognition. There is so much more than just being a keyboard warrior and hoping the World will change. Do you even know what you want to change about the World? Cuz I do…
If I had magical powers to instantly change the World the first thing I would change is the way that we treat each other. Nobody ever should be ashamed to live in their own skin. Bullying and ridiculing will be no more. If you don’t like something maybe you should take a look deep inside yourself and ask yourself why. That person that you point a finger at is also just trying to live their own best version of THEIR life!! The very idea that anybody can be made to feel anything less is horrific and that needs to change now. Your skin the language you speak even what hangs in your pants is all you. Two cells came together to magically create you in the most beautiful form. Letting anybody else take away from your existence are the ones that should be punished. If evil walks amongst us he grows wild in the uneducated mind. It is alot easier to spew words of hate than to try and have an intelligent conversation.
The second thing I would change is everybody’s desire to want the newest, fastest and best things. If I had to speak in defense of Communism this would be my only piece. In a communist nation everything is divided equal and everybody is expected to work in order to get paid. I am for equality but I also know that this sort of dictatorship is unnatural. We as people deserve to have our voices here and that is why we have chosen to live in a democratic society.
We should also take a look at the fact that as Canadians we pride ourselves in being a loving friendly nation. We should stop taking that title literally and stand up for ourselves too. The desire to have the best of everything stops us from being actively involved in our communities and politics. This is a huge general statement but when I think what it took to write the Declaration of Independance and how little we actually follow those words. It makes me sad to think that men such as Jefferson sacrificed their whole life for us to live in a better one.
The major problem that we are experiencing now is vanity. We are all guilty of it. Our cities, provinces, states, countries we all have been programmed and engineered to compete. From a young age we are taught to play sports and to strive to be our best. Children from the tender age of 5 are taught cut throat skills and tactis and are told this is what they need to succeed. Only a small fraction of us will ever be able to represent our country in academics, sports, politics etc At least that is what is ingrained in us. I am curious to put this to the test. At 40 my eyes have begun to open in a very serious way. I am starting to see what is truly important to us now as we continue to strive to find out the meaning of life. Hopefully as I reach out to the World the World reaches back. As I went for my morning walk with dogs and baby in tow I take in my surroundings and let my mind wander to a simpler time and wonder if there is any possible way for us to get back there. Reeling in my thoughts I ake in all the nature and life that surrounds me and in the distance I see a lil fawn hiding in the tall grass. Little yellow butterflies fly all around me as I breathe in the fresh air and feel the wind on my face. I know it is impractical to desire a time where one can simple enjoy the simplicity of life and the journey. We are caught in this hampster wheel that is content in taking all things that make us human. We are no longer content with simple human interaction. We lust and require more. More violence, more gore, more hate…anything that will shock and terrify is what floods all forms of media. If it isn’t a new movie, novel, or theme park it is anything one can acquire to establish a cheap thrill. These are scarey times. Ignorance will always be bliss and the mantra it doesn’t exist until it happens to you leads an army full of zombies. Ready to do the bidding of who ever has the most wealth or power for the day.
There was a young man who took a baseball bat to a kitten right in front of their neighbours. How disgusting of a human being do you have to be to do that. It wasn’t even his kitten he just did it for the shock and awe. An innocent bystander said she would never get that image out of her head. Imagine that same evil turned on a child or worse yet you. Trying to understand what makes us human and drives one thing home. The further away we get away from our natural state the more horrendous we become. If we can evolve computers into artificial intelligence free to think on their own then that should tell you we invested our resources wrong. When our greatest concern is about how high tech our armies are and whether or not or opponent will unleash a nuclear bomb. Why exactly are we fighting anyways? World domination? Why? For What? If one person controlled the whole world how would that benefit them? This whole idea is incredibly puzzling to me so as I keep on looking for answers I hope to find another piece of the puzzle. Why can’t I keep learning and educating myself? Instead of letting media control me I will venture off and answer the question that we should all be asking…
Why can’t it be me? Why can’t it be me who changes the world?

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