We are Created Equally so why are we treated differently?

Definition of evolution
1a : descent with modification from preexisting species : cumulative inherited change in a population of organisms through time leading to the appearance of new forms : the process by which new species or populations of living things develop from preexisting forms through successive generations. (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/evolution).
As a species it is ingrained in us to want to survive. We absorb what is happening in our immediate vicinity and adapt in the necessary ways in our for life as we know it to continue. All life should be regarded as special. We start from the same two cells and eventually in time we all get returned into the ground. Trying to understand our human race is an incredibly daunting task. More so because depending on who you listen to will determine what side you have to be on. How is it possible if we all began in the same way that we need to determine what human race is superior to all others. Who are we to say that this way of thinking is true? I am not saying that the whole World believes this style of thinking but somehow with the evolution of time a few entitled tyrants decided to instill their way of thinking to the masses.
Just imagine through no fault of your own just two parents who loved each other and expressed this in such a way that you came to be. Now for whatever reason you are stripped of all basic rights and your freedom and you are now enslaved destined to do the bidding of a master you have never even met. Dating back to at least 1550 the Portugeuse had started stealing humans (Specifically our neighbours in Africa) in order to do the manual labour that they felt so entitled that they no longer wanted to do. What kind of nation gets enjoyment out of enslaving a race in order for them to live a more luxurious lifestyle? There will always be work and jobs that 99% of the popluation doesn’t want to do but if you pay accordingly and treat your staff right than I truly believe that it is all possible.
As a country watching these people who you don’t understand rip apart your family would be like baring witness to the devil himself coming to rain down on you. All you see is these angry men using brute force to get you to bend to their wishes. You don’t need to understand a language to understand hate. As the Europeans desired to settle into the new found land that they have discovered they decided that manual labour amongst each other would be expensive to obtain. As in all entitled beings they decided to build the country on the most heinous acts permanently scaring the nation in the age old mantra, “only the rich get rich.” Already watching one race being destroyed by influenza and disease they believed they had no choice but to transport African people to build a nation that now for over 400 years only one race has profited. With the birth of the Atlantic slave trade and what they believed would be a prosperous nation they began pounding the first nail in the coffin permanetly affecting the prosperity of the nation.
Definition of racism
1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/racism). With the birth of the slave trade began the breeding grounds for a hostile racist environment that will prove even in today times that ignorance is not bliss. It is hard for me to use a general statemnt as We because me and my ancestors did not live in this country until the early 1900’s. We didn’t believe in keeping slaves and any and all labour that had to be tended to we tended to ourselves. Maybe that is the difference. The inhabitants that came during the early 1500’s believed in this skewed entitled thinking that became the basebone of the country. As people began to flock to the America’s and settle themselves into the new land it was apparent that it would take an incredible amount of work. Work that although was deemed necessary became something that the Europeans wanted to avoid. This is the start of a poison that still exists today. We are our children’s first teachers and in being so we corrupted the way we treat each other as a human race. Our European ancestors began to have this entitled air around them. It spilled out into everyday occurences. Since the birth of this nation we have taught our children that you are only valuable as the color of your skin. We taught all children this way. The lighter your skin the easier it was for you to fit in. The darker you were it was an open invitation for you to be spat on, degraded and overall treated like you were a mere animal. (speaking of which why on Earth would we want to show our children this level of hate). I plead with you to imagine how much differently your life would be if born in this time. More to that thought imagine that through no fault of your own you were born. Without ever doing anything wrong or even hurting a fly you are taught to obey a master or suffer the consequences.
Children from the time that they could walk were instructed to perform tasks that would only benefit one race. Children as young as 5 (probably younger but I can’t even stomach the thought) had scars from such savage beatings. They were witness to their parents being strung up as cattle and being lashed for absolutely no reason at all other than their masters needing to show off their power for that day. They were forced to bare witness to all types of torture, rape and for some they rarely saw daylight. This is how we started this great nation. Over 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the Americas. That is alot of people to be displaced, scared, hungry and raised to believe that they weren’t entitled to a better quality of life. They lost their fight to want more as they accepted what little they received. How can a nation ever be successful when they teach everybody that one race is to have more value over another. This entitled thinking mirrors closely to what Hitler and Mussolini believed and can still be seen by our political leaders today.
Any time one race decides that they are more worthy to life than another you have to acknowledge their ignorance for what it is. There is no arguing amongst tyrants of this kind. Since the dawn of time they have ruled with an iron fist and are only successful because of the brainwashed techniques passed down from their fathers. They key to keeping those under your control is talk down to them in such a way that they determine their success, their rights and their freedoms to be tied to their own. This type of thinking is dangerous and has spilled over into all types of thinking and all ways of life. We have to be held accountable for the nation that was created before we were even a thought.
Evolution tells us that we will adapt to any situation in order to survive. Take the Africans that were subject to slavery. If you are constantly being beat to a race that is telling you that they are superior to you what should you do? Conform! Of course as a woman who is constantly being told that you are worthless and your only purpose is to serve your master becomes a mere shell. How can she teach her children? What will she teach her children? The European settlers directly affected a race in their ability to be successful.
“African Americans are incarcerated at more than 5 times the rate of whites” (https://www.naacp.org/criminal-justice-fact-sheet/). As a nation we should take a deeper look at the roots of those that are incarcerated and try to understand why this is so. If we look deep enough we can probably connect these numbers to the fact that we began to breed them in this way through the way we treated their ancestors. When all your stories come from a place of survival with the Europeans being the devil there will be grounds for repurcussions. I am merely suggestion that the way these first settlers treated each other became a breeding ground of hate, racism, entitlment and self righteous behaviour. With these attitudes and behaviours the first European settlers directly impacted the success of this race and other races that didn’t conform to their very skewed way of thinking. Even now we see that they are still treated with hate, have an upward battle when it comes to equality and even in some completely ignorant cities and towns are treated with disgust. Of course they retiliate in the only way that they have known since their ancestors were brought here. Instead of setting it up so we can all thrive we have prevented the Nation from actually becoming the greatest nation in the world. As long as we keep on fighting these internal wars and a few self righteous entitled people are allowed to thrive and survive we will never truly understand the meaning of life. We are all created equally but we are all not treated equally. A basic human right should be the freedom to express and live OUR lives in the ways that WE deem appropriate for ourselves. The minute any of us our denied our basic human rights then terrorism will always win. Within reason of course. If we keep nurturing those principles and beliefs that hate and violence will be tolerated than we will always have to turn a blind eye to the cruelty that exists amongst our fellow man.
I have a hard time believing that anybody’s life is defined by serving another. Let that thought penetrate your brain. Inside all of us lies the future of every other generation that is destined to unfold. We need to change our behaviours and thoughts to nurture a being who’s survival is dependant apon the ethical treatment of all living things and not just those that we deemed worthy enough of life. We can change the way we think in act. In our homes, in our communities and the way we conduct ourselves on a daily basis. We don’t have to keep turning a blind eye to the inequalities of the World. We can gradually expose these indifferences and shelter those that have never before felt the love of others. We can show each other what it means to be a race free of discrimination and hate. Lead by example and the World will follow suit. There are safety in numbers and in that safety we must strive to find those that are unable to stand up and speak for themselves. Ignorance is only bliss when you are the most ignorant. By exploring the way we have become and the way it has become normal to see escalating levels of hate I think the answers that we have been searching for will become more clear. Throughout time we have bare witness to horrific tragic events. Each and every time we tell ourselves that the next time will be different. Each and every time it is. The level of carnage that needs to be portrayed in order to get the message across is the wrong direction in which we need to go. The groups of minority need to see that not all of us feel the way that a small majority does. Once we become a more unified front it will be easier to seek refuge amongst each other. It is only during the periods of calm that we will learn to come together to weather the storm. My suggestion as only a mere housewife is that we start from the beginning and repave the path that we are on. If history has taught us anything is that each war is fought is because one person has decided that his life means more. All I am suggesting is that each life is born equal and in thus should be treated as such.

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