Book Review: The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle by Jim Rohn

My first introduction with this book was my birthday weekend when my Aunt came to visit. She in fact but three books to help with my path of self discovery and enlightenment. Although small in stature (just over 100 pages), I had put it to the side in order to finish the collection of books I had acquired from the start of my reading journey. Because most of my reading is non fiction I always read the bibliography in order to get insight on other reads I might find interesting. My path into the wonderful life of Jackie Onassis spun me into a world of wanting to uncover as much as I could about Jackie and her husband, the former President of the US.

I used to try and switch up genres as I dedicated a portion of my day to read. Stuck in a worm hole of feminism, activism, slavery and politics I was consumed. Until two nights ago. I was awaiting my husband’s arrival after 4 nights, 5 days away. My goal was to have the house spotless and under control to show him that I appreciate him and what he provides to our family. With our son asleep I took one more scan around before sitting down to continue learning about Souljorner Truth in the early 1800s. No matter what you read from this period it was destined to be heavy and heart wrenching. The way we treated each other was deplorable. Coming off a read of Thomas Jefferson and his torrid affair with a slave I knew this would be a read that would be important to figure out how we as a society ended up the way we are today. As I walked into the living, in the middle of my clean room was my cuticle elimantor and this book. I decided to take this as a sign to a) eliminate my cuticles and b) read this book. With the looming deadline of my library books, I set aside my discovery of the slave trade in order to take some self reflection onto myself.

The message in this book is extremely powerful and it something we all have access too. In order to unleash our own true potential it is necessary for us to engage in activities that not only put ourselves first but encourage self growth. We are all looking for an easier way to life and living. What alot of miss on our path of simplicity is that it does take some determination and consistency on our part. This may seem daunting at first as most of our days are spent on mundane tasks such as work, family, friends, housework etc All these are important but what about our growth? What about attracting success? If we only stay on the same directional life course how can we expand on our horizons and improve our life? Mr Rohm has simplified this process by taking a look at 5 key areas that if worked on a little each day could dramatically improve the directional course of our lives.

With this pocket guide to personal success I hope to bring to light any behaviours that wasn’t having a direct impact on my life. “What I am suggesting, however, is that you begin your search by focusing on the five fundamentals we will examine in this book. It is these few among the many that we will account for the biggest share of the results you will achieve.” (Pg 13). Let us know take a look at the 5 key principles to success and happiness and apply them into our lives!

  • Philosophy: The most prominent of these skills and therefore most important. Philosophy and our understanding is the fundamental component to how we think. If we can control the content of our thoughts we will also directly impact our habits and behaviours. This is where it all begins. Our personal philosophy is the direct result from all of our teachings both from inside our homes and within our community. We are constantly testing what we know and how we came to know it. We invest in activities that we deem to have value in which to spend our time. What determines the directional course of our lives begins in the way we think and how we apply that thinking. “The greatest influence on what we decide to do with tomorrow’s opportunity is not going to be circumstance, but rather how we think.” (Pg 20) We need to take an honest look at our lives and determine that maybe how we are living our lives may not be working. The most powerful personal philosophies are derived in this manner. When you are ready to take that leap and adopt not only a new way of thinking but a new way of being you will begin to see results that only your dreams can fathom. The only way to change these long adopted thinking patterns is to acquire new information that will lead to a new way of thinking. In order to streamline this process we can take a look from our previous experiences, the experiences of others and of course from other outside voices (such as this book). Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither had our thoughts. It will take a committment to learn a new way of thinking that you have spent a lifetime figuring out.
  • Attitude. This is how we emotionally process information and portray this to the World. How we feel from the impact of life’s events can either bring us to our knees or inspire us to do more. Our attitude can either propel us into a brighter future or bring us to an inevitable disaster. “With the right attitude human beings can move mountains. With the wrong attitude they can be crushed by the smallest grain of sand.” (Pg 46). The best way to look apon the past is look it as a learning tool instead of as a weapon. We can let the past haunt us or we can use our past to our advantage and let us propel us into the future. Allowing our past to rule over us will only attract more failures. Once we remove all the power that it holds over us we can move towards a new enlightened way of being. The present gives us opportunity to correct the paths that we are on in order to acquire a better future. “Today brings to each of us 1,440 minutes; 86,400 ticks of the clock. Both the poor and the wealthy have the same 24 hours of opportunity. Time favors no one.” (Pg 47). The way we visualize our future is of great importance. Remember, if your mind can believe it you can achieve it. It will take a lot of practice to achieve this way of thinking. Your dreams are valuable and the way you set out to achieve it will determine whether or not you receive them. I just look at my poor sweet Tripawd, Smudge. He came into our lives after he was hit by a car and his owner surrendered him. His attitude towards his new way of life was astounding. He never let losing his leg stop him. He is by far the strongest cat we have. His disability hasn’t stopped him from living his best life or telling us what he needs. He has embraced us as his new family and his new life. The joy he brings to our lives is tenfold. He shows me everyday what it means to power through each day.
  • Activity. “Life is not designed to give rewards in proportion to our level of need, it gives them in proportion to our level of deserve. It is our responsibility to do something with what we have been given!” (Pg 66). It is important for us to reflect on the outside on how we feel on the inside. In doing so we are able to have our values appreciated and our talents recognized. It may appear that we are always down on our luck while others always succeed. The difference is in the work they put in. Take for example Trump. He didn’t get where he is with self doubt. He set his course on the path of success and never let anything deter him from his dreams. Where there is a will there will always be a way. Whatever it is you so desire become an expert in it. Read about the lives of others you adore, attend seminars and workshops in the areas of skills you want to perfect. And most importantly be consistent. All the small pieces when combined together make a beautiful picture. I am committed to living my best possible life and in that I have never stopped learning or desiring to acquire more. Every day I indulge in areas that are important to me. I set goals for myself even as a housewife. My daily goals are to get in some sort of physical activity everyday ( detailed housework and walking the dogs count), mental advancement (I read a minimum of one chapter a day. Usually more because I enjoy the content. I also try to write one blog entry a day. It helps me cement and reflect back on the lessons from the day) and spiritual well being (playing my violin for 20 minutes a day help cleanse my soul and light up my being). The idea of this chapter is to implement all that you know. There will never be any harm in trying. I would suggest committing to something everyday. It can be as simple as reading my blog entry everyday, communicate your thoughts and get feedback! Share this post and let’s create a movement of motivation. We are all entitled to a life well lived and I am committing to finding it. If you need more inspiration follow me on Facebook! The Prairie’s Passionate Pin-Up. Read this book and implement the skills and let’s walk this journey together.
  • Results. Are always the direct impact of our efforts. We can measure our results based on our success. This can be determined by the physical assets we have or by taking a deeper look into who we have become. We attract all that we have simply by all that we are. If we lost everything tomorrow we have the power to replace it. There is both a positive and negative from all this. If we choose to attract more good into our lives we simply have to change our way of thinking and being in order to make room for this to happen. The negative is if we don’t make those necessary changes then we will remain placate. We will continue to harness the same energy we always have. “Since the solution of having more is becoming more, we must be in constant search for new ways to increase our value.” (Pg 86). We should always check to make sure that we are on the right directional path. Imagine if we don’t reevaluate what we hope to get out of life. We could spend months, years even decades heading in the wrong direction. As all of us our bound to the same measurement of time it is imperative to use our time effectively.
  • Lifestyle. So many have tied their happiness to wealth. If only we had more money we could live happy right? Your past failures of uncovering your happiness is directly related to your current income level . The most amazing thing about lifestyle is that we can choose to change it now. We don’t have to wait to appreciate the finer things in life. Anyone can give money but not many will give up their time. You can indulge yourselves in the fine arts to broaden your horizons at a reasonable cost. “The music is just as stirring from the back of a concert hall during an afternoon matinee as it is from high up in a private box on opening night.” (Pg 100). My biggest take from this is to practice the art of sophistication. The easiest example is the way we tip. Did you know that the word tip means “To Insure Promptness.” That would imply that the tip would come ahead of the meal. I love this idea. Take your server aside and tip them first. Imagine having the conversation that this meal and your guests are important enough that you anticipate good service. If your appreciation is communicated before it will take the stress away from the meal and will allow all to enjoy their dining experience. I can’t wait to implement this practice! Our lifestyle and how we conduct ourselves is our reflection that we portray to the World. “Lifestle means designing ways to live uniquely”. (Pg 103). If your goal is to obtain wealth and happiness then you must study this behaviour then chase it. Happiness attracts success although happiness is also the end result of success as well. “Happiness isn’t something you withdraw from your bank account. It is something to withdraw from life and from those around you.” (Pg 105). One of the reasons why we fail is we havent perfected the art of being. You know exactly what I am talking about. It is rare to find those that are fully present in the moment.
  • “To endure what is, we must remember what was, and dream of things as they will one day be.” (Pg. 48). So often we find ourselves living in our comfort zone and fail to hear the hands of time ticking away. Time is the greatest equalizer and shows no mercy to who it claims. To live fully present in our lives and being able to help visualize our future will help pave our way. I have outlined the basics in order for you to begin living your life in the most effective way possible. I share my knowledge with you all as we are all worthy of completing our lifes puzzle. Regardless of social status, economics or political beliefs we all have the power within us to live better. I am just simply guiding you to these tools so you can experience them too. All the best in finding your life path and remember I am always here to help!

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