Before Freedom Comes Great Evil

In a growing World of violence and hate having a face we are subject to fatalities with no end in sight

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. It is a sad reality but most of us can recognize the face that stares back at us on social media. It is always somebody’s husband/wife, son/daughter friend. We have become so sheltered and have chosen to ignore all the warning signs that maybe this individual needs some help. We are all guilty of living in our bubble. Our bubbles are supposed to protect us and most do.

Yesterday as a Wal-Mart was attacked because of the customers it attracted we once again have to admit that this is evil is born from within. We are becoming the type of country that scares the rest of the World. At least it scares me. Growing up there was always talks of war, crime, poverty…but these talks have escalated in violence. The rest of the World has become desensitized. We have seen this in our leaders. I will never forget the look on Bush’s face as he was told America was under attack. He looked frozen in time as the news sunk in. If there was even a flicker of emotion, if you blinked you would have missed it.

You have to wonder how we keep breeding these individuals of hate. Everything has changed. Maybe it’s my World. Maybe me eyes have become fixated on the horror that constantly arises. I mean the violence that assaults are system through video games, media and on the news as gotten so that it takes a lot to shock us. Our babies brains have been accustomed to all this behaviour and has somehow taught the brain that a reaction of retaliation is all it needs.

To watch our children play this violent games and watch these violent movies teaches them what is normal. Even at 21 months there is no violence on my TV while my son was awake. Even while he was in the womb I had a hard time watching it. If we surround ourselves with the behaviour and life we want to live no wonder we are becoming more violent. As we begin to absorb these violent traits it spills over into our daily life. A catty comment, an eye roll anytime you engage in any sort of negative behaviour you have succumbed to evil.

At one point we all started from nothing. Just two cells joining in the night to produce these beautiful creatures called man. Just like babies all of our behaviours were learned and unique just to us. Somehow though along the way it was decided who of these humans were worthy enough. Even the monarchy came into power through war. They engaged in battles that leveled communities and took all the riches they found in the past. Never again have we looked for insight that another family could provide. We accepted this family to rule over us without even questioning how they get though.

There is no doubt that the World is marginally different then the battles we engaged in hundred of years ago. Everything we could ever hope for is at our fingertips. We have access to knowledge, food, shelter. Never has there been a period of time so relatively easy to live out but we still want more. Each of our greedy. We can never be satisfied. Since the hands of time we have never been satisfied. How can we make this World more enjoyable for all?

Knowledge. Exploring the way others lived and struggled before us. We didn’t have the convenience hundreds of years ago. Times have changed but our behaviour has not. We are never satisfied. We will eat until excess, torment till tears and in the worst scenarios we will inflict pain and suffering to each other. How does taking a life too soon make you a martyr in society?

Life is no longer a challenge. We have become complacent in our desires and blur the lines continuously between what is real and what is fake. We have infinite knowledge and history that surrounds us but we opt for the cheaply made imports in order to save for vacations designed to indulge or extravagant lifestyles. Human contact is becoming the abnormally as we strive to impress those we have never met. I have succumbed to my desires of knowledge, the arts and history. How does one design a World free of evil and hate if we don’t know how the start of it came to be.

Shootings so final, so personal, so filled with rage and hate. How did one of our children decide to fight an enemy that they themselves can’t admit what’s real. We sit idly buy and purchase the new war game for our children. We try to convince ourselves that at the very least they are learning history. Unfortunately through that disguise is the basics to breed children who have become immune to violence. Working round the clock instead of leading by example. Our children is the by product for this ignorance. We start from a young age teaching our children about terrorists because they exist. What we should really be teaching our children is confidence and the courage to speak up when something doesn’t feel right. Our children are usually the first witness to the eveil that walks amongst us.  The test the waters at school only given a glimmer into who they truly are.  Sometimes they find another dark soul who is ready to walk down that path with them.  Imagine at a time in your life when you are supposed to be enjoying school, playing sports and just doing everything that it means to be a child.  Your child years or so short in comparison to the rest of their lives.  It’s almost like we are preventing them from enjoying the simplicity of their lives by having to teach them what humans are capable of.

For as long as there have been tortured souls there have been documentation of the shooter.  They illustrate their desires in art form, prose and by taking pictures to show off what they have.  Why is it not ok to show some cleavage and a bare ass but it is totally ok to have two AK’s in  your profile picture with the caption, “Freedom is yours for the taking.” All facebook has done is given the evil forces a platform to stand on.  We have used it to reconnect with old friends and to stay current with our neighbors.  It has been a fun place to show pictures, trips and to even find friends with like minded hobbies.  What we forget is when we choose to ignore somebody who has fallen amongst tough times there has been somebody else to help them back up.  We all know how emotional one gets when fighting with family and friends or when the whole World has crashed down amongst us.  We see this all the time.  Somebody is giving away kittens and some evil Dog fighter picks one up for bait.  Our spouse’s just cheated on us but some sexual predator is there to pick up the pieces and tell us all the words that we long to here.  When you are getting bullied both at school and by “friends” there is a terrorist lurking in the shadows waiting to win you over.  The weakest state anybody could ever be is when they fail to see the beauty in themselves.  This is the easiest to gain your way in.  When everybody else turns their back evil opens themselves up and say, “hey you over there, I care, come have a drink and forget all your problems!”

It seems then rathing coming together to celebrate the beauty that makes us human we have been content with the ugly that rips us all apart.  We are all guilty of excluding somebody from a group or gathering.  Citing we don’t want drama etc. What if that person really needed you and you turned your back.  The human side in all of us will long for affectin and attention.  Without any form of acknowledgement we cease to exist.  No wonder why teen violence and suicide is on the rise.  With it becoming less common for families to share in a meal and with both spouses working our children have been long forgot about.  When a girl dresses in clothes from her mom’s closet as an attempt to be older and wiser than her years it is our responsibility to lead her back to the dirt and ask her to play.  Play with her if you have to.  What they are all really looking for is attention. I know that is what started it with me.  There is no such thing as negative attention right? Being looked at is by far better than being ignored. Now in my 40 years I can tell you…maybe you weren’t being ignored.  Maybe a higher power was protecting you from the cattiness and evils that surround a bunch of women who have hit middle age.  I have found comfort in my home surrounded by love and the music that plays from my violin.  I remember being in  high school with the measurement of popularity and success came from how many friends you had.  Maybe that’s why I sit here alone most days raising my son.  The friends that I had made in high school only a few have developed into true friendships.  Even with those true friends I have yet to find somebody to uncover my deepest secrets too.  I am not ready for the judgement and ridicule that comes with failure.  As strong as I feel on the inside there will always be that fraction of doubt.  It came from years of abuse being told I was not good enough and that I never would be. I lost my place in the World for a long time but it was only through perserverance that I was able to find her again.  It is hard to break old habits.  I did manage to quit smoking however so I am hoping that maybe this would be similiar.  There is no drug though to take away the cravings. Just be constant and positive and strive for change.

The simplicity of life is obtainable to all of us.  We were given this chance in this pace in time to help the World become a better palce.  In all the era’s that could have been ours this is the one that exists.  We should remember those who came before us and the struggles they had to endure. They came from a time where accessbility was only for the wealthy and the wealthy made it so that they would survive and suppress those that didn’t fit into the desired mold.  This sort of tyrancy still exists but it is hidden.  Anytime you engage in any other way than nurturing your own existence than you have contributed to the problem.  If living my life uniquely means that I will be kind to strangers and embrace my neighbours than sign me up.  To conform now would be like just rolling over and playing dead.  Let the proverbial cat play with you until you are left but a shell of a mouse.  Speak in a way for the whole World to hear you than maybe other’s will have confidence and do the same.  The ideal World only exists in our minds and whether or not we obtain it is up to us.  You see in the confines of my four walls I the mother. I am mother and teacher to all who enter and it is my job to provide a safe place for all.  When I journey out to events and share my store it is in the hopes of reaching you all.  We have seen the reprecussions when one man takes a stand. No truer words have ever been spoken then this…

“It is a time for martyrs now, and if I am to be one, it will be for the cause of brotherhood. That’s the only thing that can save this country.”
— February 19, 1965 (2 days before he was murdered by Nation of Islam followers)
— Malcolm X

So now we sit no farther ahead but maybe to some we are farther behind. The only truth that needs to be repeated is that brotherhood should encompass at all because if one fails so do wel all. Malcolm X realized this.