The Mass Shooter: Our newest evil

With the rise of fentynal our youth needed another evil to rob them of their innocence…enter the Mass Shooter. These boys seem to fit the same mold yellowy/white colored dweebs that almost look like they havent seen the sun, gym or shower in months. Forgive me for saying these things but only a coward would want to shoot an innocent human being. We are all entitled to have a better life even they all did. But their laziness and jealousy took over and replaced it with hate. What cowards to have taken lives in this way. There is no punishment that will satisfy those who have been left behind to grieve.

As a mother these are the headlines that give me chills. As a wife I wonder if it something that we have done in the way we raise our children. As a woman I need to find a way to help. Borders are just the way of a few higher ups in power to control how we think feel and how we decide to buy. I am still in shock that this could happen. Not only once but in three seperate incidences over one weekend.

The toll of 251 mass shootings include five high-profile rampages in the past eight days, in which more than 100 people were shot:

  • A shooting in a historic district of Dayton, Ohio, with 9 people killed and 27 injured.
  • A shooting at Walmart in El Paso, Texas, with 20 people killed and 26 wounded. It was the deadliest shooting of the year.
  • A shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in the San Francisco Bay Area, with three people killed and 15 injured.

Before the El Paso attack, the deadliest mass shooting of 2019 happened in a municipal building in Virginia Beach, where a former city employee killed 12 people and injured four.

The Gun Violence Archive says there have been 33,028 total shooting incidents in 2019 as of Sunday, resulting in 8,734 deaths and 17,308 injuries.(

How ignorant of Trump to blame what the shooters did as mental illness. And shame on Melania to not use her voice. Our first lady is a puppet. As a woman you should be disgusted that this is the state of your country. Oh yes if memory serves us correctly you really don’t care much for the American people do you? You were granted the Ultimate American dream and you take it as a grain of salt like you are entitled to have this life. Maybe the blood shed should fall firmly into your hands. Your back turned to the cameras is all that I need to know about you. Language barrier or not every great woman in history takes a stance when it boils down to an issue that they are moved by. What moves you Melania? Money? Power? Steamrolling over the innocence? You have married an ignorant tyrant but do you care as you jet off to yet another location. You didn’t need to destroy a whole country in order to acquire all those things. You already had them. As a woman raising a child in this day and age I sure hope you are stricken from the history books. You have done nothing to try and help. First ladies did not always stand in the shadows their were some who came out of them and took a stand. Take Eleanor Roosevelt (1933 to 1945) The longest-serving First Lady, she elevated the position far beyond White House hostess, championing civil rights and the rights of the poor, and establishing her own powerful role alongside husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Ever-eloquent, she said, “You must do the things you think you cannot do.” (

Melania I am curious. Have your vocals been removed in order to comply with your husband? Do you have an opinion that is your own that goes beyond fashion? You have to question the woman who remains silent as her husband takes a nation that took over three hundred years to build and use it as toilet paper. Melania I encourage you to learn as much as you can about America and it’s people it is part of your responsibilities to be able to make a difference in the world as well. There are woman and children who are depending on your voice. In case you think that your looks are enough to win over the hearts of Americans and the rest of the world let me tell you something. The energy and aura that you emit is one of the ugliest aura’s I have ever had to view repeatedly. When I woman can erase the heartache, struggle and voice of all the women that have came before here there really is no need for another time in office. I hope the fashion show (or lack there of) is over. Thank you Trump for not taking a salary. Oh and thank you to taking military money to build your wall. My hopes as a Canadian is we don’t become collateral damage on your war of ignorance. The battle you are fighting Trump can not be won. There has never been a place in time for a tyrant such as yourself. We were able to defeat Hitler and Mussolini, and in time we will be able to defeat you too. The definition of a tyrant is such: an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution, a usurper of sovereignty, a ruler who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally, one resembling an oppressive ruler in the harsh use of authority or power. I guess the correct term would be you to be tyrantical puppet. Your ignorance wouldn’t alow you to be able to understand the severity of your heavy rule.

First of all to those that lost their lives. I am sorry that we as humanity failed you. I recognize that you were only trying to provide a life for your child that you never had. I am sorry that the hand that harmed you was the one you were so eager to hold. You came to America looking for freedom and you got it from the biggest cowards we had to offer. I am sorry for the pain we caused you when you thought maybe just maybe life was even meant for you to live.

We has a society have the blood on our hands of each and every “illegal” immigrants. Shame on all of you for killing the innocent for simply doing the work that these entitled white supremacists think they are too good. Working at Wal-Mart isn’t an eye opening experience and would not make a good punishment for these types. Anybody remember the two cowards we have on the run here in Canada.

How did we come to this? My dad always told me when it comes to crime, violence and even murder it is at the hands of someone you know. Now everything is fair game. Concerts, festivals, work and even shopping. Nowhere is safe.

As a mom I can’t help but wonder if we did this.

Upbringing: the way in which you are treated andeducated when young, especially by yourparents, especially in relation to the effect that this has on how you behave and make moraldecisions (

There it is. It seems that this does spill more on the hands of the parents. We also have to make the community accountable as well. Specifically those in direct contact with the children. In the absence of the primary caregiver it becomes the responsibility of the day home or school to recognize when an individual is being alienated. As much as we wish it wasn’t so some children do not have the ideal start.

Because we can not determine what a baby/child absorbs we should then try to limit what it is they see. Maybe these violent tendencies are being absorbed from the day we were created. If a parent engages in violence with the ways of music, art, movies then a child becomes what they know. If one is told that all they have to do is change the way they think in order to live a more positive life. Then a baby listening to Slipknot, Tool, Marilyn Manson are at risk. We tell ourselves that the Wiggles, Baby Shark and other kids shows are annoying. If your thing is planting your child in front of a tv than make sure the content is something that he can somewhat relate to understand.

To the working moms. I apologize the hand of cards you have been dealt. The struggle between raising your child and providing for them is a very real fear. One that surrounds you everyday. A child is in day care more than awake in yours. Factor in babysitting on the weekends so you can indulge yourself in nightlife your child still suffers. There’s a difference in the beliefs of the day home provider and yourself. No matter how hard you try if you lack the disciplince and consistency that the day home provides there’s a chance the bond between your child can be compromised.

This is only if the day home is good. How can a child thrive when there’s a handful of children left to entertain themselves. Has anybody read “Lord of the Flies?” Maybe I will again because it talks about child anarchy and the lack of adult supervision. There is even more horrific stories of children endangerment and violence that occurs on a daily basis. It is for this reason U have offered my home to their children. I know how valuable these lil minds are. I am lucky that so far mine loves to dance, smile, tell stories and laugh.

The ones that are sat in a group as the adults converse in the back are the ones I fear. We have all seen the videos of the caregiver who slaps the children or even more horrifically taped a child’s shoes from falling off because she was tired of them falling off. I do not blame any family in this situation. The desire to love a child had been ingrained in us since we picked up our first doll. Unfortunately evil walks amongst us in all forms and some are capable of these heinous acts. The real enemy is the one we already know. We voted for him. We agreed with his views. However, as many men do they forget about our richest asset…our children. Where we have errored in our ways they have the opportunity to fix the world. They are unbiased and eager to learn. They copy everything we are and aspire to become us. Up until the day these feelings become destroyed from Call of Duty and movies like the Purge. There was a time when the government cared about the violence that was portrayed in the home. Now violence is everywhere. It is in everything that we do. Everybody is in fear of each other because evil doesn’t have a face it just has control.

When the whole world is at a pivotal time it is hard to know how we can make a difference. We are only one. Or are we only one because that is what we are made to believe. For me as it comes to trying to understand the meaning of life I have decided to look inwards and control the things I can. In my home each every living thing is provided more than the basics to survive. I give them each unconditional love I order for them to thrive. That includes even the plants in my care. They are life and in so they get love. I give them water and nutrients and even knew soil and a root bath and trim. We all deserve to feel our most beautiful.

So in the event of an entire world apocalypse I will be prepared. What we are engaged in now will not be the fix that we need. When humanity can so violently veer in the wrong direction you have to ask who is holding the reins. There is always safety in numbers so let’s stop these Mass Shooters from even entering our space.

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