Evil Children and the Cost of Fame

As I lay in bed writing this post I am thankful for the coffee by my bed side and that my son is safely tucked in bed.  It has taken days to wrap my head around the tragedy that has unfolded in BC.  As a parent it is every women’s worst nightmare and as a member of our community fear courses through my veins. Maybe it’s best for you to read the events surrounding this tragic incident before I continue to weigh in my thoughts and feelings in its regards.

‘It’s so wrong’: Family, peers call for justice in apparent overdose death of Langley teen

I can’t even bare to watch the final minutes of this young man’s life and I have just recently learned about him.  Instead a handful of friends kept on recording even after it was made apparent that maybe he needed help. There is even reference caught on tape that he had conummed 20 caps of molly.  Even at my highest dosing of drugs I would never consumme in that quantity.  Somebody there must have been somewhat experienced with what they were doing.  Yet they laughed, snapchatted and when their friend needed them most they left him.  In a park, cold and dark is where he spent his last minutes here on Earth.  He may not have been able to communicate as the drugs took over but somewhere inside of him he must have known that the end was coming.  Imagine that feeling as you are trying to undertand what is happening to your body you see and hear your “friends” laughing in the background.  This is not even a humane thing to do.  This was a form of torture. They stripped this 14 year old man of not only his dignity but also his life.  His poor parents now left to pick up the pieces and try to find a way to make their lives have meaning again.

I don’t know what chills my heart more.  The idea that this is what my son looks forward to when he is in school.  Or the idea that my son could participate in something this horrific.  It took strangers happening apon the boy’s body before help was called. I even question all those who watched the video and still has chosen to do nothing. These are our children our most precious asset yet they don’t even lack the basic skills of knowing what is right from what is wrong. If this is our future we have an even bigger problem on our hands.  It wasn’t like there were one or two children laughing as the night unfolded.  It was a handful of them. And then of course the potentially hundreds of people who opened that snapchat.  All of them have bloods on their hands.  There desire to become instantly famously and liked took over their common sense.  We are leaving this world in the hands of those that would take fame over what is just and right.  That should terrify  at all.

Social media has long become a weapon for everybody. Those who don’t have a voice or have no idea how to use their’s use technology as a shield against the World.  As long as we gain attention for whatever it is we are doing then we are automatically successful by default. It is no wonder that we are destined to live the same mistakes over and over again.  We are guilty of taking advantage of the easiest route to personal success and freedom.  The only calculation that matters it the one where we come out on top.  It doesn’t matter how many people become collateral damage as long as we remain n tact.

“Fame is like a shaved pig with a greased tail, and it is only after it has slipped through the hands of some thousands, that some fellow, by mere chance, holds on to it!”-Davy Crockett.

This is the most accurate description I can think of that explains the way we are lead to feel about fame. Everybody desires to hold it and once one has become successful in holding it not only do we cheer but we are flooded with so many other mixed emotions.  What if we were one of the first to try to catch it? Then our energy turns to negativity, jealously, hate.  It is a cesspool when you think that for most things that relate to fame only one can come out on top.  Is that is what was being thought when the child kept on recording instead of dialing 911. Was it a matter of embarassment to take a stand to save a life.  Imagine!! Saving a life doesn’t take precedence over taking one.  It was obvious that they believed that he was overdosing. Even a naloxene pen was seen in the video. Everybody knew but the price of Fame over took them.

The storey’s portrayed that all this teen wanted was to fit in and belong.  If this is the group of friends that accepted him into their fold then I also have to wonder if this is a case of bullying at it’s finest.  There is no mention of anything to believe that they were all friends.  Just like any child we just want to feel loved and accepted. Like our place in Earth becomes validated by our friends.  As a child we don’t fully understand all of our emotions but we do understand the value of friends. We try to wear the most sought after brands, they bring money instead of lunches, they forgo team sports and just get lost into an abyss where not many care to find you. Peer pressure and bullying run very close to each other.  It is hard to have a voice when the alternative is having nobody listen to it. If what they are saying is true and he did consumme over 20 pills then they are 100% at fault with blood on their hands.

Now I don’t know about you but 20 pills is a very hefty price for a teen to be paying.  And that is just for one.  How many pills did these kids have on them? Being as they were at a local skate park was there an adult there as well who was providing for these children. It has been awhile since I had purchased MDMA (this is a component of ecstasy.) Back then I am sure I was paying $10 a pill.  Simple math suggests that this poor boy ingested $2,000 worth of drugs? There is definetly holes in this storey and the only ones who know for sure are the ones who were there. Guilt would make you run away from this terrible tragedy.  Imagine your son if the roles were reversed.  Would you like his last moments on this Earth to feel abandoned and neglect.  My heart aches for every child who has been bullied.  For every child who desires to have at least one friend in the World. I am 40 and that is still my desire.  We all need one person to make us feel like we belong in order to help us fend off the evils of the World.  The biggest evil is a bunch of kids who all band together. This is the only time when there isn’t safety in numbers.

In Wisconsin they are working on changing the laws that if your child is found to be a bully then the parents will be dealt with accordingly.  A child is not able to defend themselves or their actions as they continue on their path to development and learning right from wrong.  It is the parent’s responsibility to teach their children the basic human skills.  The children aren’t taught these skills in day care.  Our day homes are so overpopulated as well so how can we expect them to teach our children this basic skill. This skill I am talking about is compassion.  I don’t know what human being at any age can watch this type of suffering and laugh. More to that when they are finally convinced that something is wrong they leave.  Too scared to get into trouble…maybe they were engaging in even more illegal activity that they didn’t want to get caught with.  All these children who were present that night are guilty.  And like a disease it takes over all of our children. The desire to be accepted amongst their peers is the driving force behind everything they do.  They are no longer caring the impact their actions have on each other as long as the rest of the World is watching.  They firmly believe that their is no such thing as bad publicity.

Our poor children. Destined to grow up way too fast.  No longer is it ok to watch kids shows that children of my era grew up watching.  They are no longer stimulating enough to entertain the young ones when we go apon our day.  It is far easier to have technology watch our children then to become involved with their development.  Living is tough these days. Gone are the days when one parent can raise our young while the other parent provides. Alot of us have become these zombies that live each and every day the same way.  We get up at the same time, have the same cup of coffee, lunch, watch tv sleep.  We are stuck in this perpetual vortex that don’t spit us out until there is something so tragic that it brings us to our senses for that immediate moment.

“Children are our most valuable natural resource, yet we do not prize them and treasure them as we should, but treat them as disposable items.” Herbert Hoover, 31st U.S. President. As we continue on our day to day and forgo nurturing our young minds we will see more violent tendencies coming to the forefront.  It is our youth that is becoming more capable of violence with no link to what their actions will actually do to the World. All the tragedies that surround our schools are at the hands of our youth. Any child that goes missing and his lured away from their family, schools, malls have usually gone willingly as we teach our children that are children are safe.  All potential strangers no matter the age are all capable of horrible acts of violence.  Of course they are.  All media, social and Hollywood, have made it so are senses are numbed.  It takes more and more blood, gore and violence to get us to “feel” anything.  We forget that the opposite of these haunting feelings is the feeling of greatness. The feeling of pride that can only be felt when we engage ourselves in activities that not only promote each other but also our communities.

This can not become our destiny where stories like this are only part of the media headlines for such a short time.  These children need to be held accountable.  The World needs to see that this type of behaviour is not acceptable in the World. If we allow these teens to get off with just a stern displining from their parents then we also have had our hand in breeding potential terrorists. xjung-quote-on-children.jpg.pagespeed.ic.EgvQtyyr0p.jpg

Our children are our sponges and try to replicate what it is they see. That thought is very alarming to me.  Did this behaviour start at home? Were they witness to their parents engaging in such behaviour? I think we have all witnessed adults filming each other in different stages of embarassment. We all are guilty of searching for that one video, picture, or anything that we believe will shoot us to potential fame.  The economist in me tells me that there is no such thing as a free lunch. This fact has always been true.  The price that these kids paid to try and record something that they believed will skyrocket them to instafame came at the ultimate highest price.  These children not only prooved they have zero compassion to human life but also a blatant disregard what it means to be a friend. They let one child pay the ultimate price therefore leaving the world far to soon before he could realize his true potential. Rest in peace sweet boy.  I hope as a society we will do better.  I pray for your parents to have peace and love in their heart as they find a way to adjust to their new normal without you.

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