Why I am more than the sh*t on your shoes (and other tales I tell myself)

We have all had those moments. Those moments when we are made to feel like the sh*t on the bottom of somebody else’s shoes. The chances that the foot within it are in fact able to make this same determination you have to first ask yourself, Who is the idiot who fails to look where they walk anyways? Why are we made to feel like collateral damage to those who opinions who really don’t matter. Unless we are the ones who brought a flaming dog of sh*t to your door (which you probably deserved anyways) feel free to bend over and lick the sh*t off your own shoes. No more hand holding. Take your own responsibility that you play in your own life instead of dragging down somebody else’s.

The only way we become somebody else’s collateral damage is by entertaining this ludacris possibility. Shut the door. No slam that damn door and venture to walk barefoot free of others people sh*t. There is no safety in a herd of sheep. Eventually the wolf gets one. They always do. They need to. It’s how they survive! Somebody is the fall guy and somebody will pay. Usually it is the one with no voice who becomes a fall guy. We are made to believe that our worth is determined by a World of superficial beings that dictate us how to conform to society. So many people try to suppress our feelings and how we want to live our lives. For so many of us we just want to live each day filled with friends, family and love. It’s those that believe they are superior that try to prohibit the true value of life.

Life is meant for each and every one of us to enjoy in the ways that fill our heart and spirit with joy. We all have motivation and dreams that were once born out of love. We all had somebody who would fight for us. Who was always there for us believing in our dreams and pushing us for more. In their eyes we always stood out in a crowd and we were always destined for greatness. What happened to those little beings that once meant so much? How did a life so precious get so far removed from their own reality. Their reality that tells them that they are worthless that they are far more valuable dead to us then alive. When did we take the value of looking into somebodys eyes, the window into their souls for granted. How did technology and its advancements become more important than advancing the human soul?

Take our children. We put them in daycare so we can work more so we can give them more things. What things could they possibly need more than the skills required and the unconditional love of our parents to have the courage to be themselves in the World. From as soon as they can be dropped off at daycare they have started to learn that everything else in that moment is important. Everything else but you. Our children have become the aftermath of the lives we need to portray to our neighbours. We are breeding homegrown terrorists that hate other beings simply because they exist. Innocent children lose their lives every day to these maniacs who believe that their ideas are validated. Validated because they don’t have a world to exist in. Identityless, emotionless, void of all human emotion because from a very young age they were chosen last. They were picked on by a society that you predetermined for them that they endured at the expense of just one more vacation, dress, shoes or heaven forbid one more like on social media.

We sold our souls to the devil before we even defined our soul to give. We all need to have just one person in the Universe from keeping ourselves spinning out of orbit. I wonder if there is a way to make that one person ourself? Can we define our own valuation by having our own currency that no one person could ever take away or devalue. Life happens. Things suck but where is it written that in order for us to be happy somebody else has to be expensed. Even my blog. My earlier entries I always held back out of fear of offending somebody else. Somebody else? What about me? It is ok to look out for #1. Please do! Always do! But never at the expense of others. Ladies don’t make their flames burn brighter by blowing out somebody else’s. Ladies shelter each others flames to the storm’s pass and pass on the heat to other’s to keep them warm.

There’s a fine line between self love and self preservation. The later only lasts for as long as it takes for the sun to set. See when you are content living in somebody else’s shadows the sun eventually sets. It’s our inability to harness our own thoughts that nurture the depraved. Those thoughts consume you and take away from any chance of living in pure content. What you have is not earned and you have no idea on how to maintain.

So that cushion you obtained by stepping on my toes. Enjoy the climb down. In fact it will be more like a tumble, no it will feel more like a fall from a 20 foot building. I was brainwashed long ago that my best was never good enough. That I needed to accept a life of mediocrity that dreams will never come true. Dreams do and can come true. They just arent easy and they come with alot of work. You have to believe that you are worth more. And you should believe that. Life. Think of life and all the beauty that breathes in its ebbs and flows. How can you a beautiful creature be made to believe you are worth anything less. Yes our shots may not be created equally but the way we play the game should be. Hardwork, determination and a belief that your life is worth it is far better than ever being the sh*t left beneath somebody else’s shoes!

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