Why I like my cat than most people and other enlightened 420 thinking.

Yes I am a mother. Yes I am a wife. And yes I like to indulge in the free spirited thinking that only greenery can provide. I stay at home with my almost 2 month old son, 2 dogs (one yappy and one senior) 9 cats of various breeds, colors and sexes (my husband fully admits to being a cat hoarder) and 4 budgies (I convince myself I am a modern day snow white). I strive to live a life less trodden (ha is that even a word lol). Somewhere along the lines I blurred who I wanted to be and who I wanted the World to see but now no more.

Sitting here thinking as my dogs play and my son sits beside me I decided to love myself first. Yes love me more than my son. There is a completely different way that you love your children just as you love your spouse differently. I wonder how it is I put some people’s opinions ahead of my own. We live in these worlds where the opinons of others far outweight the way we feel about ourselves and the way that the people who love us feel about us. I am sure we have all been guilty of being present during a conversation that just doesn’t sit well to us.  It is hard to have the strength to recognize right from wrong when you are in a group all partaking in the same thing. Loose lips sink ships. Smoke just leads the way. I also like to look at it as having value in myself.  My time is valuable. The way my family thinks about me is valuable so I feel this responsibility to always be partaking in activities that will benefit me in the long wrong instead of negativity is important. I mean watching my boy grow and the happiness that is in my pets expressions makes a life worth living when you have so much to be thankful for.

If actions speak louder than words here are some ways my animals let their actions speak ahead of their ability to talk and how I came to believe my cats are better than most humans:

  • When I lay there dying and my husband was giving me CPR in our bathroom he had left the front door wide open for the paramedics. I mean we had 6 cats one was sure to run. None did. Actions speak louder than words they showed genuine concern for my well being. Only my sister and one friend came to see me in the hospital. We spent 4 weeks there (me one him 4). I know if my cats could’ve they would.
  • Our one cat loves my husband. I mean he sleeps at his feet when hes using the toilet. Runs to the door when he hears the car. And scales the counter till he gets a head butt and maybe a hug. I can’t lie but I am super jealous of how much he loves him. I have never been loved like that. He doesn’t even need to speak for you to know how he feels.
  • And Daffodil….She is always down to snuggle. She is so soft and so loving she melts like butter in your arms. She brings this peace into your World.
  • I remember when we first got Babette. My husband wasn’t very found of her. Once she warmed up he adored her. She is also a snuggler. She let’s you know by her simple presence that she loves being part of her family.
  • You can feel how much they love us as they all try to come to bed early to get a good spot. All 9 of them follow us from room to room.

Whatever the reason my cats are far better than most people. They adore me and love and appreciate all that I bring into their lives. They make me feel like a superstar. They don’t lie, gossip, get too busy in their own lives that they forget all about me. One or the other is always down for some snuggles if I want to or not. They also keep us entertained. Who nees a party when you have non stop one at your house all the time. They are always playing and up to something mischevious.  When we were fostering I would set them up on little Bachelor Dates etc. Each one has their own little side stories. When we first got together it was just the 4. My Lucy (the vocal old lady), Todd (the misunderstood daper gent), Ginger (the softest cat in all the land. She also ran a consignment store under the bed) and Gus the baby. He still is the baby with his soft little mew’s. We kind of let the cats decide if they want another friend or not.  Right now I am pretty set that we are at max capacity. They say each cat needs 15 min of lap time a day.  Just in order for them to feel a sufficient amount of love. That would be 2 hours and 15 minutes of just sitting there with a cat. Then you have to mix in that some of them just don’t get along. Miller and Daffodil definetly have a hate hate relationship. See they each have their own personality to bring to the mix.  It’s like hours of entertainment. Who needs cable or friends right.  I think this should be about the time of night when I sign off. The more I type the crazier I sound. There is nothing wrong with being a crazy cat lady as long as it is not documented anywhere. This is just the perfect recipe for getting another label. Crazy cat lady it is lol

Honourable mention goes to my dogs who always know when I am sad. My one dog forgo’d his bed when he heard my crying one night. He slept beside my side of the bed the whole night just in case. There are not too many people I would sacrifice those kind of memories with. The love and loyalty that these furbabies provide makes my heart feel like mush. I wish they knew how much they brighten up my world.

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