Why do a few entitled people think the laws dont apply to them?

So I am sitting here playing my violin while my son naps to calm my mind. It’s more than the $100 in NSF service fees I just saw for an $8.14 cent item. In between flipping my sheet music that Epstein case came on. Not to speak ill of the dead but this creep hurt our children. He admitted it so he is who he is. Now the fact that the Prince wants to sit there pretending he wasn’t a part of it is disturbing to say the least. You can’t tell me he didn’t know this guy was a snake. People hang out with people for a reason and this one is obvious. People also like to hang out with like minded individuals. They become who you are.

To sit there and speak so little about what these young ladies feel. Not validate that what happened to them was hurtful, vile and disgusting. Really has to kick you in the face. I mean with my relaxed open mind it was like a boot f*ck to the skull. In all my reading and everything I read it has always been super entitled, white privileged families that have held the puppet strings. You think poor white families had slaves? If any did it was out of mutual respect like here I have the shelter and the garden you can stay here. Oh we can awesome let us pay you back with some great home cooking and cleaning up after ourselves.

These pompous entitled men now appear to be using us less entitled families for their breeding grounds of their next victims. How else can you explain this human trafficking and how it runs so deep. Let that sink in. Fake passports? They aren’t fake cuz they are printed by whatever politician in whatever country that preys on our young children.

We let this happen. They provided us with entertainment, drugs, liquor, fast food whatever. They also kept us hating each other so it made it easier to take what they wanted. Really think why you have a reason to hate the person who’s sexual orientation is different from your own. Or you in bed with them? Did they invite you? Did they infringe on your life in anyway? Or did maybe somebody had the power to tell you how to think. That they carry disease. What a load of horse sh*t! We are ALL subject to the exact same disease our orientation had nothing to do with it.

And skin color! We hate each other because of that. We really need to come out from the cold and see where the real problem lies. One person of power tries to intimidate how we think in order to keep us surpressed. I am in no means saying that it is everybody. Everybody who is privy to this disgusting ring of grotesque behaviour gets taken care of in one way or another. I mean lets look into some of the assassinations that have happened. Was JFK assassinated because he was exposed to this ring and was horrified and disgusting? He didn’t want to join in so they took care of him instead? They had it done to Epstein. Should we listen to the Words of a dying man. He knew his time was limited once he got caught. It was only a matter of time since he was eliminated. Was that true for JFK?

My mind has to conjure up all these possibilities. I am a mother. I have to think about everything that puts our children at risk. All the warning bells are going off. These people have never been responsible for anything that they have ever done. No matter how far you make it you are nobody unless your last name and bloodline means something.

So why don’t the laws apply to them? Because we have allowed their riches to be the backbone of our countries. We never believed for any type of lives other than what has always been laid out in front of us. Every thing has been right there in front of us the whole time. They allowed us to think that our opinion matters and they care but we in reality of become their pets and they just watch all the drama unfold where they continue to come out unscathed! Let’s continue to demand to know the truth! Let these victims come forward knowing their voices are heard and we are no longer going to allow these people in power victimize us any further.

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