The Truth is Out There Isn’t It?

I wonder what made as turn on each other. All records have talks about war, famine, poverty. Why how is this even possible? We were all created equal at one point. In the beginning there was no currency, no competition. Just people coming together to explore the meaning of life and how they came to be. How did we get so far “advanced” if that’s what we call it. We are desensitized to everything. In our efforts to advance we basically have become these human robots. Does this feel like freedom to you? Do you feel that you are free to explore a life free of limitations and social pressures or do you feel this constant threat and pressure to always “fit in”. But with who? Why do we try so hard to impress strangers or those that are just ships passing us in the night.

Our countries fight amongst each other. Call names, wag fingers and make idle threats to keep us scared. If we are at war with each they are able to pull the wool over our eyes for an indefinite time. There really is something bigger at work here. I am not entirely to sure what it is but you can see it threaded through out history. Where I have the most trouble is how we entertain this value of monarchy. Or how they can even entertain themselves. Princess Dianna was the last hope they had to win over our hearts. I would say they are losing this battle. They never recovered from the scandal that they were part of a cover up. Plus only selfish evil people would be content sitting on all those riches that they got from proceeds of war anyways. Pretty disturbing that they have more than enough riches to make the world a financially better place. But ya they are right somehow their life is worth more than mine.

Do as I say not as I do. Kind of flippant attitude like I am better than you. It is hard not to feel surpressed as a nation when it feels like a constant misuse and abuse of power. It also has to make you question their authenticity and that they truly only care about #1. Oh we need to reduce or carbon emissions but F you world I am above you and I’m just gonna take private jets non stop. Don’t worry about us over here. We have terrible race confrontations, constant threats to LGBTQ, our children are going missing and being used and abused. How can you think for one minute they care about any one of us. We are all disposable and that is the worst feeling. We should be worthy of living these beautiful lives free of these limitations and expectations imposed on us that we are supposed to act and behave in a certain way.

I wonder what it would take for us to all come together and see what is actually happening here.  The more I try to learn about all that is happening around me the clearer the picture begins to seem. Or at least I think it is. At least for myself my defintion of how I want to define my life is becoming very clear.  I want to be knowledgeable and articulate and never quench my thirst for either. What better way to live you life than being attentive to the details. You can incorporate it into everything you do. Cooking, baking, cleaning, reading, playing the violing, playing with my son. Everything feels better, brighter when you are fully attentive in the moment. Listening to Real Time in the background with Bill Maher I can here Kathy Griffin talk about her year in exhile at the hand of the US President. Could you imagine being targeted because of your sense of humour. If you haven’t watched that episode you need to. It really puts things into perspective.  We intstill so much trust in our government who would sell us down the river in a heartbeat. Honestly I thought the whole point of having a government was so the common people could be heard. I am saying common because that is what we are.  Unless you are part of their entourage you really are disposable to them.  Have we just been sitting here content on taking an inactive role in our own lives. Is this what we imagined that life would be like when we grew up?

There is definetly something wrong here. Our reputations are tarnished and constantly taking out contexts. We don’t even know each other at all anymore. Yes we are all still going out but are we really? When was the last time you left your phone at home just so you could truly be free? I didn’t have a cell phone for 15 days that one time. It was bliss. It is impossible to be wireless anymore these days. We believe that there would be an emergency and nobody could get a hold of us. The fact is if there was an emergency and the knowledge of such took a little extra time in getting to you it isn’t going to change the fact that it happened. I wish the world was such that we strive to be the best reflection of ourselves. I know that for some of us if we truly look at how we treat each other or how we treat ourselves, like as on the outside looking in we would be horrified of the people that we were becoming. To not want to celebrate in each other’s victories, to be jealous instead of having pride in our friends accomplishments, whenever we listen to rumours and gossip about each other and not stand up for the one missing. I know we have all had these thoughts that weigh us in down in some shape or form. The mind eye roll or the soft head shake to the side when we read another status or text that just gets on our nerves. Why are we engaging in any of that behaviour. If somebody gets under your skin that bad you should just cut them off.  Nurture your body in such a way that you are surrounded by positivity. Take pride in the simplicity of being you in the shape and form that you so please.

We need to take control of living our lives back. There used to be a time when we would play on the streets till our parents called us in, go camping and go on hikes free from WiFi and cell phones (in fact there was no WiFi the internet was just a new thing that businesses and schools had). Technology is really the curse that binds into one place. We think we are advancing ourselves at these astronomical rates but all we have truly done is slowed down the evolution of our minds. We have allowed our bodies to come so out of sync with reality that we fail to acknowledge wrong from right. We sit back and watch families being torn apart like it was straight out of a movie. So many are scared to use our voices or we are just oblivious to the world around them. There is so much more that we can do but reaching out alone seems scarey. Or does it actually because I am a nobody. A stay at home housewife that is determined to keep reading and learning to I uncover the truth. Scully always said the Truth is Out there and it absolutely has to be. It is ridiculous to think that something as incredible as life is defined by greed, entitlement, selfishness, power…that is not how life thrives. Life thrives on nurturing, love, happiness. It is time to turn the tides and focus on those things closes to our hearts. We are all human and within us we have the power to manifest our destinies. Imagine if the rest of the world (the untitled 90%) focused their energies together into something positive instead of all this hate. Close your eyes and imagine that feeling. Take a breath and ask yourself what prevents YOU from loving your neighbour? I don’t care about your friend down the street. I want you to ask yourself who do you hate and why? Now imagine them as a hurt child. A child that needs you. Are you really that cold and callous that you want to be remembered as somebody who held hate in their heart. For anybody. Who cares what makes them who they are but who are they really. I can guarantee you that when you think of each person individually and truly take a look at that one person it is hard to imagine them suffering and in pain.

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