You are an Expression of the Universe (Book Review)

“You are a divine flame whose reason for being is to illuminate the world”. (Pg 152).

I just finished reading “The Ten Commitments” by David Simon M.D. What I love about this book is it encourages us to take a look at the meaning of our existence and recommends necessary steps in which to get there. Happiness and peace is what every life strives to achieve. Just look at in from a child’s point of view. That’s what drives them their happiness. But like anything there needs to be balance. The path to truly feeling peace is how you handle situations that are out of control. You know what I am talking about. Every time we commit ourselves to having the best day what happens? You stub your toe as you try to get ready for an appointment you are already late for Your toddler has spilled his choice all over the main foyer. He also just did a #2 and the dogs are barking. Add in your gas light is on and your bank card doesn’t work! Yes this was my day. I had the best intentions and was trying to get everything done to show my husband that I do appreciate him. It’s like doesn’t the Universe know I have a toddler? I tried my best to keep calm. Almost lost it once…k I did lose it once at the telephone banking people but I am not a saint…yet 😉

This book is very liberating as the first committment to yourself is one of freedom. Be free of thoughts and feelings that weigh you down. Explore the way bad feelings make you feel and how best to handle them. In our desire to fight change it restricts us from true growth. We are all human and we will learn from our mistakes as long as we can free ourselves from the ties that bind us. To be able to sit in complete silence, eyes closed, deep breath in deep breath out. In the calm your inner voice will talk to you. Being able to fully listen and explore all the possibilities that awaken your soul you owe it to yourself to live your best life. It’s not at the bottom of a bottle or injected into your veins. There is no more drama when that last curtain calls.

If I told you this book is an essential tool to get you on a more fulfilling path would you read it? We complain about not having a manual to life or not knowing the meaning of life. The reason why nobody can define the meaning of life is because there is no wrong answer. Each life is precious and unique. Beautiful in its identity and nurtured from deep within your soul. We need to stop telling others how to live there lives. It’s a complete waste of energy that should be spent pointing the finger out yourself. Hate is not life. Hate is the exact opposite of what life is supposed to be. Really think about this now. If you have hate even a small tiny bit of hate it will consume you like a flesh eating disease. Your life will become so toxic that even you can’t stand it anymore. The only cure is love and with a reputation like that…well do onto others as you wish done to you. Please pick up this book. It will get you on the path to living in sync and in harmony.

Next authenticity. Don’t you love the way it sounds? Are you living your true authentic self? Are you engaging in more habits and skills that bring joy to your life? What change can you make that aligns you closer to your core values. Knowing and understanding the difference between simplicity and abundance. It is human nature for us to acquire material things that make us happy. The problem with materials is they will not sustain us throughout this journey in life. Nobody has ever spent their last moments appreciating the things they collected. What remains dear to their heart is the love they shared and the memories they created. That energy remains with them for eternity.

We need to be fully present in the choices laid out in front of us. By observing how the outcome of certain choices will impact not only us but those we love make it easier to choose correctly. People don’t like hurting or betraying those they love. There is something out of balance inside of them that prevents them from connecting with the impact their choice would have with the world around them.

There is a whole chapter on peace. It is more courageous to live a life of peace then a volatile one of hate. I live by the mantra of smiling at strangers and if an opportunity arises engage in chit chat. You have no idea how much people appreciate the attention. We all love attention but we never really get enough positive attention. Usually I try to give one compliment every time I go out. In a world where we can’t get away from the negativity I would rather be the ray of sunshine then the grey thunderclouds. Our poor world who created us all equally is at a constant state of conflict.

My favourite committment is the one about wholeness. Feeling whole embraces the feminine and masculine power within us. “A spiritual approach requires us to bring peace to the conflict by finding unity in diversity.” (Pg 87) Think about that. If the energy that surges within us has a sex then it stands true that some energy could be trapped in the wrong form. Imagine looking in the mirror and the reflection staring back at you isn’t what you feel in your soul? That would be like living on hell on Earth. For those of us lucky enough to have our energy in the right form we should have compassion. Our lives in comparison are already easier. Why would expressing hate or misunderstanding help any of you feel better. Eventually your bitterness and hate catches up to you. So close your eyes and take a deep breath ask yourself if you are living the life that brings you peace and happiness. True peace is light. You feel like you are walking on air. I took a great big look inside of myself and asked myself if I was bringing true joy and peace into my life. Was I being authentic? Was I engaging in activities that reflected who I truly aspired to be? Have I honoured that little girl inside of me to get out?

My day was a fabulous day where I felt very accomplished and a true reflection of who I want to be. I felt more articulated, confident and happy with everything I had accomplished. Even the relationship with my husband was looking up. I am looking forward to the challenges of the next day. Reflecting on the growth and progress I have made as an individual I know I am one step closer to reaching the rest of the world.

“For a day, for just a day,
Talk about which disturbs no one And brings some peace into your Beautiful eyes.”

Hafiz (pg a177)

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