The evolution of humanity (on the continuous decline)

You know the path to inner peace is in itself becoming something like a Unicorn. An enigma never to be born. My journey of self discovery has begun to open my eyes in ways I never have imagined before. Yes there are obstacles but with the storm clouds I know that their is always a rainbow. That once that period is over you get to light up the sky and make those who witness it smile. It gives us hope in a World that doesn’t have any. The sliver that’s left has been whittled away by masters of their craft. I mean we have been surpressed. Never to fully regain the knowledge of the regression that has happened in times past. Only by sheer chance do we hope to stumble apon some sort of inkling that will open that locked door to the past. There has been so many billions that have walked this Earth before. Their lives just like ours has happened for a reason. In this space. In this time. Who are we to question our existence unless we know of something from our past. But even if we did would it impact who we are now?

We used to care about the stories being passed down from generation to generation. We realized the importance from engaging in conversations with each other. There was a time when you would spend most of your lives travelling if you had something important you had to share with the World. What we shared with the World was positive and uplifting and encouraged each other to lift themselves out from the darkness. That darkness once lifted only changed to different hues of greys. There was a time where we demanded excellency in our leaders. Great men were sacrificed because they were to advanced in their way of thinking. Advanced for us but archaic for a scarce few. I indulge in the lives of those past. Their struggles, their determination, their drive for a better World is something we should recognize. In one sense I am happy to be a part of this time but in others I am embarrassed in the World that we become. Did you know that in every 36 seconds somebody somewhere is trying to commit suicide. Somewhere somebody has lost the beauty that is life because of how somebody else treated them. It is rare to be depressed just because. It happens. More likely our depression comes from always being compared to somebody or something else. We feel alone in a World of over 6 billion. Billions of people in the World yet some people feel alone? I would say that with out a doubt we are failing. Forget about all the outside pressures. Our insides are so badly polluted and we have made it such that free thinkers are being punished. I mean look at our leaders. Separating mother and children because of their color. That is the most awful backwards type thinking ever. No being ever tortures another by ripping their hearts out and shipping it out of the country. That is evil. We weren’t born for any other reason to live fulfilling and rewarding lives. I wonder why only a few certain few are worthy enough to receive these lives.

I consider the possibility that maybe just maybe our bodies are on loan and we wait to return to our celestial forms. If this possibility is true that means the closer we live to our purest form the lighter we become. You can feel the weight of the world envelope you when you energy switches to bad behaviour. Engaging in activities that take away from nurturing your true being will just way you down. The hamster wheel of life keeps us tirelessly spinning. Our goals and focus become skewed as everything we do becomes mundane and exhausting. The possibility also enters my mind that the more I nurture that little girl inside of me the closer I get to my true authentic self.

To live in harmony means we first need to accept ourselves for everything that we are and going to be. It also means that we can look into the lives of others in order to get for site into our own. Although we are each unique the feelings that we experience are not. Pride prevents us from acknowledging that we are anything but less than perfect. To admit to ourselves that we may have faults would erode what little bits of self esteem that we have left. Unless we use it as a road map. We can pave a new way for us to travel and for others to find their way home as well.

It is common knowledge that me and my husband are less than perfect. I have irritable and somewhat needy when he is home. He works alot and is incredibly tired. With self reflection and the insight of others I could see just where we needed more patience in understanding. We live in a society where everybody’s opinion matters. Everybody’s but our own. I am proud to be a stay at home mom. I am also proud to be a wife. I was holding onto so much negative energy from incidences in our past. The facts are you don’t truly forgive somebody if you have a proverbial noose over their head. It was in that thinking that I let all of that negative energy from the past go. When I think about who it is I want to be remembered for I know I have alot of work ahead of me. The easiest things I can change are those things right in front of me. If I want to be remembered for being a good housewife then nobody else’s opinion matters then my own. I take pride in a clean house and my boys being happy and fed. That is just me that is how I define my happiness.

The exploration of finding myself and to engage with others that stimulate my soul has now become ingrained within me. I am out of my comfort zone doing things I never felt possible. Believing in yourself is the most liberating feeling you can have. Nobody can take that away from you. There will always be those jealous of your light. The brighter you become the more you have to share. I am tired of not living in the image I was destined to be. We can recreate ourselves and we can have a positive impact on ourselves. Why wait for tomorrow when you can start today. Honour yourself first and the amazingly unique being that you are. If you ever need a shoulder mine are becoming broader everyday and can withstand the weight of your world if you ever need.

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