The concept of time and finding the beauty within.

We are all guilty of this. Far to busy for even our own lives to even consider the feelings of those in which we share this beautiful Earth with. This weekend I had the extreme pleasure of not only having my husband with me but I was also surrounded by family and friends. In a World that is starting to spin so fast that we don’t even have time to blink much less take the time to learn about those around us.  It is key to surround yourself with activities that make you strive to be better. To try and understand the community that you live in. To look for holes and strive for ways to fix them.  This can only be done when we stop looking inside ourselves and take a look what is right in front of us.  Lately my experience has brought me to this place where I want to be the positive energy in everybody’s day.  Dressing up opens the gates for others to enter. Not to mention it gives me the confidence to be ready to speak to those that maybe need somebody to listen.

Saturday we went down to particpate in our communities Chilli fest.  Originally I thought about entering a team. Interestingly enough as I pushed my stroller through the crowds I noticed one thing…there was no family team. No team of just friends laughing and having a good time.  Originally I wanted to do this but if you have been privvy to the journey you all know what transpired on my birthday. Walking the streets and seeing the hustle and bustle of the crowds I am more determined then ever to have a Chilli stand next year. I am hoping for it to be a family thing for us but friends can become famiy so with an open heart and mind I will leave it to the Universe to see what comes my way. Why it is important is for several reasons. It is nice to interact with the people in your community. We have an obligationto ourselves and to our families to make sure that we are engaging in activities that promote healthy interactions with each other. Also it is very important in planting seeds. Ideas never become a reality if all they do is sit within yourself. All seeds need a place in which to call home (your heart), water in which to grow (your community) and soil in which to get additional nutrients and good (your friends). I never really thought about it like this before. Of course it makes sense. Tell enough people about your dreams and eventually you will get the ideas in front of the right people who can make it happen.

My mind has come up with this plan that I think if implemented will see incredible success and fulfillment in my life. One of my ideas that I am waiting to take hold is my “Afternoon tea with Gigi”. I love our seniors and I think we are so blessed to have them.  They have withstood the hands of time and not only do they have incredible stories of perserverance, faith and love they grew up in a time that no longer exists. I need to connect with as many as them as I can in order to gain from their wisdom and experience. I ran into my library friend who after sharing my idea she loved it!! That means she may know somebody who knows somebody! And that is what I call progress. Rome wasn’t build in a day and fixing the gaps that we have in society will definetly take some time. Yes I use technology it has it’s place. I am also guilty in staying on my phone a little too long doing the facebook scroll. When I catch myself doing that I put my phone down. It is hard but I also remind myself that there is nothing more important then what is happening in front of me in that moment.

I also had an amazing photoshoot at the Hangar Musuem yesterday. Entering the hangar I wasn’t sure what to expect. Being surrounded by so much history would have been enough for me. What made this day incredible was being able to listen to the stories of the men who worked there. They all grew up in a time where these aircrafts were first being built. You could hear the passion in their voice when it came to sharing their stories and history with us. There was only a few times when I felt sad. You could hear the underlying tones of sadness in their voice. There was only a handful of visitors there at the time. Being able to talk to men who grew up in some of the craziest times in history I felt humbled in their presence. Just imagine. I saw a Lancaster that sit 7 men. Most who were under 20. They flew over the oceans with no radar. Just men armed with machine guns hoping to liberate the World from the war. Each young man wanting to come back as a hero. Most young men made it back in just a pine box. You could see the sadness in their eyes as they remembered that time. Was it remembering the time that made him sad or how much we take what they sacrificed for granted. I wish I could have stayed all day chatting with the men as they could have talked for hours. We even joked as a somehow managed to maneuvor inside a fighter jet. I noticed these pedals right away to which one gentleman replied that you had to pedal the plan in order to fly. When I asked seriously? The three men below me began to giggle. I got to play up the damsel in distress role for them one more time. They alone made the experience amazing. Every time I go out there is something to be absorbed something to take away from and try to teach others. I see an opportunity for us to try and make the World better for them just like they did for us.

We also got to celebrate my husband’s grandmothers 85th birthday. She is going blind so we bought her the prettiest smelling flowers that money can buy. As we drive out I think about her life and how much she has sacrificed. There’s a possibility that she could eventually go into a home. We talked about maybe building a guest suite (suite I suppose) for her to live out her golden years with us rather than ever live alone than go into a home. The idea that our lives are too busy to care for our elderly is an idea I could never fathom. Me and my husband agree that she will always be welcome with us. The little things mean the most as you age. Nobody wants to feel forgotten about or an inconvenience. I hope she knows that I appreciate her values and existence and look forward to our weekly visits. Her presence in our lives has also made me miss my grandmothers in terrible ways. We all wish that we had a chance at one last goodbye. We will never be prepared for the tragedy of losing somebody we love. We can only draw from their strength and hold our breaths and hope that maybe someday we can be reconnected again. Because it was her birthday there was alot of family around. Some that I have never met. Of course the conversation turned to me and who I was and what do I do. It is a common question when somebody new enters the picture. Just coming from a photoshoot I was dressed up more than usual. I simply said that one day I would like to get into politics. My husband’s grandmother scoffed saying that I can’t change the World. That in itself is 100% true. I can’t change the World. But what kind of mother, wife, friend would I be if I didn’t try. The World needs us and if we are constantly telling ourselves we are too small to make a difference then that statement becomes true. We become who we are, we can improve and find a new way of accepting each other and find ways for all of us to thrive.

The realization that the mere walking towards a goal makes you a winner. We never have to achieve our finite goals we just have to have some goals to work with. I mean look at the leaders that we have now. All they have is wealth and a family name to fall back on. I thought the point of government was to give the people a voice. Aren’t we just a dictatorship if there are orders being barked and we have to jump. What happened to integrity? honesty? a voice for the common man? With more of us fitting into the common man category how come our voice isn’t being heard. Government needs to make moves towards acting for the masses instead of a few entitled individuals. I never would have imagined just how fulfilling life could be. I have had a plan in place since my son was born. The direction my life has taken since that day is sometimes incomprehensible. I went from never winning anything to feeling like a winner. That is why I want to share my journey with you all. If somebody with my past can reach for the stars and actually catch a few. I know that you are all capable of that same ability to. The time to start moving in that direction is now. We can keep putting off what we need to in order to achieve our lifes destiny or we can make small moves toward who we were born to be. We are all instrinsic pieces of art that when pieced together can leave a lasting impression on the World. Who we become is up to us. All that is missing is our free will and desire to be something bigger than ourselves.

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