A Conspiracy Seen Through a Fresh Set of Eyes

From the outside looking in I am just a housewife. A mother of an almost 2 year old that doesn’t have much time for free thinking…or do I. My passion to explore the lives of those that have lived before us comes from a desire to learn the truth. It isn’t so much of accepting the facts that are dictated to us by teachers by being able to formulate our own ideas our own theories to what life means to us. In school we are taught that there is only right answer. That the way that history is told in between those two hard covers is the way it was and the way that we have to remember it. Who are we to regurgitate somebody’s elses opinon? Unless it is our own we are simply stealing the ideas that are already formed. Isn’t it best to get the storey from the hand that lived it? History is merely events and circumstances that have happened in the past. Somewhere along the line facts can be skewed or missed or maybe hidden away never to be seen. Maybe it is time we start exploring the possibility that what is laid in front of us is in fact fact. I am no needs a professional but what I do know is a have a very active mind. And if the mind can perceive it then isn’t it true that we can achieve it? To me that means that if I can think a certain way then so can others before me.

My desire to learn more about the man who met an untimely demise lead me to the book, “The Death of a President, November 1963,” penned by William Manchester. The assasination of JFK has long fascinated millions (maybe even billiions) from all over the World. There were many theories of what happened that day and why. I am only on page 112 and already my mind is racing. This book was written in 1967 by somebody JFK regarded highly. When everybody was quick to publish what they believed was the storey William took his time and recorded what he believed to be the most important days leading up to that pivotal day. To be able to read the apprehension leading up to their time in Dallas I found myself asking why indulge in such a trip anywas. Everybody in his immediate inner circle felt uneasy about his trip. Even when the Houston visit was met with roaring success there was always this hesitation. Hesitation on which building he should speak at, hesitation at which route to take during the motorcade. There were alot of questions up in the air. The only true constant was the desire he had to do right by his people. He didn’t want their to be obstacles in his way to being able to meet with the crowds. His arrival was written up in the middle of the paper and accused him of treason amongst other heinous crimes made apon the citizens of America.

Another interesting factor in the days leading up to this is the way his Vice President was acting. He wasn’t getting along with many people in the President’s circle. It was common knowledge that the two had heated words in a room seperate from everybody else the night before. The details of the conversation are truly unknown. One party will tell you that the discussion was merrily just that the other has been gone now for almost 60 years. One became President days later and the other would never be able to return home to their families. They always say that you are more likely to be killed at the hands of someone who knows you and not by some stranger. And even that it is more likely that the murdered victim would be female. Nobody benefited more than Johnson and his political party that day he was shot. I am sure that the possibility that the Vice President was involved has already surfaced. More likely it was whoever holds the puppet strings in Texas that made this happen.

You don’t have to be the one that physcially pulls the trigger to be the one who commits the crime. The pages where Lee is introduced we are basically told that he is uneducated and filled with hate. They picture him to be violent not only in his personal life but in all aspects of his life. It was common knowledge that he had a deranged mind. In fact he was discharged from the army because of it. Now tell me why after 3 years of being a well known long shot would he be discharged? Wouldn’t it make more sense to send him abroad and have him fight on the front lines to defend his country? Or did it make more sense to have him around in order to have them do his bidding. It wouldn’t take much research to pick out Lee Harvey Oswald as the shooter. He probably would even do it for a small amount of cash. The last night he slept beside his estranged wife he told her to buy whatever she wanted for herself and their children. Why would you say that unless you knew there was some sort of money coming in. In the book they said he kept $15.10 and left the rest of the cash on the table with a note. He then went off to meet his friend and set up for the day.

It seems odd to me that the whole route was checked except for the Texas School Book Depository where Lee worked. Those facts are in itself very interesting. So it was government record that not only was Lee a for sure shot but he was also mentally deranged being that he was discharged from the army.  Also a fact was that he worked for the Texas School Board.  Another government fact. Couldn’t somebody who was looking for somebody deranged enough to shoot a President in fact find Lee Harvey Oswald? Is it so far fetched to see the government connection between all this.  The book will tell you how much he hated the President. It will also go as far as to paint the two as complete polar opposites. One being a success and one being a failure. One being adored and loved by his family and millions and the other being a loner.  Also the first thought I had is if he was that poor why on Earth or even how on Earth could he obtain any firearms at all. Two names were recorded as having received guns. We were told that both of those names although different were in fact Lee Harvey Oswald. Who were we to question the facts that were given to the media for us to digest and accept.

Exploring the days leading up to the event the only thing I have are more questions. It doesn’t make sense to me that if he was so mentally removed from reality how is it he just decided to take his hate out on just the President. A shot so precise that only military grade weapons should have made that shot. Another point to be made is his security detail. Did you know that those who sat closest to him spent all night drinking cocktails? I had no idea. The men responsible for keeping the President safe probably couldn’t even keep their eyes open. It is believed that all you had to do was look up to see the shooter in the window.  Why wouldn’t you do the job you were paid to unless somebody else lead you in that direction. It was common knowledge that Dallas was volatile. There was talks of him having the bubble. If only he was behind bullet proof glass…There was no more room for if only. The only question I have is why and by who.

Fast forward to today. How many deranged 20 somethings do you know that just take their hate out on one? I am having trouble understanding why you wouldn’t just unload your frustration on all those that were there supporting this man that you apparently hated. Maybe this is where all the facts become fabricated. Made up to cover those that initiated the assasination to begin with. I need to learn more about the man and his beliefs before I can determine the why this day unfolded the way it did. There is no reason to believe that Lee acted alone. His mental state was distracted in those days leading up but maybe that was because he knew what was coming. It was predetermined by somebody else in order for him to receive a paycheck and got back on track to the life that he so desired.  It was easy to pin everything on just one man. One man who would be killed only days later. Killed to keep the secrets of those that came to him with this idea of killing the president. This feels like the biggest cover up of all time that we should really start exploring the options of.

My mind hasn’t really been influenced in one direction or the other. The hardest thing about reading the book is knowing that both JFK, Jackie and their son have passed on. It’s incredulous to think that at one point in time they were happy and in love. Living the American dream. Well they were living the epitome of that dream. They wanted to be there for their country, all of it. The shots that rang out that day have forever changed the course of history. Their echo will be heard for hundreds of years unless we take into consideration the message he was trying to share. Find a way to put us all back on course that day. Before what seems to me to be a a cover up that goes above even the government. There are a small percentage of people who control the World and we are just their mere puppets. Maybe that’s why it all unfolded the way it did. I have 600 pages to go that will explain the stories of all that were impacted on that day. I have to try to keep my mind open free from other peoples judgement and scrutiny. A fresh non judgemental pair of eyes maybe able to see the glaring discreprencies in a storey that began over 50 years ago.

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