Diary of a Travelled Housewife

I arrived back at home at midnight. My spanx was digging into my sides as was the underwire in my bra. There are two main issues when travelling, at least for me anyways. Do I dress for comfort? Or do I dress in such a way in order to capture the attention of those around me. Travelling solo will confirm the later. In order to truly expand your horizons you have to expand the mind. The only way of doing that is through opening your thoughts to a new way of thinking. Isn’t that in fact my journey? To make the World a better place? To make my World a better place? Isn’t my World or the interpretation of mine the only one that really matters? It isn’t a matter of conceit. It is very much fact. Unless we are immediately impacted in some way the event in question has never occured because or mind was never made aware of it in the first place. So now in my ever growing list of expanding my character I find adding travel to the list. There are so many great wonderful beings just waiting to be found. Growth is supposed to be painful. It’s scarey and frustrating. Like travelling solo is a test. Travelling solo will your son and Husband stay behind is torture. Every time something goes wrong you curse your selfishnessness. At least I did. So the idea of travelling for what some see as a selfish thing…well it just seems that maybe our definition of life is very different.

Life definition is – the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body. (Merriam Webster)

Living definition is – having life.Β (Merriam Webster).

The literal meaning of life is so simple in it’s purest form. What this identifies with is the fact that we are all entitled to life. We are all worthy of the gifts and prosperities no matter our social distinction. The desire to travel and meet these life forms that are here experiencing it all in the same time as me is a necessity. I mean I am living my life. In the best way that I know how. Wouldn’t it also suggest that the way others are living their lives should serve me some interest too? Couldn’t I learn from those around me if I just open my eyes and my heart. The power to connect with any being is something so foreign to me. I lost out on that ability to connect long ago. That was my survival instinct kicking in. I learned from a very young age that humanity can’t be trusted. When given no reasons at all mankind will simpy turn their back. Mainly I feel it is out a fear. Maybe it is a lack of confidence. Maybe it is a desire to just fit in. We are all doing the best we can in the same 24 hours that will swing our way until the lost clock tocks. I have seen the way the people around me, in my town live. I have become an active member in my community in order to help restore a community worth of all our children to live in.

Just like how Christopher Columbus desired a different World a New World, so do I. 500 years later we have decided that their is nothing left to explore, no rocks to uncover. We accepted the fate of our land on the decisions made of a few white man so many years ago. Maybe it is time we take a look at the true meaning of exploration.

Explore definition is – to investigate, study, or analyze : look into (Merriam Webster). I decided to take a look at the literal meaning of words used throughout time in order to have a measure in which to gauge. On the surface we have professors designed to look at different socio economic views in order to advance ourselves as a civilization. The advancement of our societies are now being overrun by our technology. We worked so hard in exploring the advancements of the computer we failed to ensure that our human minds werre being exercised as well. Generally speaking I find most of us lazy. It is far simpler to run out with your blinders on because the reality of the World around us is overwhelming. We have been pushed into these corners where we have become to scared to be ourselves. We have a whole culture of people so disjointed from their destiny. The World has pushed them so that the only course of action they have is to lash out at each other. Hate is far easier to learn then to look at anybody with unconditional love. This I can tell you from experience. Fresh off of travelling what feels like a giant circle in the US (San Francisco, Wisconsin, Chicago) everybody was generally the same. Most of my time was spent in the airports so not the ideal way of testing a theory but let me tell you a few things. Smiling at a stranger, you get looked at like you might want to rob them. Getting up to give your seat to a stranger, again looked at like there is something wrong with you. I purposely dressed in bright red like a beacon of, “Hey you! You over there! I see you, I value you and I appreciate you.” The World is such you have to give an extra push to reach the hearts of others. That’s when I saw her. I mother with 3 young girls and a husband with a broken leg in a wheel chair. As she pushed her stroller and yelled at her daughter who was halfway down the escalator as they patiently waited for the elevator I yelled out to her. “I think you are an amazing remarkable woman! To travel with your family the way you do, you inspire me. I appreciate you for you and being a beacon to your family.” Her frustrated face looked up at me. She gave me the biggest smile and I could see her shoulders relax. We both knew she was doing her best. She needed to hear it. She looked at me and smiled. She told me she loved my outfit. We smiled at each other as the doors closed and we both went on our way. Isn’t that life? To impact another in such a way that they feel pride in who they are and what they are accomplishing?

It is so easy to find blame. To point blame. The World is far easier to live in a negative isolation than to attempt to be something more. I don’t need to be that something more for a billion people. I just need to be something more to just one. As you open up to the World the World will receive you. That is how I started my travel journey yesterday. My decision to impact somebody’s life in a positive way came back to me tenfold. Call it whatever you want but I call it manifesting my own destiny. I am painting my own portrait and I have the color palette in my hands. I can paint a picture that I have painted a thousand times because I know that a) I can and b) I am good at it. Now after 40 years of living my life the same way I am daring to live it differently. The beautiful thing about travelling solo is you are forced to absorb the energies around you with the only interruption being your negative mind. We can talk ourselves out of a anything a million ways to Sunday. Or we can dare to be different and come out of our comfort zone. I was a shy kid. I went to shy camp. There was a time when my teachers were worried that I would never come out of my shell. Empowered with this knowledge and knowing that I am my son’s first teacher it was my role as a mother to show him that humans are not that scarey. Humans should not be that scarey! If you really think about why children befriend anybody it is because they have not been jaded by narrow minded thinking. They haven’t learned about race or ethnicity nor do they care. What they care about is, hey do you play? and do you want to play with me? I remember meeting my best friend in grade school because I noticed this new girl sititng beside herself in the playground. I walked up to her and asked if she wanted to be my friend and she said Yes!! It was that simple. As adults we are told and we believe that strangers are evil…and some are. We see the incredible levels of hate that is spewed all over the World but as children hate doesn’t register. All you have to do is open a book any book to see where the origin of race and hate come from. It’s in our language. We have empowered phrases and sentences to hold meaning other than their literal sense. Children are taught in school to register hate for each other. This is where we as society have failed.

We have allowed our views on the World to be dictacted by families that their only relevance to our way of life is the money that they hoard. They are the onces that have us brainwashed to hate each other. They saw an opportunity to not only colonize a new World but to control it. From a very young age I always felt that life felt more like a game. There are only losers in this game. I want to feel shame for what we are doing to each other but I also can’t even cast blame for this way of thinking. Our brains and thinking have been controlled for so long that the only way to break free is to live a different life. We need to bring our borders closer and realize our struggles are very much the same. Our survival is pivotal to us gaining some of that control back. Think of this…we are so embarassed of the history that is told to us. We are made to believe that one race is superior to all others. Before these entitled families came to our shores they were one of many hoping for power. They left to these New Worlds not to conquer but to control. They saw an opportunity to stake their claim and let all others who land after them perish in their wake. Their goal was to always control the Newly colonized land and eventually break away from Britain. We do no know the talks that occurred behind closed doors but for the sake of just thinking and the power of free thought I suggest this. We know all about World Wars as we have seen them ravage innocent victims. It has never been recorded that anybody from these elitest entitled families have been victims of war. Only us. The common people. The ones that have been made to believe for so long that our worth is determined by the material possessions we have at home and not love. We fought for OUR freedom yet we still have none. They fund these wars amongst ourselves and bring fear onto our homeland. You have to ask yourself who really is holding the strings not only on the US or Canada but on the World. You have to demand to know why you hate your neighbor of color. Is it because they did something to you? Or is it because a family who longed to control the masses told us what to believe and how to think. An educated human will realize that we are all created equal destined to live these beautiful lives. We didn’t inhabit these bodies to be treated so cruelly. We need to exercise constraint and compassion before a few entitled minorities take everything we know and love so dear, our ability to love and think freely.

people in boat
Photo by Edward Eyer on Pexels.com

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