Our Flight into Obscurity Hinders our Humanity

There used to be a time when I used to love falling asleep to the TV. It somehow made me feel not alone. The worst is when you had fallen asleep to something off of the True Crime channel. That used to be another one of my obsessions. Trying to understand how it is we can do what we do to each other. Evil has become a common occurence in our day to day lives. We have come accustomed to feeding off of each other’s pain. Our hero capes come on only after we have determined that somebody is broken. It’s like we relish in the idea that humanity needs to be saved. Somehow though we have decided that we would rather pick up the pieces then try to find a solution to how to stop it. I do fear for civilization. We are no longer civilized. We are building walls to keep out our neighbors. We have to lock our doors even while we are at home as the fear of somebody entering has become all to common. We have created a world that unless you are lucky enough to experience a windfall of lottery winnings the only other way is at the demise of another. We fight over the last wishes of our loved ones like they never existed. Their last words and testament being disregarded as they act like vultures flying over their victims. I have to stop and wonder if they understand the realism of what just happened. Their must have been a time when love was shared between the two parties. Now just this gapping hole where compassion used to fill. Quickly being patched by the hatred and greed of those that past.

The World is in pieces and like clockwork we ignore the true issues that swirl just overhead. We have the tools to make the World whole again but our arrogance won’t allow us to see the way. Greed is the only emotion that comes freely. We don’t have to try to have a black heart. It’s infested with the hate and thoughts of those that have lost their soul long ago. The idea that this rat race is what we all fought so hard for is absured. There is so much simplicity and beauty all around us. We talk about being this superior race. We critize those around us who behave in ways that we don’t understand. The idea that we would rather bring our neighbor down to their knees then bring them towards us and shelter them from the pain makes me sick to my stomach All these laws, rules and regulations are said to be in place to protect us but are they really? Here in Canada you could annihilate a families whole existence and you get a slap in the wrist. We don’t have a consistent way in which to punish and that is why we see the World turn the way it does. Crime makes you a hero amongst your friends. Most here in Canada get off for time served or maybe serve 5 years. That is a small price to pay to get rid of those permentaly. You no longer have to have a personality to fit in. If somebody doesn’t like you, use violence. Show the World how bad you are. This is the archiac thinking we are seeing. Violence has now replace our conversations. Even just yesterday a young boy got tied up by his shoe laces on a school bus which had to be for the sole reason he didn’t fit into their mold.

Great job moms and dads on raising some fine outstanding citizens. You must take a lot of pride in raising the next line of bullies. There is something to be said for the parents raising these little tyrants. I have heard all the exscuses. But the only exscuse that seems to fit is this: I was a terrible parent who neglected my child. I could see holes in his development and the way he interacted with others. It would have disrupted my whole life if he needed counselling or medication. I don’t have the time or money to give him the proper care that he needs. That paycheck I get from the government, the one that is labelled Child Tax Benefit, I used it to indulge on my own devices. There may be a bottle in my cupboard or a fresh pack a smokes on the table. The bottom line is he is a handful and I need to make sure I am happy first right? I have been trying to catch this storey of these two moms who locked their children up in a basement with no food or water. What a World we live in. We are quick to point fingers when we see somebody else doing it but when we are caught it is simply, “You don’t understand” or “This was the first time.” These poor children are growing up far to fast and without leadership. There is no leadership in daycare. How many children you know have been neglected, abused or the overall wishes of the parent being ignored. This is not the life we were born for. We were not born to hurt each other. For the first time in my life I feel shame for being human. I don’t need to participate in these types of activity to know that they are wrong. I never want anybody to suffer at my hands.

I am no saint nor have I always felt this strongly about these issues before. I am also guilty of being selfish. Of putting me first before the needs of others. At the time I didn’t connect that my happiness and the survival of the human race were both the same. We have focused so much on longevity. In our fear of death we have all struggled to live longer. Why do we need to live forever? Especially if this is how we conduct ourselves. Artificial Intelligence is taking over. With the advancement of technology we will see the deterioration of the human race. As soon as we lose our freedom of thought we will see a shift in the World and how we interact with each other. I saw that in Sweden about 3000 have inserted microchips into their bodies. We are told it is for banking or whatever Β personal advancements we think we need to make. The reality even though it is a small grain of race it will provide the exact location of where you are at all times. It will record your movements, your conversations and any other activity you indulge in. We think this is necessary to advance the human race but it has to be more than that. Nothing every implemented was to advance us as a society. Every advancement since the dawn of time came into being as a way to conrol and conquer the world. Can this small grain of rice interrupt the way we think. Is it recording our thoughts, dreams, hopes, aspirations. Is this device being used simply to serve as an easier way to gain world domination. I don’t think the Swedes are a part of the whole mind control. But somewhere behind the scenes is an evil pupeteer calling all the shots.

Another way we are being controlled is this illusive Area 51. If you have ever been enthralled with the idea of life beyond Earth we all want to believe that inside that compound are aliens. Haven’t you seen the footage of the alien autopsy. My overactive mother brain tells me that for some reason it isn’t what it appears. Becoming to be in the 1950’s it is hard to ignore that after the threat of a nuclear war that this place has come to be. Have you seen the movie Elysium? This is what I think is going on under there. They say that Area 51 is more advanced then the human mind can conceive. The only reason why it is so guarded is because it is holding secrets. More secrets that has been decided we are not privy too. Please tell me again who decided these men in power get to dictate what information we are privy to. Unless of course this is another way to control our minds. I laugh at the thought because for so many years we have acted like we are free but we have been in this atrium with tinted glass walls. We can’t see what is in front of us but there is a group of individuals laughing at our demise.

For as long as I can remember I knew my life had to be more than what was given. That the pain that I felt throughout my existence had to be for a reason. I was never convinced that my reality was the way it seemed. I always wanted more. Wanted to be more. I wanted to be the hand the fed not the hand that could beat another into oblivion. The level of violence I bear witness to on social media and just in every day life makes me shed a tear. Yes I do cry alot. I find myself being able to perfect this silent cry. I have this ability to let one or two down without destroying my make up. It is like me acknowledging their pain and their existence. I don’t have to know anybody intimately to feel the loss of their existence. We have no idea on the great loss that the Universe has just felt. Everything around us is life. We should honour it for the simple reason that we exist in the same space and time. Our capacity to love our neighbors still resides within us. We have just become so focused on the noise outside that we can’t hear the quiet sounds of the child within us weaping. Our defintion of what is right and what is wrong is skewed when it should be consistent. Nobody is more privy to the rights of human compassion then the man who stands before you. We need to all be the reason why somebody’s eyes open instead of rolling to side to side. Speaking from experience there is no faster way to connect with a stranger than to hold them in your arms and absorb some of their pain. We have stopped the advancement of the human race as our wants to be materialistic consume us. I leave you with this,

“We have flown the air like birds and swum the sea like fishes, but have yet to learn the simple act of walking the earth like brothers. Martin Luther King Jr”

person wearing black zip hoodie sitting in front of gray wooden plank wall during nighttime
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