The Death of a President… (and the assasination of our future)

“We had a hero for a friend-and we mourn his loss. Anyone, and fortunately there were so many, who knew him briefly or over long periods, felt that a bright and quickening impulse had come into his life. He had uncommon courage, unfailing humor, a penetrating, ever curious intelligence, and over all a matchless grace. He was our best. He will not be replaced nor will he be forgotten, for in truth he was a kind of cheerful lighting who touched us all. We will remember him alwys with love and sometimes, as the years pass and the story is retold, with a litte wonder.” (The Death of a President, William Manchester. Pg 446).

It was surreal to read this book as the end of my friend’s life ran parallel to the storey that unfolded before me. Although the magnitude of the one was far more vast. The feelings that bubbled to the surface remained the same. To dig deeper into the pain of those that were impacted first hand by this tragedy gave me a greater understanding of the emotions of those in front of me. There was both a mother and a wife grieving over the loss of the man that they loved. Both destined to pick up the pieces to a puzzle that would never ever become complete. Watching their dreams shatter in the tune of the beeps and blips that came on the monitor. One family was forced to accept the outcome immediately while the other held onto hope. The difference between the two tragedies…the appearance of a wound. Evidence of blood. Both on the departed and the one clinging to the future that she was only just now becoming so familiar with. It is hard to let the reality sink in that somebody you just conversated with can no longer respond. Peacefully he sleeps, or so we prayed. Both fallen heros taken to soon. One the leader of a Nation destined to impart hope and peace. The other a father and son in my community. The ripple effect in the futures that they both encountered to be felt for a very long time.

“Why did it happen? What good did it do? All my life I’ve believed that something worthwhile comes out of everything, no matter how terrible it is. What good ccan come out of this?” (pg 416) To imagine the life that the President was born to live is a hard reality to accept even after all these. We are all born to die but we have the hope that we can live a life fulfilled before the proverbial clock runs out. To fully understand the drive it takes to live out your dreams and manifest them into a reality is a skill privvy to those who believe in their ability. You also have to take into consideration the thought that you set the directional course of the outcome with your thoughts and actions. Right up before the trip to Dallas there was lots of trepidation. Toying with the idea of putting up the bullet proof bubble on top of the Lincoln, writing to two fatherless children of a fallen hero, even the wanted for treason posters were a clear indication that maybe the desired outcome of this trip was never in their reach. There was false hope as the start of their trip was met with great fanfare. Even the night before the assasination he was heard saying that the evening was a good setting for one. He knew he had enemies. And he knew that it was a possibility. Maybe he knew that the enemies that were after him were more powerful then himself. Maybe just going out in a public setting to taunt those who threatened to silence him was his way of saying no more. Maybe the secrets that lay hidden are somewhere in plain site for us all to see. The distractions of life prevent us from seeing the reality. The reality that freedom is truly out of our control. That maybe the people we fear are those that we don’t know. Maybe the reality is, our reality is that we have had the wool pulled over our eyes for far too long. Maybe the whole thing was designed to be a cover up as JFK refused to conform to the wishes of those who have controlled us for so long. He fought for us. He tried to unite us in ways that we have never seen before. He saw the value in all life. His youth, his drive, his very personna was exactly what we needed in times of political distress. I wonder what the message was in his death. Everybody who lives has a purpose. Even in death there is a message to be heard. Maybe the message was meant for us and not for anybody else. It is an alarming signal that we have all been manipulated and played with because us as common folk have no value. Our ability to vote and have choice was taken away that day in the one second it took to fire that gun. That gun by the way that was purchased via mail.

It is unbelievable to think that after the assasination of the President the gun laws didn’t become more strict. American have and will always love their firearms. You can not blame them from wanting that control. It is the only control they really have. They have lost their ability of free thinking. They have lost their ability to vote into government somebody that best represents them. Isn’t that the point of an electoral government? We get to vote for who we like that best represents the matters that are most important to us. We are all fully aware that the guns laws have never changed. The NRA fought very hard to ensure that the right to bare arms stayed in effect. They were supposed to prohibit the sale of firearms through the mail like Lee had purchased. Go figure that two years after all this a reporter was able to purchase a gun through the mail with the name LH Oswald. This is our world. This is our reality. All the hopes and dreams of freedom of choice, the elimantion of racism, the prevention of war all gone. You have to ask yourself who benefitted the msot from this assasination. If you believe that LH Oswald was deranged and possibly a Russian spy then the only reason for his death was for his own satisfaction. If you believe that there was a higher power in control at that time then the only people who benefitted from the murder of the American Dream are those elightest who could possibly profit over such an event. In order to word towards  proving such an assumption you would have to look deeper into the records of that time. What stocks were traded in high volumes? Who profitted it the most during this tragedy. Looking for the most obvious answer is just the cowards way out. It is far easier to accept the events as they unfolded. To me it seems that even somebody such as LH Oswald could have dreamed up this whole charade. He was trying to get his family back together. He was young, working hard trying to get both feet on the ground. Why sacrifice all that?

Nothing is ever as it seems. Just like my friend on life support we refuse to believe the obvious. He must be sleeping. It is only a matter of time before he awakes. We knew he was addict but now in the aftermath we are hit with all these truths that threaten to take away the memories that we believed to be true. All the lies all the cover ups come into the forefront that make it hard to see anything else. Flipping through the pages of “The Death of a President” it seems to be that alot of what transpired were just smoke and mirrors. The only people who were truly impacted was the family he left behind and the American people he left behind. Even in death he inspires hope but we have been silenced for so long that we become afraid of our own dreams. Scared to be that voice that is heard over top of so many. It may be easier to accept the truth for how it is written instead of looking for the hidden meanings intertwined within the words. I think about the little girl who lost her father that day. How strong she was at a time when most would have faultered. She stood by her mom’s side and paid her respects to a fallen hero. Her fallen hero, her Dad. To lose the first man she would ever love at such a young age would have been incredibly painful. She managed as her mom did with incredible grace and courage. Even her little brother impressed the mourners as he saluted his Dad one last time. What a time it would have been to experience. There will always be sadness when you are witness to a tragedy. The loss of human life will always have a ripple effect in the futures of all those impacted. Our reality is we can’t escape it. The only thing we have control over is how we handle it. Jackie’s decision not to change until her husband made it home was the last way she could honour her husband. No longer right by his side as she had always been since the beginning of her union. She wore her blood soaked clothes as a tribute and to have all those be witness to what their hate and attitudes have accomplished. She wanted to reach the masses to the core by wearing her grief. She never cried in the public eye. She maintaned her poise and self resilience even though on the outside she was devasted. We altered the course of her life with how we treat each other. We have learned nothing from the tragedy that unfolded that day. As citizens of what some say is the free world we still allow the assasination of those destined for greatness. It is like the fear of success is something we will never understand so it must be killed. Maybe in time as we begin to open our minds and demand to know answers maybe all this will make sense. Maybe it really doesn’t matter as all of our destiny’s are predetermined. Maybe in their passing it allows us the opportunity to correct our course and make the impact the World so desperately needs. Maybe if you close your eyes and listen carefully you can hear the gunshot that rang out at 1:30PM hitting the Commander in Chief killing him in the line of duty that day. Maybe it is those ripples in time that we can learn from to make the future better. For us, for our children for our future. If we keep stagnate in our actions we will never realize our true potential. Search for the hidden meanings even in death as that is the only way we can truly uncover our true destiny.

“At a time when we showed the world our seamy ugly side, she revealed and symbolized our nobler side. We should always be grateful to her.” (Pg 414)

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