Born to be Unique

Most of us only know the lives we are born into. Of course how could we even begin to imagine any other kind of existence. Most characteristics are passed down from generation to generation. As children we mimic what we see and we use that as the basis of all that we are. Take my son for example he is not even 2 but he’s life is fully of dancing, making music, discovering and making these incredible facial expressions that I have never seen before. He is also kind and compassionate. I can see that in how he likes to share and how he recognizes that if I am sad I need a hug. I have long known that our energy is contagious so I have tried very hard to keep his experiences positive. As much as any human being can. My days are spent with him. When the opportunity arose to stay at home with him full time I of course jumped at the opportunity. It wasn’t like he was in daycare (there is nothing wrong with this if this is your choice) he was left in his dads care. We just discovered that if my husband could work and pick up some over time hours that he would make more than me and then some.

Our life growing up was simple. My mother stayed at home and ensured that the house was running as smooth as possible with having 3 girls. Our grandparents lived across the field so there was always family around us. Family was important. This is the life I knew. Family should always be first and your comfort from the rest of the World. We were all close Aunts, Uncles, Cousins. I miss that life. I love that life. But then something else takes hold. In our desire to achieve financial freedom and success things have to be neglected. It seems that now a days the only thing that hasn’t been neglected is ourselves. For those of us not born into financial freedom our lives have taken this turn and not really for the better. When we are unable to juggle all the things that are important to us one thing is so commonly tossed aside. Our relationships with our families. It seems that we know that in the end they will always be there so why bother putting so much energy into it. That energy can be better spent getting another job to make ends meet. Except ends are never met because are spending far exceeds are wants. And here it is the ultimate distraction. The one thing that will keep us all apart. The one thing that allows us to be controlled by what is out in social media. It is far easier to scroll then to pick up the phone and have an intelligent conversation. We have allowed ourselves the ultiamte betrayl. The inability to see the reality that is right in front of us. We work so hard so we can enjoy these minimlistic vacations where we think all we need is beach and a cocktail in order to reset our eternal clocks. Our clocks are never reset because we are always so tightly wound and no amount of vacation can erase that from our memories.

Maybe it is just me that doesn’t have the time. I know in the past I was guilty of working 3 jobs. Tired and exhausted there was no time to be sick because I needed all those hours to just make ends meet. The idea of taking any sort of time off was a joke. The type of jobs I had there were no paid vacation so unless you had a savings accounts (what the heck is that right?) you were just out of luck. What a difference investing in yourself truly makes. I didn’t know what that meant. I lived this concrete jungle lifestyle where the only value I had was those imposed by friends. Let me tell you back then I couldn’t really say that those people were my friends. I was privvy to a conversation on speaker phone between two “friends” that basically said to not invite me on a roadtrip because I was to broke. Back then I did have around $1,000 so I could have made the trip. But the verdict was that because I didn’t have the bank account that they did I was basically only good as a novelty hang out. Obviously this friendship exploded in our faces and the shrapnel can still be felt even all these years.

My exploration into my self has also lead me to a deeper understanding of individuals. I have taken the time to ask myself some tough questions about who I am, what is important to me and how do I make a difference in this ever changing World. The biggest way I think I can help the World for now is in my compassion. I think the most useless phrase in today’s language is, “I completely understand.” Do you? Can you? Did this exact thing happen to you? Unless the exact outline of events has happened then no you will never completely understand. This stems right down from the fact that no two lives are the same. Which means that no two experiences are the same. Our conversations that we have with each other are always interpreted differently. Which leads to the second most annoying phrase of all time, “What do you mean?” There is no relevance to what I mean but in how you interpret it. I think when we start to honour each other for being the individual beings that we are that we will still encounter problems. The biggest problem in the World is our lack of self reflection. Take the leaders we have now. They must know what actions must be taken in order to make the World a better place. Morally there is no way that their compass can be that far off. It’s ignorance in oneself that makes us lash out and try to humuliate each other. Why else would we talk down about somebody else? It’s because right now in this moment we feel a certain way and the only way we know how to feel comfort is to say something that we will soon regret. How man times have you raised your voice then later wish you hadn’t. Or snapped at somebody in the heat of the moment. There is no humour in treating each other ignorantly. Is that how you want to be remembered? Is that how you want your time here on Earth to be remembered. Who cares about what all those around us are doing. Your ability to infect the World with positivity and kindness will come alot easier when you fully understand yourself. Once you come from a place of non judgement then it is safe to come on out.

Even now I see these meme’s insulting that girl who took a stand about the Environment. We are insulting a young girl and generation z because we don’t like the finger being pointed in our direction. Oddly enough have you see any backlash from generation z? Yes they may over use their resources but from their point of view they are just leading by example. They have been sucked into a World that we created for them. They are also still children who are just getting to see the World for the first time. We are terrible guides and terrible leaders. We should be able to take our lumps for what they are. Hear what is being said and embrace our future youth. Now we just look like a bunch of bullies. We have become the type of individuals who would steal candy from a baby! I shudder to think what piece of our moral compass will break off next. I wonder how the people born into priviledge just sit there and do nothing. They don’t need to do anything. They don’t even need to care. They have no idea how hard the middle class bracket has to work. They don’t know what it feels like to be sick and waiting for medical care. They don’t sit up late at night wondering about daycare and whether or not they are going to pay their bills at the end of the month. We need better representation of the middle class in our government. We need somebody who has already walked in our shoes and knows what we need as they have already been there. These assumptions that what we want and what we need to be happy is just their opinions. It’s the easiest thing they can say to pull the wool over our eyes. By keeping us ignorant they no longer have to explain in detail the consequences of their actions. We are simple folk, with simple needs. Pay our bills. Could you imagine a World where we all live comfortably. A fridge full of food, happy children, happy spouse, a great fulfulling job. Can it just be my family paying the ultimate sacrifice? My husbnd works very long hours away from the house but at the ultimate price. This can’t be life the way it is intended. How is it that my husband will spend most of his life working for us to live yet he will never get the chance to experience true living. Why does he have to wait until time fully ravishes his body in order to achieve the freedom to live. There is something so wrong with the way we have it set up. How odd that even when uniting a family that means you spend more time apart? The moral of the storey is…you  never fully know as our lives are destined to be different. That is what makes us unique and special and sets us apart. Embrace your indivduality but be mindful of those around. You attract more bees to honey then you do to vinegar and we all know the World needs more sugar.


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