Domesticly Hunted

There are some cats that you just should never let out of the bag. You know secrets. Well not really secrets but factual knowledge that you aren’t privvy too. Facts that you probably shouldn’t have been searching for but it’s hard not to. Sometimes I wish I could just have bliss living in my own existence but I just love the way that lives get entertwined and how some memories you may never let go. This post is definetly about the terror that woman have to endure because that is just who we are that is what we do. We tell ourselves are hearts are broken and we can’t bare to be alone. So what’s the logical next step bed a guy that is so below your standards your own self worth takes a nose dive. The way some people behave in relationships is just so disgusting. I mean take what happened to my friend, hunted in her own home. Like he literally hunted her like prey waiting for the perfect time. Playing cat and mouse with her. These tormentors, these abusers they are all one and the same. The prey on the weakest of us. Who value our own self by the love that we receive. We don’t even realize that the best love of all is the one we give ourselves. Like have standards. I will have to share some of these stories one day but they all range. The basics are always if they talk down to you, run away. Never ever look back there are people who will treat you right. Just love yourself. Seriously trust me. Put value in yourself and don’t lower your worth. Take a sweep, take the trash out c’est la vie.

After my article yesterday I had to find out more. I needed to know just how she went from being my beautiful friend to murdered. Some of the facts I got wrong. The article I remember reading was in the Province so it had more than one case of violence in it.  But my friend was beautiful. From what I kind tell kind of quirky prob not the most popular in high school but neither were we. She was still a virgin but was eager to find a boyfriend. Meeting her was the first time I had ever been into a Value Village. Must have been in 2000 right before Halloween. We decided we wanted to brightly colored disco ladies. It really made no sense lol I have a  picture but for now I have misplaced them. I think I may have thrown them out thinking they were something else. Maybe she doesn’t want that picture to be seen. I am ok with whatever. I am just finding peace in writing about her. Remembering her again is bittersweet. I sure wish we recognized when she went boy crazy. That’s when those rougher type of guys got involved. They were giving her the attention she wanted. They told her what she needed to hear. It was just an act. They saw a weak girl and took advantage of her. They totally hunted her from the start. Where they lived was just down from Upper College Heights but not school property. They had to walk through our street to get to their houses. There was a park or something down in the middle. Whatever the way they were just looking for just that one type of chick. The subserveant. You know looking back I can’t tell you other than that she was withdrawn. She may have been given drugs then but I just remember hating that crowd.

I do remember hearing that she got pregnant and she just left. I am not even sure if the guy she was seeing was the one that got her pregnant and for this storey it doesn’t matter. Being alone and pregnant just made her into the biggest target. She was wounded and the first angry asshole that happened apon her was going to rip her apart. They lived in a trailer and the abuse was just a constant in the house. He demanded her for sex, belittled her, just treated her like absolute garbage. What a total pig!! When the baby was born it did as babies do and the abuse turned on the child. In fact 3 days before the murder of my friend the babies arm was broken. He was removed from their care. What this POS did was hunted her in her own house. He plotted for months on how he was going to kill not only her but her baby. How do we even know this. Well he bragged to the courts after his verdict was read. After he was going to serve 8 years he laughed in the courts faces. He had the audacity to say all that and more. He admitted to having a trial run before hand. When one night he was just over her existence he choked her out. Then decided he wanted to do it in a more ellobrate way so he let her live. How does not feel anything but anger for this whole system!

Have to tell you! I looked up his facebook status. I had to. I needed to see what the devil looked like. I had to see the garbage that looked into my sweet friends eyes as he took her last breath away. Her life is over and he is out of jail. He has a girlfriend, a job, a new son. He has the life that my friend deserved to have. All she really wanted was to be loved. She wanted to be a mom to her son. She wanted to watch him grow up. She wanted all the things and now because of this one man who could have picked anybody out of a room he chose her. What a terrifying feeling to watch somebody you thought loved you kill you. That is your last thought, your last impression. I wonder if tehre would ever be a punishment that will make my heart stop from boiling. There is only one. The idea of capital punishment makes it to swift, to quick. The only thing that seems fighting is a tattoo of their victim over their heart. That way it serves two purposes one so he is constantly reminded of the horrific thing he did and two it will warn other ladies that this guy is a killer.

There’s more. This guy is out in jail and he still just as ignorant as before. Talking about blowing places up, degrading comments to and about woman. He is very uneducated and clearly has zero decent judgement in regards to anything. Why did we let this killer out? He was of course known to torture and kill animals as a child. He shows all the signs of being a serial killer in fact here’s a disturbing sequence of posts on his timeline. Where he lives and works is on that Highway of Tears. That is the highway where the most woman go missing every year. They just vanish. This guy had a sequence of posts that was very disturbing. He posted a picture of a blonde missing girl and updated his status to be “I got work boots she got her wings”. Women are disposable objects to this creep. I wish I could go to his town and post photos of my friend to remind him of what a trash bag he really is. He thinks he is so cool making tons of cash on the pipeline. He has zero class, and he is a disgrace to all men. I just hate the fact that he is living the life she wanted and becaues of his she can’t. Something ain’t right. That guy doesn’t deserve to walk amongst us. He is just another reason why we are just giving up in trying. But here is where we can make a difference. Let’s support our sisters and give them save spaces. Open your hearts and your homes and listen to their voices. When a woman is abused it quite possibly the most embarassing thing in the World to us. We brag to our friends about how he is the one and he is all this and he is all that and BAM!! Light Switch!!! The first time it happens but your eyebrows up like I know you just didn’t!!! Turn on your heel and get out of there. There are a million better boo’s out there trust me. The only time you are wasting on the time you are wasting on yourself. Let’s stop letting these assholes hunt us and peg us off like targets. We will call them out when they are sh*tty because no being is worth been treated like that. Solidary sisters!!! I got you xoxoxox

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