To Think Freely or To Freely Think

What I find the most interesting about Domestic Abuse month is that it was formed in 1981. It is a coalition of battered individuals, women and men who came together to offer a safe place. There are over 1 million abused both women and men and this number will continue to grow. Most instances of abuse happen in front of their children who in turn will grow up to be little monsters themselves.  Our children become who we are and what they see. I am all for gender equality and fluidity but I am not sure how I feel it being directed into our children, especially those under the age of 5. It is without a doubt the most confusing time to be alive. We no longer care to do things out of of the goodness of our heart. We are motivated by fear. Fear of each other but most all fear of ourselves. For most of us we are unable to master the ability of free thinking. The World is designed to make us believe that we have it but do we?

I love thinking about the simpler days when we worked to provide for ourselves and filled our days with tasks meant to sustain our survival. The work was hard but the pay was rewarding. Even in times of intense financial distress neighbours still came together. Maybe at times guarded but there was always a welcoming gesture to invite one for dinner. There were no restaurants to numb or senses to tell us if we were happy or not. Our presence no longer enough as we compare ourselves to the table next to us. Is that Prada? Look at her ring? Why doesn’t my husband look at me like that. Our whole day is designed to remind of us of the lives we don’t have. We have this misguided notion if we keep working, and keep paying our taxes maybe it will all come together right?

Considering how Facebook claims to have started as a way to keep collegeaues together. That would imply that it would be a platform to encourage creative free thinking. To me if it was designed to be used as a tool to bring us together in my eyes it seems to be one of the worst spying tool ever. We are shoved so far everybody else’s asses that we no longer care what we actually think. We can research anybody we want. We can see who their friends are and what people are doing and we can use it as a way to try in infect that person’s social circle. As you might be able to tell I have zero to lil faith in humanity now. We let our murderers stroll the street in just under 5 years. Here in Canada you can plan a murder in cold blood and be out in enough time for your next birthday. Our system here is a joke. There is no consequences for our actions and people are starting to act accordingly. Does anybody else remember the German tourist who got shot in the temple while driving to Banff? What about the crazy gent who cut off his seat mates head on our Greyhound system. Let’s not forget that he took a bite out of that guy’s flesh. We also had a college student enter a party and kill 5 of his classmates. The moral of this storey. They are all out and free to walk around while the families of the victims mourn the loss of their family member. That is a slap in the face to somebody who loved somebody. The faith that we all have in a system is fastly fading away. Do you know what happens when a country no longer believes in their leaders. Complete anarchy.

I saw on social media that yet another Semi Driver took another life to soon. The repercussions for such a thing. A slap on the wrist. We no longer have a value on human life. Maybe because most of us live so far removed from the 10 commandments that searved as a beacon to us all.

“I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any strange gods before Me.

“Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”

“Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.”

“Honor thy father and mother.”

“Thou shalt not kill.”

“Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

“Thou shalt not steal.”

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.”

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.”

Yes I know. Here is where you turn and say but I am not religious. I don’t believe in God. He would never allow the World to become what it has. I am not asking you to believe in God but maybe what one needs to do is read the 10 commandments with your ownself being that divinity. Within all of us is the power to serve right from wrong. We have the power to make our days and those around us better. The first commandment could read, “I have faith in who I am in and it is in that faith that I will hold true.” When we start to conform to the way other people behave and act we create a cessepool of numbness where we all become sheep instead of the shepherd. When a wolf enters the safety proximity that we have laid out for us we have no idea what to do or how to act. We have lost the power in being true to ourselves when we become one of the sheep. “Take the Lords name in vain.” If you consider yourself to be an infinite power than you won’t engage in negative conversation or behaviour about yourself. We can only see ourselves as the less than perfect being that we are. We define ourselves by the way we look. That is what society tells us now. You have to be perfect. But perfect for who? When you begin to gravitate less towards your outward appearance and more towards the substancial power we all harness within in ourselves you can see in time who will proove to be most successful. It is the gentle nature in which the heart desires to comfort those around us that will change the world in the way it so desperately needs.

We should all have a Sabbath day where we are able to recharge and free ourselves from the negative connotations of the World. Self reflection is the only way we can ever hope to free ourselves from our internal struggle. We have to gain insight from the past and be humble to those that lived before us. Time has changed but life has not. Our purpose to being has enver waivered. That is the true constant in the hands of time. The way we behave now is alarming. Everything that we do is designed to stimulate those around us. Why not try and stimulate your own mind. Engage in an activity that encourages the use of your own mind. Say for example their is life after death. What if we are reincarnated in a form that is chosen to us based on the behaviour we engaged in on this life? Are you happy with the way you have handled certain people are situations? This is where the power of meditation comes in. Meditation as a tool to self reflect requires you and your mind. That the opinion of anybody else’s only yours. I get what we don’t know what is next in our storey but if you believe in the Buddha mindset then you must believe that this is only a small stop on our journey.

The other commandments are just guiding us in the direction of what is righteous behaviour. How can we expect our youths to honour they mother and father when most are being brought up in broken homes. They witness one or the other being abused either mentally or physically or both. They do end up becoming what they see. As their parents we really can do no wrong in their eyes until they start to realize that their behaviour at home isn’t normal. That is when they begin to lash out or draw themselves in. Anyhow when their are memes out their insulting children that goes to tell you just how stunted as a nation we are. Nobody is off limits in our game of hate and belittlement. Everybody is fair game, including our youth. I have already addressed the killing part. You shouldn’t kill but if you do don’t worry. Just tell us you were experiencing a involuntary moment of insanity and it will be ok. How does one address the wanton disregard we have for own sexuality. Brothels, Strip Clubs and Prostitues all serve one thing…they address the freakish way we regard sexual encounters in todays World. We are so desensitized to the art of making love.  We forget that whole point of sex is to open our senses to a deeper understanding of each other. As we lay naked beside our partner it is supposed to help deepen our bond with each other and intensify the nature of the family in ways that the World can only imagine. We have no perfect examples of what a real family should look like. It is not about having the woman at home and the man at work. It should be about two people coming together in unity to not only provide a life partner too but to aslo keep them going when they feel weak. We no longer establish this bond with our partners. We are so quick to dispose of what we have in the attempt to find something better. How can we ever explore who we are or what our families could be if we keep changing that dynamic?

We are all guilty of stealing. You can all say oh no not me but I know that each and every one of you has downloaded a picture, meme, saying, poem, song and have used it without acknowledging who the true owner is. Everything starts off with good intentions but soon like a cancer it takes over and control our minds and body and makes us do things we normally wouldn’t even have indulged in. The greatest thing that is stolen is the concept of individual time. We have all been brought together with the sole purpose of gaining information in order to use it to our advantage. How many of us have gone for drinks or coffee only to ask ourselves what is the point? Some people just need to have their nose in others business. It is more for the picture opportunity or the hopes of gossiping that brings some together. Like I have said before I am careful with who I spend time with. I have a huge family that looks up to me so in the effort of not to devalueize them I always consider whether the activity I engage in will benefit us all.

The last three about neighbour is just a simple idealization of how we should interact with each other. We should never falsely represent who we are in order to gain attention. Just like we should respect the boundaries of marriage. So many people engage in adulterous affairs as they see sex as being the ultimate life’s gift. These people only care about their own personal self gratification and it would be selfless to thing that they would be able to put anybody’s needs ahead of their own. When one cheats on their partner they cheat on their whole family.  I could go on about this self destructive behaviour that we engange in thinking that our own self worth is the only thing that matters. The reality is we have not even put a value on oneself so we walk aimlessly doing what only pleases us outwardly. We have surpressed that voice inside of us that tells us right from wrong. Our behaviour will keep on becoming more and more grotesque as the desensitivity starts earlier and earlier. In our efforst to advance ourselves technology we have surpressed our ability to feel compassion and love to our fellow man. Again I question how some value themselves higher than one another. We were all granted this beautiful time in space called life. We should desire to help our fellow man find their inner peace instead of encouraging more ruthless and self destructive behaviour. How many can look in the mirror and reflect on your day. Are you happy with who you see in the mirror or are you just a fraction of the person you were born to be? Can you change the course of your life if it meant you could live freely or will you live freely now in order to become a prisoner in your own mind as you age? Only you know the direction you are on and only you can make those changes. Be that change. Have that courage. Your life, your world, your family is worth it.


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  1. treyimsure says:

    I really like the read about domestic violence cause it hits home right NOW…. thx


    1. Are you ok? If you ever need somebody I am here ❤


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