Political Turmoil

You know I was driving to violin just getting lost in my thoughts. I thought back to Thanksgiving and how just for informational purposes I was asking my father in law about what he thought about the candidates running. We chatted but he told me he hated talking politics. It seems we all hate to talk politics. But I wonder why? We are normally so opiniated in all our thoughts but ask somebody how they think about our political candidates and their platform and people start dropping off like flies. Like we should value the insight and views of each others thinking. We are helping form a Nation but we would rather keep our opinions to ourselves. And then when some venture to express the way they feel about particular candidates well we have all been “unfriended” from a political meme that was only shared out of humour to start this incredible outrageous fight. We are all citizens of Canada and here comes a very important topic about who is going to best represent us yet we can’t even engage in civilized conversations. I guess how can we be civilized when the only ones who keep speaking up only show their complete ignorance to their fellow man. That woman who screamed, “Let’s eat all the babies!” (or whatever crazed lunancy she spoke of). Or the guy who demanded the NDP leader take off his turban. Than only to do so in what appears to be a blatant attempt at mocking our current leader. It all seems like a whole bunch of trivial garbage doesn’t it. Our country is being lead like a high school playground. With a setting like this how can we ever be taken seriously as a Nation.
Freedom of speech should mean more to all of us. I genuinely wanted to know who drove people to vote towards a political party. I cre about their platforms but I also care about how we in our community feel about the candidates that are running. Isn’t that important? Yes sum of them can pull the wool over our eyes but they can’t fool aus all can they? To me that is an important way on which to determine the validity of the person who is going to dictate our futures for the the next four years. I say dictate beacause look at what happens to some when they have all that power. We don’t have to look no further than our neighbours in the South. What is even happening down there anyways? I have always like the business savy of Trump. I just hate the way he demeans all women and seems content in keeping them as sexual objects than anything worth any value. My concern growns when people hate talking about politics out of fear and anger that others might feel towars them. If you don’t believe in your own core values and that they align with the candidate you are voting for don’t you think that maybe there might be something wrong? If we aren’t even convinced ourselves that the platform we are voting for is the best thing for our country then wouldn’t you want to hash it out with somebody else to gain their insight? We are all these beautiful humans free to form our own thoughts but when it matters most we shy away and do virtually nothing at all. A vote means nothing if you don’t have the testiticular fortitude to back it up. We all want these quick solutions to healthcare, the deficit, our natural resources, our homeless problem. Maybe these solutions aren’t quick. Maybe it is going to take more than one man or one woman to lead us through this period of time. Maybe the end all reality is most of us don’t care beause it doesn’t directly affect us. If we were to take more time to understand the compassionate side in us then maybe we would be able to see the blatant disregard that some of these leaders have for us.
No matter what anybody believes or supports it should never compromise the freedom that allows you to just be. Yes some of our forefathers engaged in some pretty racist things. And yes maybe just maybe no matter how hard we try we can never really make up for the wrongs that have occurred in history. These were decisions made by the leaders of the time. Maybe there were people who said so and were executed. Maybe they spoke and were exhiled. We don’t know the exact details. We only have the pieces left to pick up. Our reality is we treated humans like disposable waste when it suited us. We as a Nation not as individuals. We took children away from families during periods of war. We slaughtered those that inhabitated the land way before the first settlers came. And what have we learned nothing. The people who have a chance to make a brighter future for us all don’t even use their voices to make a change. We have suppressed so many for so many years and even made it so that they don’t even want to talk to family and friends about their own beliefs. It is your beliefs you should be willing to stand up and fight for it. At least that is what history says we did.
I wonder what it would take for all humans to have basic civil rights. Isn’t that truly what should be the essence of every person in power. The love and compassion for the people they serve. It shouldn’t be all about money or trips or power. It should be how can I best make this place a better place. How can all life co-exist in one stunning cohesive blend of harmony. How can we stop the errors of our ways by allowing certain demographics to grow up in isolation. Basic human rights and compassion should never be brought into debate. It never ceases to amaze me how it is these old 60 year old men who want to dictate what right we have over our bodies. The idea that a young woman loses the power to have an unwanted pregnancy terminated because the bible states it is wrong. But did the bible actually state that if a young woman was raped say by her father that she should have to birth that child. What horrific crime did this woman committ to have to stare in the eyes of her abuser for the rest of her life. She will have her insides torn out both loving and ating that lil being inside of her. I hate the idea that abortion is being used as a form of birth control. But who are we to dictate the lives of individuals. That isn’t fare that isn’t right. We don’t need to be in a position of power to know that a woman at least deserves some control. Especially when it comes to rape. We are teaching these girls that they in fact have no control. No control over their sex lives and no control over their offspring. These basic human rights shouldn’t be used in political debates. Anybody who thinks that they should be able to control the outcome of anothers human body is insane. The only time that people need controlled is when they are those very demons I speak of. The ones who use force and violence to take what they want. They leave these permenant scars and the victims families that they leave behind and they get off with nothing more than a few years of reflection. Harbouring more anger and hate to unleash on the World.
So when it comes to deciding on who it is I should vote for I really do appreciate the insights of those who wish to share. In my eyes there truly are no good candidates. The promises being made are surely those things that they can’t keep. I am curious to see who we think is the lesser of all these evils. There are weaknesses and strenght from all areas but without being able to engage in civil conversations I have to make my own decision. Sometimes too you have to just try and minimize the impact that one party will have if they garnish too much control. I hope the next 4 years we see some positive changes but I think for sure we are setting ourselves for another bout of political turmoil. The last four years we have been the butt end of jokes because it appears that we now vote on looks vs the impact they will have in office. I would love to know the opinions that others have. All I seem to focus on is one of our leaders likes to overspend for his own personal gratification. Another thinks it is his time to show off his body and looks in a Jason Momoa pose off. There is still a party whose members believe that abortion should be illegal and that gays should have no rights. And maybe my favourite of all is the leader who believes that all robots should be banned and electric cars should take over. I am all for positive change that serve ALL of our citizens. This just seems to be a general circus act made for the amusement of all our foreign neighbours. Why would anybody take Canada seriously when this is our portrayal to the World. Political or not we will remain in a country divided in turmoil until we truly do become the land of the free and listen to those that we share this country with. We all have a voice we shouldn’t be affraid to use it. A country united is truly the only way to live where we can all be happy.

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