My Fairy Tale Storey…

My fairy tale storey or maybe not so much lol All depends on who is narrating the storey and what version it is you want to have unfold. Kindof like those choose your own adventure books. Remember those. You followed a storey line to get kind of attached in order to have you die on the next page. Or you read ahead and try to make the “right” choice. If only we knew back then that there was no such thing as choosing the right thing. No matter what we chose for whatever reason was always the right choice. We might not agree at the time but it is true what they say…have a lil faith and watch your storey tell itself. If you succomb to what some believe to be magic. I say to have a lil faith maybe just maybe your dreams do become your reality and here let me tell you why.

Before my husband I was never treated like a lady by anyone. I mean I had that toothless wonder guy who only wanted to insult his ex, the guy with the hair who tried to tell me how the cop writing him the ticket was the douche, the guy who smashed my window, the guy who picked up another girl in front of me then crawled back to me because she decided she didn’t like him. Liars, cheaters, just all around assholes. I was the Queen of the one hit wonders. I wasn’t sleeping with them. Meh gross!!! I was simply dabling and throwing them all back cuz at 37 I still dreamed of a happy ending. I heard stories of it happening. You know meeting somebody and hitting it off and it just always seemed like it was happening to somebody else.  The dating pool is non existent. At least for me at m age it was impossible to find somebody genuine. My husband seemed to be very honest and up front. What you see is what you get. It is hard not to be attracted to somebody like that. He laid it all out at once. I even think I said like WTH maybe hold something back. At least that is what my mom told me to do and there he was telling me EVERYTHING!! I could see his point now after. Why sit there investing all this time hiding the very essence of what makes you you. Lay it all out front on the line first thing. Let people know ahead of time. Maybe he didn’t use those exact words but there it was. Simply said. I guess there were alot of girls that he dated that after they heard his storey they were like no thanks see you later kind of thing. It’s seriously super hard not to like him for his honesty.

Another reason was the way he treated his mother. He was always on his way to his moms house or from his moms house and I liked the idea of him having a good relationship with his mom. Knowing what I know about having  son I would want my son to treat me with love always. I always heard you judge a good guy on how he treats his momma. He is pretty wild and rambunctious like he never grew up. I am talking about my husband not my son. He acts like a teen and to be honest isn’t that a good quality too. He still has a free spirit that is inside him and how can you not love a man for that. He works super hard to provide for all of us. And by all of us we ahve some many great animals residing with us. And we love them all.  ALL of them. I do feel like Snow White with all my pets and plants I have on the go. And my beautiful boy. I also get to travel and enter Pin-up contests and have fun celebrating sisterhood so I wanted to pass my fairytale fortune onto all of you. Well as much as I can to some degree.

What I want to do is infect the World with Love and Kindness and I want to do it in the following ways. I have been celebrating #WCW  or #WOMANCRUSHWEDNESDAY on my Facebook page: I want to take it one step further and encourage all of you sisters and celebrate each other. What I am looking for is to hear who you would choose and why. If you are the person nominating somebody you will get one ticket, if you are the nominee you will get two tickets and if you are submitted for my #WCW you will win 3 tickets. Tickets will go with just your name and will be entered into a draw for a monthly winner. The monthly winner will get a lil gift and a thank you for being awesome card for me. All the previous winners will be entered into a draw for Nov. Contest starts now and prizes to be announced at a later date. I just want to celebrate each other and encourage each other to be nice. You know?

Plus I am working on a new mental health awareness campaign. I travel alot to different events so I want to reach out to others who maybe suffering or hurting. That’s the thing with mental illness. It makes us feel that we are not good enough. That we have to hide in the shadows in order not to embarass anyone. It is ok to take a deep breath and relax. You don’t have to carry the whole weight of the World. I have strong shoulders let me carry some of the weight for you. I am working on getting a PO Box # so when I am travelling all over the place I can leave my card. A lil reminder that somebody cares. On one side my mailing address if they need a friendly pen pal and on the other side the phone number for the National Suicide Awareness line. I am the face of depression and anxiety. At times too I have to take medication to help me sleep. It doesn’t mean that I only smile because of the drugs I am taking. I smile because I put a alot of hard work getting to know me. I still have bad days just ask my friends. The Dolls that I meet provide a great source of support for me. I guess I am saying I am all ears for those who don’t know me. Maybe taking to a stranger will help with whatever you are struggling with. We are all beautiful works of art in the making. Sometimes it takes stillness in the dawn in order for your true potential to be unveiled. It is ok to not have all the answers right away but know that your storey is destined to unfold as it should.

The ache I have in my heart comes from those friends that I failed. I have a few friends that were always there for me but in the end I failed them. That hurts the heart most. Kindof like falling off a cliff when you just miss your friends fingertips. For a brief moment your tips touch as the look of fear registers on both your faces. Getting smaller and smaller till like a speck of dust you disappear. That’s how I feel knowing I failed them. Like the only path that makes sense is the one that would have healed them in the first place. I know there is a few of us who feel alone in our madness. We drive ourselves crazy obsessing over the what haves or the what is.  Maybe we just need to teach ourselves that what truly matters is what exists in this present time. I want to celebrate friendship by using the tools and platforms we are all familiar with. I am going to purchase from businesses to support my friends so the gifts are going to be super fun and appropriate to my taste and style. So tell everybody who needs to hear it but I want to celebrate us for how amazing we are!!!

Fairy tales exist for all of us we just have to resist the urge to keep rewriting our destiny. The tale is always the same. At least what lies within the centre of our each individual core.  Like dating the wrong guys. Nothing ever went right. It was the Universe saying are you kidding right now. Get away from that guy. When you meet the right guy things just fall into place. Yes I have given my husband a pretty hard day before but I have really been looking at him in a new light. He does work incredibly hard and I wasn’t supporting him. I remember thinking like 5 years ago I would do anything to have a family and here I had one and I was giving him a hard time of working too much. Well my mood towards him changed. I started being very aware of keeping a clean house and sending him off with freshly baked food and goodies etc. I needed to fill him up on love like I have been doing with everything else in my life. I take care of our son no questions asked because I just am greatful for the family I have been blessed with. Now my health might finally be at a great place and we might be ready to try for baby #2. We are finally in a pretty cool place for the first time ever. Life feels like this beautiful storey that for the first time in my life I can’t believe I am the starring character. Everything that I have every dreamed of is coming true. And it all started with love and a little faith that every once in a while happy endings do happen, at least that is when my did, right when I least expected it. And all with a blink of an eye.

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