Living in Your Own Image

Most of aimessly spend our lives looking for purpose or some sort of fulfilment that will stimulate the heart for even a second. The rarity of living your life in your own true image is something fleeting from our mindset. Every thing we do we are being conditioned on how we feel and how to act. We look to our leaders for guidance but in this day and age even our leaders are those that we shouldn’t be taking any guidance from. Or should we? Right now in the media we are all quick to critisize Trump once again gor doing what those before hi deemed impossible. It is funny how he was able to get results when he wasn’t worried about his back pockets being lined. It is crazy to see the goals and visions of one man coming into fruition when we are so used to being mediocre. I wonder how much of our hatred is actually jealousy that one man as vile as he is has manifested his own destiny. Your hate will never deter the fact that he was (is I am not sure nor does it matter in mind) a billionaire, he dated and married models, his kids are driven and he is now the President of the United States. Throw in the fact that he managed to locate the leader of Isis…well he so far has been true to his word.

Now he is getting so much hatred for wanting to air the Bagdadhi’s death. This man has been on the run for how long? Plotting and devising missions of hate and torture. Polluting the airways with vicious beheadings of the people we love. Sometimes you do have to conform to the culture in order to get the results. It is not so much for the citizens of the countries that he took innocentpeople from it is standing up to a nation that has been using the rest of the Worlds citizens as disposable ragdolls. That is in fact how we are looked apon. Westernized people are looked at a way to get into the heavens. Not even the West everybody on this Earth was to be used in the relentlessly quest to get into heaven. The moment when his time is up should be aired. Instead of him rejoicing in his capture as one who is about to die should do knowing that the journey into the afterlife will reward him for his actions. Instead he ran in fear and in the words of Trump “The thug who tried so hard to intimidate others spent his last moments in utter fear, in total panic and dread, terrified of the American forces bearing down on him.” Why would he have so much fear if he believed that what he was doing this whole time was right? Bizarre isn’t it. Those that believe with their whole heart that what they are doing is blessed by the hands of god they will show no fear as their final minutes weigh in. There is so many points to have mentioned in the article. Here is the one that I have gathered most of my input from The news inside mentions that it took two hours for this stand off to come into fruition and that only his three children that he dragged into the tunnel with him were detonated with the blast. Finally after almost a decade of chasing the Americans have finally brought what they promised and hopefully they can all return home.

Jealousy is the ony way to explain the hate that we hold towards Trump. He may be one of the only people on the Earth that is not afraid of living in his true image. He is always one to back himself up on his word and you can best believe he is always talking to what he believes to be true. How can you hate a man that has had 1,500 pedophiles locked up since he took office? Once again he is fighting the demons but this time it is on home soil. He is the only one that decided enough is enough. Our children were no longer going to be victimized by these older (mostly established) men. Who ever could have imagined that the Epstein capture would have unfolded the way it did. Trump does seem to be the only one that understands the depraivity of the issue. He saw a bunch of well off old white men molesting young girls and instead looking past it he said you know what guys. Y’all are pretty messed up and it’s time that you all stop running around like you are entitled. Mind you now that I said it I kind of think that maybe the take down was designed for him to gain in popularity but either way how can you hate a man that is going to fight for our children in that way? I can’t. These are pretty powerful people that can make us disappear. Compare the facts. Trump found out certain “men” were pedophiles he arrested the one and put the others on blast. That is a man who cares about his people. The Queen on the other hand found out her brother was a pedophile. Oh here Prince Andrew here’s millions of dollars go live in exhile free to continue engaging in the ultimate sin. The rape of innocence.

So here it is the main source of everybody’s hate for Trump. The Great US Wall. Here is my interpretation of all of this. Yes South America is in dire straits right now as violence, drugs and who knows what else takes over their streets. I agree with the citizens of South America in the desire for stability and the chance of a great life. We are all worthy of that. They all deserve that chance. Free to live and love and grow in a country of opportunity. I understand that. That is what populated these countries for centuries. BUT and it is a huge but. I can also see it from Trump’s stand point. As a great leader you do need to have some sort of record of the people inhabitating your country. Records are important for lots of reasons. A perfect example is when we are trying to find our lineage. It is important for us to know our own personal history. There is also the need for kknowing the demographics of the citizens that inhabit your country. How can you budget for adequete schooling, health care, food etc if you have no idea. Also everybody should e partaking in the bettering of America. The only way to do that is to pay your taxes. As much as we hate taxes they are important to keep up the country that we are all living in.  The only benefit of South America fleeing into America is they receive salvation. There is way more negatives to them being here. Unfortunately I would have to agree that the best way to gain entry into the States is to apply and go about it legally. Wouldn’t you rather come into a country the right way then to start off by breaking their laws. Borders are supposed to protect us and the first thing you do apon entering the country is basically take a big giant dump on their constitution. I can see why he would be a little mad. Of course he would have to seperate the children from the parents because when you are faced with such a wanton disregard for that country’s laws you have to ask who are these people trying to enter and why. Have you also forgot that there is a huge fentanyl epidemic. I don’t mean to point fingers but one of those “innocent” border crosses you defend could have been carrying that lethat drug that cause somebody you know to overdose. I am just trying to encourage you all to open your own eyes and make your own judgements. Everything isn’t as it seems. We just don’t want to take notice because it is alot easier to sit quiet then it is to demand change.

So yes I do want to hate Trump but there is something inside me that can’t. Yes he is a male chauvinistic pic but so are 90% of the men out there. Have you listened to the way some of these men talk. Try something if you don’t believe me. Go on any dating app and strike up a conversation with any man. Once he asks you on a date politically decline and watch how fast this innocent man you just met turns into a complete physchopath. Why do we hate Trump so much for being the average male and in some cases female? At least he has always been consistent with his level of unprofessional flaire but unless we are ready to start calling out every male that has subjectified a female since existence let’s just chalk it up to him being a pig. We have all experienced them.  Most men in a position of power will push the boundaries to see just how far they can go. Is it right. Probably not but do you know what is worse? Watching the deplorable acts of those around us and doing nothing. There is no right answer on how to lead a country but he I believe is trying his best. I think he doesn’t ahve alot of supporters because it is easier to control a nation when you have a divided front. Don’t ask how that is but right now it is the media that is controlling the strings. The only thing we believe is what is being dictated to us. We are afraid of living in our true image out of fear of being ridiculed. We see it everyday from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. The news has become a platform for discontent and a public place to air our grievances. Hopefully in time the tides will change as we learn to embrace our being. As much as we hate the leader of the US we can at least admire his tenacious nature and the fact that he truly does live in his own image.

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