Defective or Just Human?or other misguided life attempts…

If the shortest distance between two friends is a smile what is the furthest distance between enemies? The unknown? Search the deepest darkest parts of your brain. That corner that talks to us and tells us that we are not good enough. Sometimes this happens. To others our internal dialogue is a safe uplifting place….

My Fairy Tale Storey…

Everything that I have every dreamed of is coming true. And it all started with love and a little faith that every once in a while happy endings do happen, at least that is when my did, right when I least expected it. And all with a blink of an eye.

Magnificent Malicifent Or Just The Way You Are

So it’s happened. The final barrier I had that was keeping me from the outside world…well it’s gone. For as long as I can remember I have been in physcial pain. First it was night grinding, then it was a bf breaking my jaw, then root canals. Let me tell you my left side of…

Mentally Ill or Aware…

In about an hour I am going in for day surgery. Surgery to remove the back three molars that have been causing me pain for as long as I can remember. I spent nights awake with my face comforted with ice. I would take any anti-inflammatories, pain killers, even antibiotics to try and numb the…

The Failing of a Young Life

Let’s assume for a minute we are the ones who happen apon a loved ones body. How would we feel? Could we ever recover? Would our vision on how we see the world forever be tainted or would there still be a chance. A chance for us to seek redemtption in the eyes of our…

Political Turmoil

This just seems to be a general circus act made for the amusement of all our foreign neighbours. Why would anybody take Canada seriously when this is our portrayal to the World. Political or not we will remain in a country divided in turmoil until we truly do become the land of the free and listen to those that we share this country with. We all have a voice we shouldn’t be affraid to use it. A country united is truly the only way to live where we can all be happy.

Blindly Ignorant

Our children can never live as free as they used to. Social norms, media and technology will never allow for that to happen again. Children just aren’t given enough time to enjoy being kids. It’s like we want that period of our lives to be over faster. We want to act like we know more than everybody around us even though or time on Earth is a mere fraction of our potential.

Boundaries and the Boundaryless

This is actually harder. To admit the end of a friendship that you held on to for dear life. She was my life line that I needed but in order to continue down this balanced path I have to say enough is enough. Friends should celebrate all of your successes. She hasn’t celebrated any of mine for years. I will miss our chats the most.

Beautifully Unique

At least while we are still breathing we can change that directional course. We can dare to be different, to be unique. To dare to walk down a path less trodden. To be beautifully unique in your own simplicity. To just be free to be.

Thankfully Thankless

Instead of being thankfully thankless maybe I am just really thankful. Thankful for the prommise of new beginning and new tomorrows and the great storey still waiting to be told.