Destined to Live Differently

There is no right or wrong way to live your life. Unless of course you are unhappy and unsatisfied then you are probably living your life a little bit differently then you were destined to do. There is only one way to know fo sure if you are living in the divine light of your destiny or if your suppressing your being. Holding him or her hostage never to see the light of day. We live with these misconceived notions that following the pack makes life easier. This may be true but it sure doesn’t make life enjoyable. We always want what we don’t have and we usually always have what we don’t want. We as a species are never happy. Perfectly discontent with our discontent living in the shadows of shattered dreams. We think that if only we fit in then maybe our lives will become easier. We would sell our soul to the devil if we thought salvation would be that easy.  We live in fear and forget that the only one with all the answers lays in wait inside of us. To scared to let our prisoner free out of fear of what the rest of the world will do or see. You see I have long since come to realize that maybe my suffering comes from a place out of discontent and not fear. Maybe my destiny is to live my ife a little bit differently to help others be their light.

For as long as I can remember I have always been shy. In larger groups of people I will shy away. I am the one that makes those ackward jokes trying to get everybody else to laugh. I do believe the shortest distance between any two people is definetly the smile. Hence my obsession with reading the lives of others who lived before me. Maybe it is written somewhere in their journey how they come to be and how they found success in their own lives. The message throughout time is not to be scared to live your life differently. It is ok to use your voice to stand up for yourself and the underdog. In fact maybe that is part of my destiny. I can get a good read on anybody. I know just how to find that one person in the room that needs me and like an orbitational pull I get sucked in. This is where I tend to lose a little bit of myself and become the other person. Emotions are hard. They run thick and they control the part of us that so easily loses control. They taint our mind and thoughts in order to protect us to serve as survival when the rest of the World seems to be crashing around us. Thoughts can be irrational and last for as long as we entertain the ride to be. Here in the vortex that is spinning out of control is where I find my emotions get the bes of me. I become that emotion swirling around the room trying to grasp for anything to get a hold on. What used to take days for me to recover from only last for as long as I keep my thought there. Sometimes the best you can do is still your mind and focus on the silence. The inner peace inside of you that serves as your true north.

When I am thinking of ways to heal my heart it always boils down to having the capacity to heal others. Good fortune doesn’t exist unless you share your wealth with others. I don’t just mean financial gains I mean everything that encompasses us and makes us who we are. If you feel good about yourself share it. Why should any one feeling be monopolized by any one else. Happiness is far better share and I will spend the rest of my days trying to share in that because that is what makes life worth living. That and of course love. Combine those two forces together and there is nothing on Earth that can stop you. Imagine if more of us stood and just lived the lives we were destined too. Free of all this crazy ridicule and hate. Just free to exist in that image that makes our heart sing with joy. Whatever that image is. Free of prejudice. Free of hate. We love to speak of the past and the wrongs our forefathers have done. Forgive me for saying this but have any of you taken one of these victims and just hugged them in your arms. Did you ever wonder what true love and compassion could do when it came to healing the World. For most of us we don’t. We see the end result. Money. We have let money rule the world for far too long. There’s no love. No compassion we throw greenbacks at them like it will take away centuries of abuse. Money doesn’t heal your soul when you have nothing else left. Money doesn’t take the deep rooted anger away when you see that even now we have become ever more ignorant than ever. Look at what we do to the beautiful creatures we inhabit the Earth with. We build these concrete jungles in every square inch possible and get angry when these animals invade our space looking for food and a home.

I guess when your path takes you in the opposite direction of the rest of the World you are going to have to learn to live in some sort of misery. The key is to recognize that their is misery but make it so it doesn’t define you. Like a salmon swimming up stream it’s our destiny. No matter how swift the surrent get trying to prevent us from shining in our own light you have to keep trying. You have to use every square inch inside of you just to make it ahead. Knowing that maybe the next current may take you back to wear you started you never stop. You never stop trying to get to where you are going. Your muscles my ache and your heart will break but you are surrounded with those destined to journey down the same path.  It is not the path or the journey that is getting in the way it is my own ego trying to save my from failure. Nobody wants to fail we all want to survive. When dealing with opposition we always want to take the easiest route. That leads to our survival. My realization that my survival comes when we are being nice to each other. When we begin to recognize that although we are all strangers are lives are intertwined together. Like a beautiful aging choir perfected over time or a full bodied merlot locked in the cellar the passing of time and the beauty that lies within only fully is recognized when it is brought to the light. It takes some maybe their whole lives to achieve the perfection that they seek. It is only when they succomb to the imperfections that perfection allows for that inner peace will be achieved. To see the life lived differently down the path that was never shared. To forgive oneself for the direction never took is a skill yet to be mastered. Our mind leaves us powerful to achieve happiness when it is in a constant state of what if.

What if’s don’t matter when it comes to what truly is.  In the moment of what is there is nobody else telling us the direction we must go. It doesn’t matter to them but it surely does matter to us. Does it matter so much if we are the only one down that path? What would happen if that were so? Would it be ok to find youself in a dewey spring meadow surrounded by daffodils and tulips nipping at your knees. The bees and the bluebirds hum overhead as the sun warms the top of your skin. The lil hairs on your arms relax as a deep healing breath soothes you. Here in this meadow where you surround yourself with all of your favourite things. All of them living. All of them vibrantly pulsating with the sensation of life. For a moment you think if only I could communicate this moment with my surroundings. And that is when you realize that you can. With each passing breath you see the swirl of life around you all coming together in a perfectly in sync sympothy. The music is intoxicating and in time you will see somebody waiting to enter at the gate. Waving them in they bring in sounds you have never heard before. Together as you let all the weight of the World of your shoulders you can find a way to connect without using Words. Words is what weihs us to our past and prevents us from truly being free. Yes they are important to serve as a record of time but for many Words have been used to punish. They have been used to taunt and haunt each other through history. Look how we decided to prevent certain people and even our women from being able to read Words. Words have long been used to suppress those we don’t want to understand. So now here in my meadow where there is no usse for words. I will invite those in who need to heal. Those who need to fully understand exactly what it means to live differently. And maybe just maybe they were destined to live too.

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