Through Rose Coloured Glasses

The World as we have become accustomed to is mean and cruel. We live in a World that would far rather hurl insults than take a look deep within. There is no need to truly engage in these types of people. Once you see them for who they truly are you know it is just a matter of time. It is a matter of time before their World comes crumbling down around you. Life as you knew is no longer. The friends and company that you thought you had a far cry from what you have now. It definetly is a deep reflection coming back apon you as cruelty will never be rewarded. There is no space in time for those that are malicious. It is best to move forward and see that particular moment for what it is worth. Just a second in time that you no longer get back. Might as well move forward and make the best of it.

As a mother the biggest challenge is protecting your children from those with ill intention. They come in all shapes and sizes and say whatever they need to say to get their thrills for the day. My close inner circle maybe be very tight but my circle is large enough to enclose those around me with a true heart. I never would wish any ill will or harm onto anybody. I think the biggest tragedy is what they have already imposed on themselves. Their intentions cause the rest of the World to cut them off. It isn’t just me who is affected so seeing their true colours becomes pretty easy. Like a heartbeat our life cycles in waves. Those that ride the waves in and the tide out are those you want to align with. I am very blessed to have so many wonderful, inspiring people in my life both new and old. A true friend will never leave your side no matter how hard you push. They absorb the negative energy that seems to take over you and pray for your salvation. It’s these people in your life that become key. They help serve as a beacon and help guide you the rest of the way home. I have a very dear friend that I can still talk to. I mean we met when we were at least 3 or 4 and now our kids are the same age so it’s that circle of life that lets you know that you are doing ok. There is no better feeling than having a somebody who witnessed your life. All the good, bads and the uglies.

It is never to late to let your guard down and love like it is the first time. In fact it is the first time. The first time in this moment, in this mindset, in this lifetime. Every moment from here on out is an opportunity for something great and to fall in love for the first time all over again.My mind began to open and just out of nowhere I decided to implement the steps. Exploring the recommended books that she suggested I found myself hurtling down a path I had no idea I wanted to go down. I was living my life filled with purpose and meaning. It was with such passion that I never knew I had. I made a committment to myself to read, write and play my violin everyday. Except for of course when I am away. The violin is kindof hard to travel with (I guess it could be worse it could be a cello). Reading books lead my mind to becoming more open in the most enlightened way. Like living in the past had no purpose to me anymore. There is no sense beating a dead cat so I was just going to let it go. I was going to hit everything head on and let it lose it’s control over me. I began to cook and bake and garden with a fever never before. I was so filled with life and this believing in myself that I just wanted it to catch on.

When you truly accept the directional course that you are on amazing things begin to happen. I had a love for Pin-Up, Pageants and meeting as many like minded girls as possible. I realized that I already got what I could out of the Pin-up Gals around Alberta that it was time to travel. It was time to invest in my passion and my love and see where it may take me.  When I told my hubby my plan he just rolled his eyes and thought what next lol After making two road trips to British Columbia (one 12 hr and one 6 hr) I was rewarded with the best gift of all. I got to know and spend a couple weekends with some pretty incredible girls. Like these are the dolls you will be telling your grandkids about storeys of the good old days. Actually hopefully we all retire in the same home. Then it happened it is like I was hooked. I needed to travel and meet as many super rad girls as I could. I convinced my husband to let me fly down to Wisconsin. I don’t know why but I just had a fire in me that told me to just go. Well I can not even tell you! It must be the equivalent of jumping out of a plane. At first as you crest over the hill and you see the car show you pee a lil. Like OMG what have I done. It’s too late now you have to go. You literally drive through the middle of the car show shaking your head and choking down vomit (k not that bad but the pee thing is true) you get out of the car where you know ZERO NOBODY not even a chance of somebody’s cousin seeing your pic on facebook no randomns no chances no hope lol. Well I will leave you with this thought. If I didn’t have my rose coloured glasses on I don’t think I would have gotten out of that car. I had this haze taking over me guiding me in the direction. I think I even asked the preely crowned Miss Firecracker 2019 where to go lol Let me tell you something…I love the Miss Firecracker Pageant and the Fire in the Sky. I mean I felt like I was in a room of 2nd cousins you know? Like you want to get close but you are unsure of the boundaries but once the lines have been crossed you don’t ever want to let go! Maybe I permanently live with my rose coloured glasses on but I am merely suggesting maybe you should too. Life has never been this incredible. I prove to myself that I can survive the craziness that gets thrown our way sometimes. I share with all of you so you know and feel the same way too. Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. In fact it feels better when surrounded with like minds.

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