The Opinion of Sheep

It seems everybody has an opinion but not many can lead by example. It’s hard to do onto others as you would have done onto you. Maybe it is because we have long forgotten what should and shouldn’t matter in a life bombarded with celebrities. The flavour of the month lasts long enough to make their millions, influence the younger generation, dissappear from the spotlight only to reappear and glorify their path to self destruction. This is the life we live in. Everybody has an opinion but nobody has the wisdom to back it up. We barely even absorb what is being taught to us in school. We tend to only hear what we want to and fill in the blank doing with whatever seems to be popular at the time. We wade through these waters thinking maybe we have formed some semblance of self only to discover the person we were still desperately trying to find we lost long ago in a sea of undecisiveness.

To often we rely on the opinion of those around us. They have know idea who we are, what we love, what makes us tick yet they are weighing in somehow. How borderline insane that is.  Love knows no limits, no space, not time. No dimensions or connections with this World that we live in. Life is this gift that we have all been granted.  All of us are destined to live these great lives if only we can get through the muddy murky water that wants to hold us captive. That is what insults, negative backlash and outbursts are all about. It is rare that it is a direct reflection on you. More often than not is a deep seeded notion of their own inner failure and torment. When we feel like we are failing our survival instincts kick in. We already know our shortcomings so chances are they are somebody else’s too. You can’t have an opinion on somebody else and there life if you don’t even know their back storey. Too often then not though we see arguments arrupt that are nothing more then a direct reflectin on the attacker. The more confident and determined you become to living a better life the easier it is to have your life transform.

To truly believe in yourself and your life is the ultimate gift you can give to yourself. Nobody should knows yourself better than you. You can never expect anybody else to be the reason for the sun shining in.  Nobody else knows how to make us happy. How can they when more often than not we have no idea ourselves. We let our partners spin on these hamster wheels. And these are the ones that stick by our sides at all costs. Their reality and our own is that there is only happiness in simplicity. When you are free from all those green eyed monsters jealous of the appearance of others lives maye than we can be set free. Depression comes when we feel like we are failing. We constantly rewind and replay moments that we feel we were happiest. We forget that while our storey is still playing out we do control the direction of the pen. Maybe it is just out of sheer exhaustion trying to succeed in life. Not by grandeur means but of just being able to provide a warm meal and a roof over our heads. Here in Alberta the affects of our election results are coming to a head. And right before Christmas too. So many families are going to experience the harsh reality of government spending cutbacks. They are hitting lower income, single parent families hard. Laying off teachers. Cutting back on all spending that directly impacts those needing it the most.

Depression is the feeling of utter failure. It makes you feel like you life is somehow no longer worth living. Those around you seem to not notice which makes your blue mood even bluer. We lash out exclaiming we feel so isolated and alone cause or fear keeps us in one place. We become to scared to let others in because their is shame in failing. The reality for most is this is a common feeling amongst us. There is no shame in feeling blue every once and awhile. There is no shame in screaming out loud trying to get some sort of emotion out of anybody passing you by. There should be no shame in trying to live the only life that you have. People with the most opinions should be the ones disregarded. Did you ever hear if you through enough sh*t against the wall eventually something will stick. That is kind of like insults. A tormenter will unleash everything in their ammunition belt to try and get a reaction. The more lies and names they spew the more likely it is they are coming to their wits ends. Nobody who is truly happy with themselves or the lives could be bothered to engage in this type of behaviour. When you lash out you show no eitiquette no decorum. A lack of social skills and interaction is a deep reflectino on your own life. The ability to be able to “play nice” with those around you is just the moral and humane thing to do. Why make anybody else’s struggle worse. We are all struggling.

The sheep in our lives are just like the common herd. They want to stay in and amongst what they believe to be like minded individuals. One person herds them and the rest follow. Whether or not there is any truth or weight in their opinion is to be determined. The harsh reality is a true human out for the good of mankind would never engage in opinions that could hurt. There is freedom in the truth and the weight that it holds on you. You have to be prepare yourself for the backlash that entails when trying to reach those that matter. The opinion of those that matter to you are the only opinions that should be considered. Remember though that as much as we want to feel like we are not living this life alone we always will be. There will always be time in our lives when we feel like we aren’t connecting with the outside World. That is entirely ok. Truth be told that the only truth that matters is the one that lays inside of. It lays were most of us dare not to go because it leaves us raw and open. That is where everything that makes us us lives. We protect our true being because of fear. it is not so much as a fear of failure. it is a fear of failing others that holds us back. How I wish that we could all just have faith in our existence and our time here together. We are all in the same race with the end result. Yes we can go off course and find another route but there is no escaping the reality of what is to be. Hopefully the opinion of others will seem so trivial. Hopefully though it doesn’t come at a time too late for us to realize our true potential. The truest tragedy is a life unrealized unlived poisoned by the opinion of others. Poisoned by the opinion of sheep.

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