Serenity in Simplicity

We live these incredible hectic lives. For what? Even in a hudnred years which is barely a lifetime for some your existence is no longer. The older you get and the more you fade away the more you realize how you would have lived your life differently. We always seem to regret those moments where we didn’t slow down. Where we didn’t appreciate the moment for it’s beautiful simplicity and with one blink it is gone. We were never designed to live in the past. Hence why everything that was once loved returns to death. In time nature will reclaim everything. That is just the way the World works. It doesn’t care about fame or fortune or those you had to hurt to get what you had. For those who live in tranquility when the end begins to loom they know this is just part of life’s path. It doesn’t conclude the journey it just tranforms into a new way of being.

As I read “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius, who was a Roman Emperor from AD 161 to 180, I can’t help but to be shocked and then amazed. What did you think the World was like back then? The people? Have you ever giving any of them any thought? Why would we right. It in the past and we don’t live there, right? That is what I said but what happened to these people? Just from an ignorant housewife position this is the first time I have ever read anything by a Roman Emperor and now I have so much more to learn. Yes I am sure they all dissolved after some sort of war into other countries and races. Isn’t this what we are trying to prevent the anniliatino of the human race. Somehow, somewhere we have really learned nothing from those that lived before us. In fact can you believe 2000 years ago the World was still fighting with Syria. This is straight from the thoughts of a man that none of us can say we have ever met.

Serenit should come in knowing that if ou trace us all back through our lineage we all must have lived together at some point on the same colony at least those that live on the same continent. Even then that can be contested because their is proof that the mountain rose from platelets crashing together. Maybe that does mean that we all of one point came from the same place. I wonder why we are still not able to respect each other’s boundaries to find a way to live in peace. We exist for such a small fraction of the entire’s Universe’s existence yet we are the entitled generation that gets to be known for killing the entire human race. History says it will happen. Dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago till their existence upset the natural order. A big crash happened and new life began to evolve. I wonder how long the dinosaurs existed before got sick of them. So I just googled how old the Earth is and scientists believe the earth is about 4.5 billion years based on rock formations. Humans only came into the picture about 6 million years ago with evolution only happening 200,000 years ago.

Imagine the Earth is living. Breathing, moving, existing, absorbing. All pretty basic tthings that we now take for granted. It seems to me that Earth created each and every one of us. More so she didn’t have to exist alone. Imagine being alive for 4.5 billion years. And the creatures that you loved most have destroyed you in only 200,000. Life wasn’t just about humans coming and dictating the natural order of things. I think we wre designed and given the opportunity to evolve in order to help Mother Nature. With evoloution there has to be two sides. That is why there is good and bad, male and female. You need polar opposites in order to live. Even the Earth has her South and North Pole. Our compass that we have in our possession indicates that there is a pull that the Earth has. Who but mother Earth who has been here since the concept of time knows what we need in order to evolve as a species. Except of course we used our ability to have free thought and choice as a means to have power and control. Marcus warned of the threat of fame and peoples desire to not only obtain it but to control it.

So what does that tell you? 2,000 years ago it was predicted that we were going to do exactly what we have done. We have failed to recognize that there is serenity and simplicity in a life lived well. Not well in the sense that you have everything that you ever wanted. But that you were provided with the things that you truly needed.  That it is unrealistic to think that anybody who came before us were set up to fail. We were all given equal chances to live lives simply. The only pain and suffering came when we tried to resist the changes. I can’t help but think to the words written in it. He talks about people like I should recognize their names Hippocrates, Alexander, Pompey and Caius Caesar. Lice killed Socrates. That says that even back then their was no escaping death. Just like we can’t escape it why should we fear it. That is in fact each of our destiny’s. So why would you want to live a life lived anything but well. Wouldn’t it be far more rewarding to live a minimal selfless existence free of pre conceived notions and ideaologies.  There is nothing on Earth that hasn’t already happened. The only thing that I can think of is an existence free of ridicule and contempt. Imagine a World where we strive to help others exist in their own best image. That we realize that in this moment in time we have all been granted this great gift that allows us to feel, to touch, to explore this existence. I mean it took 4.5 billion years for you just to come into existence. For any of us to get to be here. Wouldn’t you say that no matter how brief or vast your presence here is we are (or should) all be entitled to living the best possible life. And that best possible life shouldn’t have a monetary scale of who lived the best life. Money was designed to control and make those who didn’t have it long for it. We have been dictated too that material wants and possessions are the means to a great life. How does that even make sense. Yes people have been barried with their possessions but what good does it that do. In the end everything is returned back to the direct. Everything. Nature reclaims it all and waits for the right time until it is once again reborn. For those that find living a life full of simplicity and serenity will disagree that material possessions will save their soul. They know what feeds the fire within is everything that we can’t see. Our good nature, our character, our love for not only ourselves but every living around us. For now this is our home but it isn’t our eternity. Let’s live a life where we can all feel love and prosper and live a life free of regret.

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