The Saddest Reality

There is nothing sadder than the reality we are forcing ourselves into. It is like our own vanity has ravaged over this beautiful planet and for themost of it we rarely blink an eye. We need the whole World to cry and take notice before anybody steps into help.  Mother Nature is beginning to fight back and unless we take some time to notice, our destiny will be determined by natures fate. Waking up this morning to hear that our beautiful Koala bears are on the verge of extinction due to the wildfires in Australia how does ones heart not break.

I think about how as a race we are failing each other in our push to overly consume anything and everything we can manage.  There is also reason to feel sadness if you think about the indigenous people who inhabited all of our space before we decided to come in and literally rape the land, seas and now the air with our constant pollution. We had a chance to learn from a community of individuals who not only lived and gave back to the land they had a strong sense of belonging.  Imagine having a deep respect for nature that would have an automatic spillover of respecting everybody.  When the settlers first came there was of course intrigue. But just like we are saying now how those who come into Canada and US don’t honour our traditions (think Don Cherry fiasco). Well I can certainly promise you that when the settlers came they had no desire to learn about the people who inhabited the Earth. Call it Karma. Paint it any colour you want but it seems that maybe just maybe we don’t like to be ignored so in itself we become bullies and destroyed yet another race.

This time though we destroyed something that runs much deeper. These people who were so closely intertwined with nature and all her animals were pushed aside like they had no knowledge to share. In fact they had the most knowledge to share. They knew the pains and hard work of Mother Nature and regarded her and all her inhabitants to be alive and flowing with life just like we are. Doesn’t this sound like the great philosophical teachings that have been written since the time of socrates. Just because somebody doesn’t understand OUR language doesn’t make them ingnorant. In fact in this circumstance it is the exact opposite. Our indegenious people are one of our mst precious assets. They have been one with the Earth before we even knew the Earth was flat (just kidding I know it is round). They would never dreamed of existing in a World where another species would have to die. Yes they kill but only one at a tie and that is to sustain the tribe.

We are ignorant to how much Mother Nature is suffering. In the community where me and my family live there is a forest i the middle of our town. There is a few bridges as there is lots of water so its my communities contribution to conserving wildlife. I love the hooting of the owls that I have yet to see on my walks. I can promise you though there is nothing more magical then a family of deers standing at your bay window as the snow begins to fall. We also have a no hunting order in the city and it’s proximity. We also have a really good recycling program and I have become very conscious of my own carbon footprint. It still is going to take a miracle to reduce the 200 years of building the country to the sky. What were we thinking and who does that remind you of. The Egyptians built their pyramids to get to the sky. Now we are building our towers to exceed that height. Don’t you think that if we were truly supposed to be living up that high nature would have given us wings.  I have so many questions that only begin to burn deeper. The same problems we are having now they are having then. Maybe not ones that are so technology advanced but the ones that matter like humanity, love, freedom, war etc. How can we get to that place where we once were. How come when given the chance to have it all we threw away the most valuable piece. Love, love, love. That is the secret. That is what will save the World.

Just imagine when the settlers came and the Indegenious people saw each other that they were met with love and not greed. All my teachings tell me that the Indegenious people did what they did out of love. They clothed these men with beaver pelts knowing that without them they would die. Then we turned and took their land and have been paying the price ever since. When given the chance between greed and prospering together greed was chosen. And buy who….the man who was “in control” of the whole operation and if that didn’t work blame it on the King. There it is again. Now that looks like another full circle coming back to haunt us. The problem has always been when one group feels that they are more worthy or more entitled than the living being in front of them. This is the curse that is now born onto the land. Your colour, your sexual orientation, your capabilities, your disabilities, your sex…..all these things that are used to define us was the real disease that was unleashed onto the land.

Before all this jazz of wanting more and more power. There must have been a time where living simplistically, minimally off the land without hurting it or the people surrounding them was common. This manifested reality is so far from the essence of living a ife full of purpose. My realization of such broadens my understanding of the World and its inhabitants. As I try to keep my attention focused on the moment in front of me it helps realize the most realistic steps ahead. The Universe will take me in the direction I need to go. Once I accept the knowledge that I am able to impact the World with simply taking one step forward. It is one step forward than yesterday. With the next step somebody might take notice. Being consistent and unwaivering with the World I am trying to create. I know it is beginning to come into fruition with the love I find that surrounds me. My reality is I know just how powerful love can be and when used for the right reasons it can help heal alot. Our house is bursting with love from all of our furbabies, our family and our friends and neighbours that happen through our doors. We are building a different reality that is based on a more positive note. We know that in numbers we can make a difference no matter the size. That in unity we will find a way to heal the World and if not we will heal each other and find sanity in a sad reality.

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