When you Forgive

The most common misconception is when you forgive. Society has convinced us that when forgiving somebody in their wrong doings it will ease the tension between the two. In reality depending on who was at fault and exactly what was said or done maybe the only person who can grant peace is you yourslf.  We can’t expect anybody else to live in thine own image. It would be impossible to enforce exactlyyour own intentions or the intentions of others. we are all free to interpret the Universe as we see fit. We can try and reduce our impact that we have on each other but the most important is to minimize the impact life has on you.

When you lash out on somebody rarely does it have anything to do with the person in question. The are usually innocent bystanders in a wrath that you impose on the World. Living is confusing. Living is scarey. The World was designed for love and serenity not hate and war. Imagine a World where our focus is in controlling ourselves and our behaviour. Imagine a World where we forgive each other of our insdiscretions and work together for a more positive World. Imagine a World where we lift each other and help identify our strengths instead of working together to annhiliate our own existence. We are doing a fine job in destroying the Earth I wonder what it would take to reverse the damage that we have done. Maybe it is impossible. Maybe our own course of action is just to wait until we make our final descent into hell. That is what this rat race feels like at times. There has to be light.

We can’t be held accountable for the wrong turns we made in our past. In fact giving too much time in that direction allows our past to come alive and haunt us further. There is beauty in making mistakes. There is beauty in allowing yourself to see the error in your ways to try and help others to lead a life full of purpose. We all don’t have to live in darkness out of shame for what our past might hold. Our past holds a storey that not only did we live through but we survived. Why minimize that by focusing on the negative. Focusing on the positive such as the strength that it took to get out on the other side. Life is all about choice and making mistakes and dusting yourself off each and every time. Once you begin to forgive yourself and release the contempt you hold in your heart then you can heal and hopefully use your tale to inspire. If you can use your storey to ease another in forgiving themself and their own choices no matter how long it took them to wake up and see the beauty of life unfold from their eyes. Evil does walk amongst us and it wants us to destroy each other. That is the onlly way Evil wins. Evil wins when it infects enough us to live as shells of the people we were destined to be. There is no enemy like ourself. We know our weaknesses, we know our failures, we know exactly how to take the wind of our sails and make us regret and hate everything we have ever known. Any negative emotion no matter how intense or minor will take over your existence and being to ruin your life.

The most important person to forgive is yourself. You know the hurt that you hold in your heart and only you have the key to unlock the past and set it free. Usually it is the actions of our past that chains us down. We live in this timeline where we fail at everything we do. We will forever be our own enemy unless we finally forgive ourselves and set our mind free. The past is just that in the past. You can’t revisit. You can’t resurrect. You breathe in life when you are constantly reminding yourself of those moments or moments that fill you with disgust and fear. It is ok  to make mistakes. That is what makes us human. We have the ability to feel a variety of feelings and somtimes all at once. We make mistakes. We let our thoughts boil over with the very thoughts that when we are sane barely make the radar. We spend a lot of our time wishing and comparing for a life that we wished we had. We have the power to live in a semblance of a life we desire. Most of the time we are too scared to reach for the stars. It is unrealistic to think that at some point in our life we haven’t been bullied. Bullying happens at anytime when you doubt your own existence. It can be a simple eye roll when you order a diet soda after super sizing a meal and ordering gravy. Everybody has a judgement and they are constantly passing it on to the World.

I have not lived a perfect life nor do I think that I will live perfectly from here on out. I will get angry and I will lash out as it is unnatural for one to always be up beat and happy.  There will be waves of emotions that will take over and control your every whim. Call it instinct. Call it a force of nature. Call it human as we are all destined to make mistakes. It is impossible to live a life perfectly. What is possible is to live an existence with minimal impact and to try and lift others as much as you can.  Life is tough for us all so why add to it. Words hurt. Words were always designed to hurt. I think the first words put into print were ment to inform but also to sway others opinions to conform. To have a minimal existence is more than going green and reducing your carbon footprint. You want to reduce your emotional footprint as well. When you use words to try and win an argument you have usually been reduced to the most archaic form of communication. Nobody ever after a heated argument feels good. Words have been exchanged, controversial points have been made and more often than not feelings have been hurt. If this is a case then this argument will live inside of you for days and weeks ahead. You will use the basis of that argument as fuel to heat up your next. It infects everything you do until you not only forgive yourself but forgive the other party for their participation too. Your mood and energy is contagious.  Do you really want to be the reason why somebody cries? Do you really want to be the reason why somebody dies? Did you know by simply being positive and going on about your day with a smile that you will directly impact those you come into contact with. We all know the difference between being happy and being angry. The weight of the World feels difference. When you are happy it feels like the weight is gone or at least shared with all others. When you are angry or sad you feel cut off from the World and you can barely stand.  In a World where we are constantly being attacked don’t we owe it to each other to at least forgive ourselves and use it for a tool to help others? Isn’t that the key to a life well lived? Learn from our mistakes, educate each other and live in peace and harmony? For now I will work on forgiving myself and creating a safe warm environment for all those that my path may cross.

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