Boycott the NFL (or at least Michael Vick!)

I never truly understand the severity of ones thoughts when it came to ending ones life. Until last night. While showering with my son I just couldn’t control my tears any longer. The haunting images of what this Super Bowl Legend did to hundreds and maybe thousands of dogs made me sick. He did horrific things to these animals that were far more horrific then even what  Ted Bundy did to the squirrels and birds he dissected. But now here we are recognizing a man based on his athletic abilities and not who he is as a man. He is not a great leader. He isn’t even a man. You can’t even compare him to the animals he killed because these animals had more compassion in the skulls he crushed into the ground then in his little finger. But wait did you know he is even allowed to own a dog again. We even let this piece of garbarge pro-create.  We are only human and we are not superior in any way. We keep preaching how we evolved but if evolving means having no compassion or common sense please throw me out to the wolves.

As a mom my heart is being ripped out of my chest. Not entirely because of the fate of his lost dogs but because we now live in a World where this is ok.  Oh you objectify and demoralize woman…here be a President. You rape and prey on our children…that ok be a Subway Rep or better yet a Prince. Be at the top of one of the biggest dog fighting rings inthe World…here’s a trophy, a ring, and 60 million dollars. Don’t worry about what you did. In fact we will erase it from history. Your only crime now is racketering serve 18 months and it will be us kissing your ass for the rest of your life. What example is this we are setting for our children? The rest of the World? Objectify each other and treat each other like disposable means to an end and all is fine. As long as you destroyed those on the way to the top that is ok to. Once you are there don’t worry about nothing. We will ensure the World sings your praises and you will go down in history as one of the greats and not as the sick twisted individual you really are. Is that all you realy did? Be present for the rape, abuse, and murder of these animals. Who’s only purpose in life was to serve as our loyal companion you made them fight and rip each other to shreds. If they failed to be as violent and gory as you wanted then you held their head in a bucket till they ceased to live ever again.  He should have been made example of instead of acting like nothing happened.

I couldn’t ugly cry for long because my son was right there but as the water poured over me I felt this incredible sense of defeat. I finally understand why somebody would feel like exiting the World would be there only option. That’s the whole point of the myth of Sisyphus. He fate was to push a boulder up a mountain everyday and once finally reaching the top his boulder would fall back down. He was destined to live this same fate over and over again as this mundane task would never be complete. Isn’t that where we are right now. Those who work hard work selfishly until ends meet. They try to do good and they try to live rightous and honourable and love thy neighbours. Then you get the rich who are constantly sh*tting where we eat and leaving us to clean up the mess. There used to be a time when the rich wanted to share on their riches. Now we use fame and power to do deplorable acts on each other. Take Human Trafficking. It only exists because the rich and powerful allow it to. There is no way a hard working man can engage in this type of behaviour. They hide behind every corner waiting for ltheir opportunity. Our poor children are exposed to how rotten this World is. They are taking the blunt of everything. Their childhoods are cut short and they have no more dreams as they live a life that should have been outlawed years ago.

Take criminals. Here in Canada you can murder 4 of your friends and not even serve a year behind bars. Everybody has a mental illness. Everybody needs to be coddled. Everybody that is except the deceased and their surviving family members. We let the evil walk amongst us while the living becomes shells of who they once were. Is it strange to anybody else that now when we can proove crimes with 100% certainty we have taken away the Death penalty because it is too barbaric.  Uhmmm do you know what is incredibly barbaric the mutalation of a body and the remains. Leaving the body to be identified by a loved one. As a mother who is going to be exposed either by it happening to a child she knows or a child in a nearby city what we are teaching the deranged is it’s ok to keep on killing. We don’t mind. At least it thins out the overpopulated World as it is. Where is the death penalty? Why can’t we have it back? Why do innocent people have to take their own lives when the killer of their loved one walks free. If we are certain that they did the crime why not do us all a favour. Instead you make us taxplayers work like dogs to provide a roof over their heads then allow them to walk free like nothing happened.

At least there is some sanity in knowing that the World can not operate like this for long.  We aren’t just a giant rock without a purpose. That makes entirely no sense. There is a reason why the furture is in the future and the past should be left behind us. We never get to either. The future never comes because it always turns into the present. Our present situation always changes as well as the stories that we are forced to engage in. I say forced becuase you can’t turn on your TV or go on your computer without hearing the tragedy for the day. The terrorist on the bridge in London…he was in jail just before that. We keep convincing ourselves that criminals can be rehabilitated. Maybe some can. Maybe most can’t. Let’s keep allowing ourselves and the people in our World to keep falling victim to these depraved minds. If something doesn’t come out of stiffer punishments there will be complete anarchy on our hands. With movies like The Purge and Strangers Next Door we are encouraging our youth to experiment with killing and teaching them how to get away with it. I fear living in Canada because it is common knowledge that our law system is relaxed. Look at the German tourist who got shot in the head, the two boys from Vancouver Island who killed 3 people before turning it on themselves. Are all the cases of child abuse, neglect and torture. This is our country that we are living in and it scares me to no end. Everyday I try to live in a World that creates happiness for me but everyday that sanity gets tested. So now instead of enlightening my mind to try and find the secrets of life and the World I am forced to read about unspeakable horrors. I owe it to the animals that sacrificed their lives to entertain one of the United States sports heros, Michael Vick. This deplorable human when given the chance to make it right he lives in the lap of luxury. These are the evils that walk amongst us. This is what the World wants to remember. That he was a legend destined for greatness istead of the pile of crude he truly is. He should have to experience first hand the torture that he committed. For me there is no place for a creature like this but the NFL wants to induct him to be idolized and remembered by our youth. I love football but I don’t love what they stand for. They gave an animal abuser and killer 60 million dollars. How much did you make over the last 9 years. You think that as one you have no power or no say. But what about 6 billion of us? We can reclaim our airwaves and force the sport of the NFL into oblivion. Let’s show these upper elite that we will no longer be a breeding ground for their depravity. Let’s boycott the NFL and all their grotesque acts to reclaim our youth and our furbabies. There might not be power in one but there will be power in all. “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” What we are falling for is this man deserving a normal life. He hasn’t even paid for te consequences of his actions. These animals with love in their heart and fear in their eyes fall into his hands. I can not imagine a more horrifying existence then that. I know if we don’t act and stand up for the voiceless there will be consequences. Maybe not now but we are already seeing escalated violence and abuse taking over our children. As a stay at home mom that recognizes this as a pivotal time I ask you that we start holding each other accountable for our depraved acts before it is too late.

Please do your part and sign the petition…at the very least share ❤

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