Diary of a Mom

I imagined my day a whole lot differently. So differently in fact I was sitting down at about 6 am to write a completely different blog post (as reflected in the video I recorded this morning with Ivey). My morning started with me having to wake my husband so he could get to his first aide course. I am not one to start my morning by poking a sleeping bear but that is what had to be done. Imagine as well that the same bear just got home at about 12:30 am (son as well for that matter) and now here I am the bearer (lol) of bad news that it was time to get up. My son awoke as well but after some cuddles and a nappie change he managed to fall back to sleep in my lap. For those of you moms out there you know that feeling of just unimaginable peace as the piece of your heart that beats out of your chest is finally content and sleeping peacefully…

If there is anything that a well seasoned mom knows is its time to get those feet on the floor before anything else out of the ordinary happens. First things first got to go visit the momma cat downstairs. Show her some TLC and make sure she has fresh food and water. She sure is a cuddler and I am sure I could have stayed with her all morning but all of a sudden I heard my son shrieking. Running up two flights of stairs I see my son at the top of them. It’s started!! My son is getting sick again. He had the flu for the past few days but seemed to be better yesterday. He didn’t sleep much but he did manage some chicken noodle soup and juice so I was content he was on the mend. Looking at the bed I now knew that maybe I had gotten ahead of myself. See here at about 8 am is when complete and utter bedlam has commenced. In the span of 30 minutes he had gotten sick 3 times, the dogs needed to be let out, the cats had no food and I had already started my second load of laundry. I say second because I started one the night before and it was already in the dryer then started the wash when things started going South. Not to mention the kitchen was in disarray but I couldn’t leave my son he needed me more. So here I was going to give my day and just focus on the present time in front of me. It was going to unfold naturally and I was going to accept that ride in whichever way it wanted to go ( Can I also mention I have been waiting to hear who the Face of Daisy 2020 Canada/US is because it could be me). Maybe I would take some distracting…but definetly not at the expense of my son.

Watching in a confused state at his lack of understanding what was going I did everything I could to make him feel better. The only thing he seemed to understand was that the more that went in the more that came out. He managed to take in some chicken noodle soup (completed with saltines) and some juice. Once he started to feel better I convinced him to chew on a ginger candy as it would make his tummy settle. So know here it was noon and I was on my third load of laundry soon to be fourth. I had managed to get the whole kitchen sanitized and dishes done and even had time to sweep and vaccuum the floors. I already shampoo spotted the carpet yesterday so I was feeling on top of things. I barely even noticed that I had heated up my coffee for the fourth time till I looked in my cup and saw all the rings indicating when that had been done. At this point I am just hoping to get down to see Ivey but must stay with son. Especially when he is as sick as he is. In between cuddles each of our kitties come for a visit though. This is my idea of multi-tasking. Each kitty needs a minimum of 15 minute of lap time so if they can come to me I am sure making progress. And did you know that the cat’s purr is the exact frequency you need to heal? Ya I read that once. Speaking of reading I also set little mini personal goals into my day as well. Like read a minimum of one chapter, write in my blog (minimum of 1500 words) and play my violin for 30 min or so. All important for brain development and activity. Ya I said that brain development at 40. It’s possible I am keeping it youthful and rewiring my brain from all the negativity from before).

So now it becomes 3:00 and my lil man has finally fallen back to sleep. I had enough time to go downstairs and cuddle with Ivey and play my violin before he was awoken again. Luckily I was able to get him back down to sleep some more because we all know you need to sleep to feel better. Haha would you believe no sooner than me writing those words he got sick all over again. It’s not funny but I am now looking at the clock and it’s 8pm. Apparently he had eaten some kitten kibble so as he was getting sick all this crazy looking brown stuff. It didn’t make any sense but then it smelled like cat food so into the tub he went. There was just enough warm water to make him comfortable before it ran out. Guess it’s from all that laundry and the dishwasher. Husband also got home around 7 after an excrutiatingly long day at work. I guess I should be thankful that they are now both asleep. I can focus on my self care and finish tidying up the house. Thankfully last part of my self care is reading m book. I can do that while bonding with Icey. It will be nice to have some quiet time aaway from all the chaos.

My rollers are still in and I am wondering if I should just leave them. Maybe hit the ground running again and see how much differently the day will take me. No matter how much laundry piles up are the endless tiring running around that keeps me on my toes all day there isn’t a minute that doesn’t go by that I don’t realize just how lucky I am. For some they welcome the going to work and taking a break. For me it’s just the opposite. When I tried going back to work I longed ot be at home. There is so much on the go I am constantly on my toes. Some people also think because I take nice photos that I must be sacrificing time with my son. Soon I hope you will see that he enhances my life just the same as I enhance his. 2020 hasn’t even started yet and I am so excited for the journey in store. There is nothing I can’t accomplish as a wife and a mother. So yes to some they may never understand my journey and to them I say that is entirely ok. My hourney was never meant for you it was meant for me. So if it takes me to days of next to little or no sleep to that I say I am thankful for. I have seen what happens to those who take things for granted. We always wish for what we don’t have. Wanting and striving for more. I know the value of what is kept inside these four walls and the storeys we can share. We are full up on love around here and like every true human it is in you to want to give. It is in me to want to give. So yes I am a momma to an incredible beautiful boy but I am also a momma to all that inhabit Earth. Once you learn that your heart is capable of such great love you feel this incredible need to heal and share with all those around you. If only for a glimmer of what tomorrow may bring I will always start every morning with my feet running. More than likely before they even hit the floor!!

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