My Christmas Wish

How lucky we are to live in a time where our wants exceed our needs. Anything we could possibly imagine is right at our finger tips. We forget to acknowledge and live an existence that would honour all those before us. Who ever invented Christmas and the need to celebrate and spoil our loved ones with material gifts? No longer do we hunger for the touch of our loved ones. Satisfied with whatever comes our way we forget to strive for a life full of meaning. Minimizing our impact and harm that we do onto each others. Living these selfish entitled existences only adds to the struggle that some may face.

In a land full with all the technological advancements and gadgets as far as the eye can see I think. I think back to the very first Christmas’s celebrated and the gifts that they desired. A warm house, wood for the fire, food on the table and if we are truly blessed visits with friends and family.  Not to be incredibly depressed during such a joyous time of year it hasn’t always been the case. In a land filled with lavish gifts we can’t help ourselves but desire more. We think that gadgets and gizmos will bring us finite happiness. But like all material items they lose their novelty and shine probably before the Christmas tree is even taken down. My focus comes more into trying to save the World from itself. There is no way that these material items will bring us any closer to the true meaning of life. Living life in it’s fullest capacity will not only guide you into living a World differently it will also open your eyes to a different way of living.

The only true way to this divinity is by allowing yourself to truly feel and experience all those things that money can’t buy. There is a reason why we don’t take the fame and glory with us when we pass on. There is a reason why it is called passing on. If we had all the answers we would fail to learn what many have spent their whole lives ignoring. That in our own image we can find the greatest sense of inner peace. That it is in that image that we can change our immediate World. That that World becomes the center of teh Universe. Our Universe. The only one we will ever have bestowed apon us. We can control to some level the quality of life that we expell onto the World.  I am speaking from experience on this. I used to think that if I was a certain way that I would be worthy of love. I could fulfill the needs of another being but I wasn’t fulfilling the needs of myself. The immediate gratification from my life that I needed in order to give back to those that I find myself surrounded by. It is not selfish to want to live the best possible life that you can. It is called survival.

The problem now with survival is we have tied it directly to instafame. We are teaching our children that if you aren’t a star then you are a nobody. We are all stars in our own Universe capable of great things. You don’t have to be weighed down by your past. You don’t have to be ashamed of those that disagree or want to wish you harm. I think it is human nature to acquire those people. Through no fault of your own. Those type of people will gravitate towards because unlike themselves they enjoy the energy you emitt onto the World. Some will catch what is you are giving but others will recoil in horror like a demon being sprayed with holy water. With practice you can feel their energy enter a room long before they do. If we could only learn to accept the push of the cyclical turn of the World. There is only one truth and that truth comes in death. We no longer have to worry about those that tried so hard to discredit. By living in our own truth we will have our sins washed away. The sins of others can’t weigh you down as you have learned long ago how to cope.

Yes I preach don’t live in the past. I spent alot of time grieving witht he ghosts of my past. We all know how I feel about my Grandparents and of course my Grandmother on the other side. I will always maintain that there is no love on Earth then the love of a Grandparent. If only that type of love could be bottled and sold then the World would be a much gentler place. My Mom and my Step Dad have been a great sense of strength for me. I was lucky enough to have another honourary Grandma when my mom’s boyfriend came into our lives. Man a Christmas was spent around their family tree with her brothers and sisters. Through the years though as the matriach passed through the family gatherings became scarce. It seems that the matriach will always pull the strings in the household. Even in mine. My husband is our breadwinner and I am the glue. Any grievances I have ever had with my in-laws have been dispersed over the years. It came with practice and guidance through some pretty amazing practioners. There are some that I do not get alone with but for the sake of my son I have learned to pick my chin up and be apart of the family. When it comes to my son I will never deny those that only want to love him. Yes it is true that me and my sister in law may never be best friends but we have learned to become civil acquaintances. I like to say that it is just for my son but it is for everybody in my family including myself. You don’t have to love everybody but you can accept the fact that they are family and there will be no changing that.

Like most Christmas wishes I wish for peace. The peace that I am talking about is inner peace. Having the peace in your heart to know that you are good enough. That you will always be good enough. That in the right company you will learn to shine like a night star. Becoming a beacon of hope and a sense of security for those that maybe are still developing their own source of power. Those that ridicule or become focused on bringing you down will never find true happiness. If you were to fail they would move on to the next and the next. They will never find happiness nor will they never know peace. Even sitting here with next to no sleep I know that this can be possible. Being a part of a loving family is all the strength that I need. Being surrounded by some of the most glorious souls that I have never known gives me courage. Although I may walk in the shadows of some that have walked before me I am not destined to make their same mistakes. Life is about forgiveness and finding a way to all live together instead of destroying each other and the World piece by piece. As you sit there unwrapping present after present think of those that aren’t so fortunate. There are souls and beings starving in freezing temperatures. There are both humans and animals who will feed on the wastes of your Christmas dinners. We are becoming impervious to the World around us as we struggle to identify with the strangers we have become. Technology advancements seem to be more for the week. A strong soul is one that can whether all the elements and still find a reason to smile. A strong soul is the one who has been kicked down a hundred times and still finds a reason to get up. A strong soul will never turn those away who need them most. Maybe that is my one wish. That the World will come to identify with iteself before it becomes too late.  That all that we have enjoyed so far can be the equivalent of heaven on Earth before it all becomes a little too late.  If you had one wish what would yours be?

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