The Importance of Being Earnest

First let’s start off by actually understanding the definition of earnest.

Earnest as defined on the site has a few meanings: characteriaed by a firm and humorless belief in the validity of your opinions, devout or heartfelt, not distracted by anything unrelated to the goal and something of value given to bind a contract.

Why would it be important to be someone who is earnest? What does that even mean and more importantly what does it mean to you? To me my life didn’t actually start to feel good until I really understood who I was. I mean to finally acknowledge what made your heart beep. That has to be the focal point of everything that you are. Take success for example, Your definition of success changes depending on where your passions lie. Success to me is any day that my son is happy and cared for, my “wolf pack” is well loved for and cared for (that accounts for the budgies and cats as well). My life wouldn’t feel complete without all of them here. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the backbone… our patriach. He ensures that it is all possible. I however am the glue. My passion for life comes from helping others but it begins in my home. I also like to dress and conduct myself in such a way that honours all those before me. That’s my pasison. That’s what I love and when focused on that I feel unstoppable. All my hopes and dreams are unfolding in front of my eyes but that is because I took a good hard luck at who I needed to be.

It’s important to live your life with purpose. That purpose gives you a reason everyday. I love crushing all my goals that would seem meaningless to most. It is important for me to improve on who I was from yesterday. You can only do that with continuous growth and by admitting the fact that it is impossible to know all. We will never reach perfection. That is an impossible task. We can always learn from those we encounter. Every person that comes before you has a storey. They have a new way of thinking a new belief. There reason for getting out of bed is far different from yours. But still we have to have something. Because without nothing we would become obsolete. I wonder though for those that are determined to destroy and bring down others how does that actually benefit them. I mean aren’t you embarassed. Don’t you hold any shame. It is obvious to those that have been in that kind of company that there is no value add to this scenario. The hardest lesson I have ever had to learn was the idea that just because that one person may have hurt you the company they keep is just as guilty too. Do you know what I mean. If a friend of yours is ok with somebody who blatantly bullied you well I would probably be taking another look. Imagine if people talk sour about you in your presence just imagine what they are saying when you aren’t. To me those thoughts and opinons of those types really have no relevance in my life anymore. Life is too hard as it is to be worried about what’s being said.

In the absence of passion though life begins to lose it’s meaning. When you try to live without that key component you are like a shell. A shell that could shatter into a million pieces in any given minute. You are already in fear of taking any sort of movement in any diection. Often you think that maybe just by standing still and let life just move through you that it could possibly be enough. Standing still is probably worse than even going backwards. Backwards is a direction that can soon enough see you once again back on track. I would rather take a million chances and fail then to be scared to even swing the bat. I was always the one who would close my eyes as the ball sailed over the plate. I would just wind up and crank it. Sometimes I would hit it out of the park. Other times I would strike out in embarassment. But let me tell you those times that I did smack that ball it was worth all the strike outs that came before. We truly can’t miss all the shots we make. Well unless your intentions are truly out to lunch. Living with a pure honest heart is very simply the best way. There is no reason to ever live in fear or to watch over your shoulders. Once you can recognize those that wish you harm and those that wish you success the rest comes easy.

For the longest time I always dreamed of being a 1950’s housewife. I love the way they were always so well put together. Their immaculate houses, PTA’s, fundraisers, neighbours…To be the glue that holds your family together was something that I longed for but never thought possible. I still remember my vision board that I did when I was in Esthetician school. Everything on that vision board pretty much came true. I actually just recently threw it out. It was no longer a vision it was my life. Right down to my first pageant win, my marriage, my son, the cat and the dog. There are a few things missing like a cruiser and my mermaid tail but things kinda took a turn once I became a mom. My passion grew to want to make the World a better place. To reduce my carbon footprint and impact. It’s been almost 3 months since I gave up meat (still working on dairy but it is coming up next), the composting and recycling is going strong, I took in some strays because I just can’t help wanting to help out a family in need. The only other thing I long to do is ease teh pain of the World but that may become one of those dreams that you can never obtain. It can still be my passion but the realism of soemthing so vague well I will keep focused ont he small things that I can change immediately. Like cleaning my kitchen floors and snuggling with our new puppy. I had no idea what earnest meant before I looked it up today. It is kinda cool to think that I was already living my life earnestly now it is time to help others to open their eyes and live that way too.

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