Death of a Salesman

More than a great literary piece. It feels like it is almost the death of an era. Let’s imagine. Here at my fingertips I can shop for anything that my heart desires and in some case have it delivered to my doorsteep the next day. How can you not get lost in the romance of an era where one would spend a whole season making their seasonal wares to sell in the local county fair. Imagine the interaction the wholesomeness that would come with such sincere wholesomeness. Yes we have evolved and things began available year long. It was bound to happen. It’s evolution. But I ask you where oh where did our heart go. I know what happened to your soul. Sold it long ago. But your heart when did it turn black and fall out of your chest.

We allowed everything to over take us at such a mass rate. For some their brains just couldn’t comprehend this new way of being. I grew up in a small town (village actually) where everybody knows everybody. There is an amazing bond that happens to all when you grow up there. It is hard to establish that kind of connection in the way the cities are built now. They are building for quantity not quality and the cracks in the infrastructure are beginning to show. Wealth is the driving force behind everything. You can not do much without it. How did that become the meaning of life? I can almost guarantee you it isn’t. Because when the first two beings walked on this Earth for whatever reason. I can almost promise you that it wasn’t to build empires and destroy the planet. That is why you can almost bet money on it. It is only a matter of time. The clock will run out because we don’t have the resources to fund it any longer.

The literal meaning of death of a salesman to me signifies so much more than that. When we gave up on the face to face interaction that we once had with each other and think of what it cost us. We live for our phones, social media…instant gratification. We no longer have to wait to see the fruits of our labour. We don’t have a hand in raising our families because our government stripped that right away. You know what I mean paying taxes in this country is a joke. We don’t actually pay for anything that benefits us but our premier has amazing hair and takes incredible selfies all over the World so please Trudeau cut some more school programs and health care workers. Maybe the title should be death of a province because that is what is about to happen. The suicide rate is going to hit an all time high, same with overdoses, violence, crime. Well played. Let the province due in each other as we struggle and fight to stay alive. It’s hard to make ends meet and I can’t imagine if you are a single parent. How can we save each other from ourselves. Can we stop this fast track that we have found ourselves on?

I will spend the rest of my life lost in the romance of it all. Trying to make the best of things while trying to learn from the error of our ways. You can almost use the life stories as gospel. Why not it is their life storey, their legacy, their thoughts of feelings that they left behind. Bottled up in between all those pages is the mystery of their own life. Why not use it as a tool or resource to help guide you away from all that pain. Their is misery and their is definite pain but sometimes when I close my eyes and force myself to smile it’s like it all just melts away. Those that I have a deep longing for in my heart fill it with so much pride. Giving me the strength and courage I need to go on if only for just one more day. When you have seen some of the horrors of the World that go along with each storey you begin to see the seperatino between the two. That there is evil and there is good just waiting for you on the other side.

That if one was evil and was fully so they don’t get the sweet release of death. Erased from time the horrors they committed amongst their fellow kind. You see if it wasn’t for the fear of eternal damnation their would be complete and utter anarchy. So we sit here in fear of ourselves gripped by our own insecure feeling of death. What we do know for sure is it is final. It is what seperates the two. When I think of the purest of hearts having to endure their whole lifetime knowing only the horrors of the World…well there has to be something out. Why would something with a pure heart given the same start to life as all the rest have to bare unspeakable pain. There has to be some serenity at the end. I want to say reward but thats not the right word. The reward to dying at somebody else’s hands shouldn’t be the same as them dying in old age. Will it? In the end are we all the same and it doesn’t matter if we live right from wrong. My mind will break at the thought of that. Come to think of it I have totally forgot about the trying to heart he silence underneath all the noise. For once my house is actually silent as everybody is fast asleep.

My heart is lighter and it is easier for me to sleep. Without the weight of others transgressions on my shoulders life is good. At least for me right now in this moment. The state of commercialization that we have is alarming. I can’t imagine what the World will become in another 20 years. I fear for our own sanity as we push ourselves further along the brink. I sure hope that the World stops and takes notice. It is far easier to love than it is to hate. Your life is so insignificant to everything that has ever happened on this planet. In the grander scheme of things we are just this lil blip that barely shows ont he radar. We did however destroy the earth in the quickest time possible so at least we can be pretty proud of that. I still won’t give up on the World though because if we did all that that fast maybe we can return back the hands of time. Anything is possible don’t you think? We may have killed of the salesman but maybe we can redefine the American Dream. I think a safer, friendlier future should be what we are all striving for. At least that has become my redefined dream.

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