The Barbaric Loss of Innocence

“Tell me sir if you will, where in the Bible does it state that it’s ok to judge others based purely on assumption? Can you see now who is the lesser evil between the two?”
Sofea Shah

From the very start of our our conception the dreams and implications of the ways of another are imposed apon us. Rarely are we left to truly blossom into our own infinte wave of power. All that we are being dictated to us out of a preconcieved notion what it would take to survive. To survive only in this lisfetime and no further. Destined to surpress the true energy underneath forever cementing our furture in stone.

Everything we do is based on assumption. We assume that those in our company our friends. That assumption could be the see that robs you of your purity. Like mold forming on decay it starts slowly at first. Then all of a sudden it overtakes the fruit and reduces it to a pile beyond recogntion. That is what happens to one who is suppressed living in anothers expectations. Nobody wins when that gauntlet is thrown. We have become our own worst enemies because we no longer know what it takes to manifest happiness as we were robbed of that luxury long ago.

We have somehow allowed out vision to tunnel. Honning on that one thing that we hate. Perfection in the wrong hands can seal ones fate. We were never meant to be perfect. Always a work in progress. What you see today shouldn’t be the image you see a year from now. When faced with diversity though it is far easier to conform. Why should we consider the thoughts of feelings of another when we can nonchalanty cast a third eye view. Hindering their ability to shine out of fear of finding our shine.

“No one wants to die or even plans to die, at least not when you are young and living life on top of everything, stepping on gold, running the miles with hot chicks on tow, but even if I wasn’t a rock star, and just a normal civilian, I still wouldn’t plan to die young. Death is so boring.” – Sofea Shah

We don’t value our innocence anymore then we desire getting old. We fear the two ends of the spectrum that should fill us with the most ease. While you are young you are free to take chances. Chances with little or no consequences because if you fail you have the loving arms of your family to shield you. When you forgo that angelic lil cherub that all that have had the pleasure to get to know you and try to find your own self. Well we know all to well what happens. For some nobody notices when the transformation begins. Chalk it up to kids being kids. Once that innocence is lost though the hardening begins. You harden yourself up to the perversions of the World. Impervious from our transgressions of our past we look towards an intergalatical super nova to give us the answers we are looking for.

Our innocence is robbed because of a need to survive. We don’t want to see our fellow man thrive. It is in their success that our failures are highlighted. It is better to aide them to fall because we don’t want to admit to ourself that we are weak. That is in fact that true sin of this day and age. How weak are own energy has become. No longer a beacon to serve as our serenity and true north. We have no choice but to seek out immediate gratification to make our heart bleed less. When did it become common to suffer so much. Why do we want evil to win? By evil I mean the accute horror that unfolds right in front of our eyes on a daily basis. Horror is abuse. It’s rape. It’s murder. It’s any time an innocence soul is lost to relentless taunting and bullying. How has it become that we are so consummed by our carbon images. We are only attracted to what we can see. Without trying to understand the simplistic beauty that lays in everything that bares life. Life is beautiful in all it’s many forms. It is on the single definition of beauty that we hold on a pedestal demanding us to conform. There is beauty in being unique. There is beauty in aging. Aging isn’t a right that we automatically get born with. Aging comes not to all. Without any rhyme or reason why. It just does.

What would happen if we keep that simplistic nature that begs us to be curious. To explore the unknown and all those in front of us. Not to shun those that look different but to bring them into your light. The world nees better energy. An unbiased safe place to come home. As we age that energy is depeleted. Robbed from all the hardships of the world. It becomes hard to smile as we remember all that is loss. Without knowing the truth about life we lose the conenction that has always been there. Since the dawn of time when we took our first breath. That curious wonder that filled our eyes as our heart begins to beat. How could we pollute that newborn life with out own diseased thoughts and polluted energy. Maybe it is in maturity that we lose our congnitive ability to think. When once we could all live in harmony the toxic effects of living gone bad has seeped into our youth. One only has to remember the tragic events that surrounded the Columbine shooting to hold your head down and sigh. At the time I was 19. Just out of high school myself. What I remember and why it had such an impact was they way it reverberated through the halls of the information super-highway. The internet was just becoming more mainstream. So were cell phones. It was one of the first time I remember being filled with fear on a live to the minute basis. There was actual footage recovered from the school. This gave everybody a face. The victims, the shooters. Everybody’s heart broke as the reality of what was happening in real time was unfolding. It wasn’t a movie that we could fast forward or return back to Blockbuster video. It would haunt our dreams and rob us all of our innocence as the new reality of our teens surviving high school sunk in.

Seeing for the first time what children are capable of doing was the foreshadow that we all should have taken more seriously. When we isolate and torment those that seem different a simmering rage begins below the surface. Some people have outlets to release this pent up anger but others. Well others wait for it to boil over and engage in acts that only seem possible in Hollywood. Hollywood pales in comparison now compared to the way we treat each other. Imagine living a life where you have nobody. Isolated from your immediate world you get lost trying to find your way. We are not solitary beings. In time we will gravitate towards those that are most like us. It’s natural. What happens though when two negative energies come together. They explode into a brief moment of terror that will permanently alter the course of all those affected. With that as the potential outcome doesn’t it make the most sense to at least try and get along. Nobody says you have to make an instant best friend. But maybe just maybe two alphas don’t have to engage….

“The Enoch Brown Massacre is thought to be the earliest known shooting to occur on school property in what would one day become the United States. On July 26, 1764, a group of Lenape American Indians entered a schoolhouse near Greencastle, Pennsylvania, and shot and scalped schoolmaster Enoch Brown and killed 9 or 10 of his children (precise numbers vary). Only two children survived. “(

We have been robbing our innoncence probably from the start of time. What else can we do in a World, in a life that to some as little or no meaning. No life will ever be unique. Like two snowflakes we will always be different yet the same but in the most intriguing way. Like snowflakes we all have this one path. Once we begin to fall we can merge and form into an even bigger enigma before we hit the ground. Most snow flakes will fall together destined to spend the rest of their existence in the snow. Eventually the snow will melt and you will turn to water destined to return back into the sky where it all began before. For some though they are never given the chance. Maybe they fall seperate from the pack melting right away. Their time here on Earth all spent differently. Some are used for violence, some are used for games. Some are melted away quiet suddenly. Never destined to be the same.

“Don’t be bitter and mean ’cause you don’t fit in, it’s a GIFT. Look at you. You’ve got your individuality, you don’t have the herd instinct, you can read Nietzsche and understand it. Only dumb people are happy.”
Courtney Love

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