The Imperfections of Life

Christmas has once again come and gone. Some of us or happ with out gifts from Santa. Some are left wanting more. Some just wish to be able to live a safe, happy life with no more ridicule from their past and only hopeful anticipation for the future. So many of us ignore the struggle that for some seems to be not only an infinite black hole, a source for their unmeasureable pain. But their struggle takes them down a darker path that most of us will never come to know. It is easy to ignore those that we don’t understand. Why bother to try. We assume that they don’t care for us or they are ignoring our struggle but in the reality they are struggling in their own ways. Now with the doors of Christmas coming to a close I start to ponder everything I feel inside.

We have people preaching to us their own beliefs on Santa and the holidays. There are so many memes, articles, even school newsletters that will tell you not to spoil your child. That it is not fair to the less fortunate to believe that Santa found their school mate worthy of an I-Pad and they will they only got clothes. What now is the purpose of this whole Santa thing anyways. Yes when we were little we partake with the whole magic of Christmas. The cookies, the stocking, the reindeers. Never once though was it ever brought up that a monetary value should be considered when spoiling your kids. I get that now. It wouldn’t appear fair to a child that as lived their whole life on the right side of good to get nothing more than maybe a toy and a new pack of socks to see their bully getting everything his hearts desire and more. I get that that would appear not to be fair. Why do we keep sugar coating what Christmas really means and who we are and start preaching the things that actually matter.

Let’s take a look at nature’s beauty to see if we can determine a more finite definition of the answers we seek. I can’t help but think of snowflakes. As they fall from the sky each in their own perfect form, all unique in their own way but beautiful all the same. As they fall some join in together to create another form of snow. They are all destined for the same outcome though. They only find strength when they are brought together. Living together in harmony as they blanket the World with their frigid beauty. We need to take a lesson from the falling snowflake. As they fall in a magical silence observing the outside World there is only one truth that they know. That only in combining with each other can they sustain the elements of Winter putting on a display of white like we have never seen. Their existence depends on each other. Although each different they are all made from the same and together they will last a season until the season is over. After that season is no more they will melt and return to the Earth to help bring new life into fruition hence the beautiful dance continues.

We have lost the magic and beauty of life over time. Instead of embracing all these differences we try and force the World to conform. Having next to no understanding of what each individual life means. That definition is not something up for us to determine. We aren’t meant to dictate and rule over each other. Only to live together in harmony to make our time here on Earth enjoyable. We have no idea what it feels to walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes nor do we care to even understand. The facts are unless it is happening to us we don’t seem to even want to try and understand. Imagine if you can for one second that you are trapped in another body that you can’t identify with. Trough know fault of your own you will never recognize the face that stares back at you. The longer you ignore those feelings inside of you the more confused and depressed you get. It has to be hard to live a life like. Hating your own skin. Factor in when you finally identify the source of your insecurities and instead of singing on the rooftops you are more withdrawn and confused. I can’t tell you how many friends i have in this exact scenario. With the concept of time and what some believe to be reincarnation how is not possible that the next time around you find yourself in the body of the opposite sex. It shouldn’t be a big deal but to some its apocalyptic. Forever ending the life they have come to know.

If we were created to live this life alone there wouldn’t be so many of us overtaking the World. It is true that the right people will help us thrive but the wrong people can rob us of our freedom. Not in the convential sense but it is the ignorant beliefs of many that keep us imprisoned in our own minds. That has been one of the biggest problems since the concept of time. The fear of change. The fear of being different. The fear of standing out of a crowd because then all of our insecurities come to light. I believe with my whole heart that their must be alot like me suppressed in our own dreams out of fear of failing. Since man has taken their first step it must have been backwards. His first words must have been out of ridicule and hate. In a World that was so fresh and impervious to this kind of villanry it is incredulous to think that this is the human nature that has thrived. Where we should have been promoting togetherness and well being we divided the World by our own ludicrous definition of hate. Where did this idea come from that it is our right to ruin another being. We ruin each other financially, egotistically, humanlly laughing the whole time at the demise of others.

So here I sit on boxing day with the realiztion of just how much we failed ourselves. Until we connect with each other on a deeper level then the superficial skin we find ourselves in we will always doom ourselves to fail. Until we recognize that this concrete jungle we built to withstand the times of war will last longer then the humans we destroyed. Until we recognize that the person on the other side of our reflection is in fact human beautiful in the form that they deem fit best to them then we have failed. We have this unrealistic expectation of what is physcially beautiful. There are some of the World’s most incredibly beings that we will never get the pleasure of experiencing because we can’t see down our own noses. I wonder what it will take for the World to be more accepting. Both of ourselves and of each other. I wonder if it is possible to create a community that will be all inclusive instead of exclusive. Where the only defining factor is the heart that you wear on your sleeves and the intentions that you have in your heart. We as humans are the cruelest beings living on the planet. We far outweigh any predator or beast. Argue with me that fact. I know a predator will kill because he is physically hungry. Their kill and their violence is for their survival. The pain and the agony we impose on each other is both intentially and of ill will. It will reach the depths of their soul forever haunting them. They will start to live in a full on fear state never able to realize their true potential. We believe that a negative reaction is better then no reaction. What I know 100% though is that a positive reaction is the best feeling that anybody can experience. When we celebrate each other for the courage it takes to live our own lives we will never know true peace.

As the snowflake falls and finally reaches it destiny two things will happen. It will either melt like it’s journey never existed. Or it will mold together to create something beautiful. True beauty only comes when we create it together. No man left standing. No stone left unturned. The journey was meant to walk together no matter the form we find ourselves in. The forms we find ourselves change over time. AGe will grip us and make us unrecognizeable even to ourselves. It doesn’t mean that we are less valuable. It somehow means though that we are less valued. The more we know about ourselves the more of a threat we become. People assume that what one does is for attention and not to make their own World make more sense. How is it that a snowflake considered beautiful in it’s own perfections prevents us from seeing the same in ourselves. It is our imperfections that make us beautiful helping us stand apart in a crowd. It is by standing out that we can make the World just a little bit easier not better easier. Life should feel at least manageable when in the right company. Nobody should ever have to bare the weight of existence alone. Like an imperfect snowflake I will make the World a little bit better nourishing the World with life and love and maybe just maybe a little inspiration too.

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