“Strive to Fully Inhabit Your Life.”

The 9th way to get your Hepburn on is to be fully present in your life. That means the good bad and the ugly. It is incredible how much more present one can be when you draw everything into one focal point. Observe everything around you in that moment. Look for colors, sounds, smells, feelings. Absorb it all in that moment. Appreciate it for all that it is and bring to the surface the gift that the Universe is trying to give to you. Take the past. You can think and dream and wish about events that have happened in the past. The reality is that there is no going back. In the same sense you can’t even go forward. You think that when you push your mind to think about the future that you are benefitting yourself. The dreaming, hoping and wishing about an event you have no control can also fill you with such negativity and fear. The key is to to live in the moment whenever you can.It’s incredulous to think that all scholars throughout the passage of time have theorized and stated the importance of fully being present in your life. Fully acknowledge and hit all those insecurities and fears head on. There is a far cry from dreaming to nervous apprehension. The latter consummes you like a cancer. Constantly imagining what the future holds can eventually begin to rot your center. All your focus and attention has gone somewhere that doesn’t exist. The future never exists. We never get there. Tomorrow never comes for it is always today. Why live in a constant state that we will never be privvy too. Our natural instinct is survival so our instincts will never lead us astray. If we put ourselves out there and fail…well that path was never truly meant for you. It was a stepping stone to the enxt big thing. No need to dwell but to manifest the next opportunity. That is in fact all we got right? A series of unfortunate (and sometimes fortunate) that lead us all right back to the same place so why fight the inevitable. Everything will unfold in due time. It really isn’t us to question the path. We may try to understand it but for most of us that is a luxury that we will never have priviledge of.The secret of life may never be something that we will ever understand. So far in everything that I have read is that pain exists in us all. It is what drives us to insanity. It will destroy the most loving of soul forever scarring and altering the course of their lives. In the presence of pain we will engage in activities and people that we normally wouldn’t. Pain slowly kills who we were born to be and in its place it leaves a shell of a person that we no longer are. It is in this presence of pain that alters who we are. If this is true that would signify that pain is in fat the root of all evil. Not fame, not fortune not any other sin that we can engage in. Pain alters who we are from the inside. If this is true in order to set ourselves free we have to find away to mitigate the impact. The only thing that I think that has the potential to heal any pain is love. I am not talking about the carnal lust that one craves. I am talking about the simplest, purest form of love. The type of love you only experience as a child before the World convinces you that the person next to you is evil. Ignorance is probably the second cause of all evil. First pain, then ignorance, then rage. The combination of all three will defintely result in a lethal outcome.Let me remind you what pure love feels like. It is looking into the eyes of another to see if they are safe. Through their eyes you will be able to know what it is they need from you. Only after that feeling of reassurance that they aren’t going to provide you pain you go on to pursue a relationship. You laugh, you play, you are entirely present in the moment. Their eyes don’t tell you if they are overweight, male/female, brown, yellow, maroon, purple. They even don’t tell you if they are gay or straight. You know why…because none of that matters. Don’t you think if all those superficial labels were going to matter there would be some way of knowing who it is that you are dealing with? It is simply because it doesn’t. In that present moment when those eyes stare back at you all that you know for sure is if they are happy or if they are sad. If they are angry or if they are in pain. The eyes are the windows of the soul. They will tell us all that we need to know. And in that moment does nothing else truly matter? Of course we have lost our souls as we have become fixated on our phones and our computer screens. Looking down at anything else than that person who is standing right in front of you tells them something. It tells them “oh hey, you are here. You aren’t important enough in my life for me to notice you.” I catch myself all the time. My biggest pet peeve is when I put my phone down only to be in the company of somebody else scrolling through Facebook….”Just one sec this is important.” Oh it is is it? So what you are saying is that whatever you are dealing with on that screen is more important than me. Point taken. Noticed. And maybe just maybe you might be moved down the list of order of importance for me. I may be guilty of running a few minutes late (maybe even longer these days) in my defense my son sleeps like a Rockstar (he also stays up like one too) but what I am never guilty of is making you feel anything less than the most important person in the room. I am always attentive of my surroundings. Scanning the room when your eyes are fixated on your phone. It is not because I am unattentive to your needs (you started it first lol). It is because when out and away from my family I need to make it count. If you are too busy maybe there is somebody else I am meant to connect with. Right? Our present moment comes to us for a reason. If we fail to become attentive to our surroundings who knows the opportunities we might miss. This tip right here is platinum. It has been interwoven in every successful genious from the start of time. Fully inhabit your life in the present and watch how your life unfolds.

“Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.” -Wayne Dyer