“Have a Credo”

The most important and #1 way to get your Hepburn on is to “Have a Credo.” The definition of credo as dictated in the dictionary is a statement of the beliefs and aims which guide’s someones actions. Kathryn’s credo was acquired in her Hartford childhood home. It was simpky etched into the stone mantel of the previous owner and stated, “Listen to the song of life”. A credo should be poetic, empowring, upbeat and a bit opaque. Seems like a lofty task for one to come up with a credo that would serve as the guiding light to ones life. Why would one ever warrant a credo? The reality is we all deserve to have one. It indicates that we believe our lives are powerful enough to warrant one. Doesn’t that seem like reason enough.

My credo from last year was, “Be the person you were born to be before the world took your smile. What I loved most about having one is just the moment of clairty you receive when just repeating one simple sentence. My credo served as a remainder to strive towards happiness. That above everything else my happiness was worth fighting for. It also gave me the courage to stare those in the eyes who thought there was no value in who I was as a person. The more confident you become the more apparent the indiscretions of those that want to see you falter. Rome wasn’t built in a day so why would we expect our lives to change in this grande ways unless we were able to be honest and upfront with ourselves.

Life is never meant to be pain free. Nor will any of us get out without a surmountable amount of hardened scars. Who knew life could be this way. In a world so overtaken with negative experiences it is hard to remind oneself of the bigger picture. What is the bigger picture? It seems so hard to believe that this life is anything more than a sick, twisted game put on by those who lost their lives long ago. We rarely honour anything that comes out of our past. We are constantly back peddling. Trying to make up for the indiscrections of our historic leaders. It’s incredulous to think that we can even begin to understand what life was like for them back then. I try to read to capture the imagery. The harsh reality of living a life that’s chief responsibility was to inhabit the Earth and rape our mother of all natural resources. That is what we are doing. Killing this beautiful planet from it’s core. We are beginning to see the revolt as natural disasters begin to reclaim what was lost so long ago.

Maybe that is why I love my credo so much. It is a reflection of who I once was and who I am becoming. To fully inhabit this life and appreciate the simplicity of something so beautiful in nature. My only concern is what we as a whole are doing not only to ourselves but to each other. It is so rare these days for anybody to live a life outside of social media. If only our social standards dictate a higher way of living instead of education our youth to desire all those things that they can’t have. We live in a World where people take just for the sake of taking. Even if it’s tied down and bolted they will come at it with scheers and a blow torch. I remember last year this car pulled up to one of our animal shelters. They actually broke into the bottle donation bin. Imagine your life is so useless that you steal from the poor and homeless animals that rely on us for compassion and understanding. It was all caught on video. That right there is soembody’s child. Somebody’s pride and joy reduced to stealing from charity.

A credo does nothing more than to keep you on track. A reminder of where you want to be. A reflection of maybe simpler times when life was easy. A reflection of a time that serves its purpose to keep us moving and always striving towards personal growth. Taking chances we wouldn’t normally because out of nowhere we have this strength and courage that inhabits ones soul. Our life begins to form and have a resemblance to a life that we can only read about. Read being the key. Hollywood is so diluted with mind numbing trash that it is incredibly hard to even want to imagine being transported into that storey line. Isn’t that why we watch movies. To encourage our creativity and suppress our insecurities even for a second. All Hollywood has done for me lately is to infect my being with insecurities. Relaying a seemingly perfect yet imperfect World. It is hard to relate to anybody these days in the movies. In fact I wouldn’t even want to have the lives that some of them live. We can see the toll that fame takes on some. Just like in a true timeless movie the main character always dies young. Legends never die right? One can hope.

In a World so misguided and lacking clarity all that we can ask for is a wanton desire to live a life well lived. By our own standards and not by somebody else’s. Simplify your goals and you will simplify your purpose. It will be far easier to measure your success if you have it written down. Serving as a constant reminder to what is at stake and what could be lost in process. My credo still reminds me to smile. It also reminds me to live and love more childlike. You know before the indiscretions of the World robbed us of our happiness. There is so much evil in the World that if you allow your thoughts to wander you might forever be lost in the abyss. I of course still cry over the sudden loss of compassion and even humanity. One only has to be part of certain social media groups to see the level of hate interwoven into the conversations. I still maintain that women can be so spiteful. We have this desire to hold onto grudges long after the original indiscrection occurred. “Remember 20 years ago when you borrowed my socks and never returned the?” Just as an example. I always raise my eyebrows when people bring up too much from the past. I love to reminisce but not overly so. I tend to try and only relive those moments when they serve to help guide or coach another being who is struggling.

Is it possible to live with a childlike heart without getting eatten up by the masses. That I am not entirely sure of. I spent the last year focusing on finding my smile. Doing things that I normally wouldn’t. Reminding myself of who I used to be. Before all the violence. Before all the abuse. I stopped listening to all the chatter that was trying to bind me to my past. I never really understood why some people could be so determined to destroy another being. After alot of refelction and deep thought the answer though is so apparent. Those who throw stones in glass houses will never find happiness. To be victimized by anybody is a poor reflection apon themselves. They speak of their own indiscretions and insecurities. Jealous of your ability to rise after the storm. What I realized when I began to get my confidence back was those opinions of a negative origin were no longer about me. Those who speak ill of me really have no clue. I live a very simple life surrounded by my own happiness. I am true to my word and live with a passionate heart. I speak from experience and as a guide to help those that may find themselves down the same path as me. I am here simply to serve as a reminder that your life has a purpose and your life is worth living. Together we can rise and both live a life ore interesting.

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