Pain Connects Us All

Here it is. The common factor. The thing that connects us all is pain. Our levels of pain are all immeasurable as it’s something you can’t quantify. Something you can’t identify or reason with as it’s just there. You can’t fight it. It’s always there. So now you have something in common with everybody else out there. You don’t need to walk a mile in anybody else’s shoes to know what heart break feels like. Why add to anybody else’s discontent by adding to their woes. Why not make the World a better place for all. But first off starting with you.

So there it is the only reason why you should be nice is to minimize adding to the pain of others. Some people start their day looking for a reason to die that day. What if you became that source of power for them by being a warm and genuine caring human that could save them from themselves that day. It’s easy to recognize. Normal human beings don’t lash out just cause. Our nature is to thrive and engaging and negative behaviour is opposite that. Somebody who is lashing out has nothing to lose. They may have given up because a loved one is dying, they are dying, they are financially ruined, physically ruined, emotionally ruined. They no longer care how they behave because leading an honourable life has gotten them nowhere.

For so many this is their life. The government has failed us and will bankrupt our family dynamics. That sucks for some and yes there will be backlash because of it. We all think those thoughts of why us? When did life get so hard! Life is incredibly and learning to live in pain seems to be the norm. We become mindless drones to scared to reach for the stars because when in doing so it scorched the palm of our hands. The feeling of moving forward while those we care deeply for fall behind. Through no fault of their own. Their dreams and safety for their future dashed for somebody’s else’s dreams. That used to include them and now like yesterday’s organics destined for the trash. My pain is manageable. I can deal with the pain that comes inflicted by my own heart. The pain that blinds me is those of the ones I care for deeply for. Those that have come into my life and have weathered the storms with me. To watch somebody adore rise from the ashes only to be set on fire again crushes me in a way that I can’t describe When you can no longer quench their fear and their pain you feel like a failure.

My heart is always at a coiuntless state of alertness. I try to soak as much as I can in every moment. Moments are never guarantted. The always seem to be fleeting into somebody’s else’s reality.  I don’t want to change the World for just today I want to change today in order to change the World. I wish in people’s deepest despair they could see how truly valueable their life really is. Without certain people in our lives life becomes meaningless. No point. No destination. No purpose. I think it is because we get so wound up about what used to be instead of seeing what can actually happen in the course of the day. A million things can happen in the span of a second. Lives have been lost in that one blink of an eye. The same way that life has found a way to come out from behind the rocks. It truly what we make the most of every moment. Even the ones that take our breath away and brings us to our knees. There is no pain than a fresh heartbreak. The moment when all hope is lost and the new reality sinks in. The buildup and nervous anticipation waiting for that moment can change in an instant. As quick as your heart filled with hope it can be shattered into pieces. Watching those you love in that type of pain sucks the life right out of you.

One of my biggest fears is that those peope I love will never realize their truest potential.  Watching those I care for pick up the pieces of their lives trying to find a new purpose in each and every day rip at my heart. I know that feeling of utter despair. Like you failed everybody including yourself. That if you could change a moment you would make that moment count. Like the Words you spoke yesterday could even change what has happened in the present and going forward. In every moment we have the freedom to make a choice. Some choices rip our hearts out but others will feed our soul. With pain being the common thread that connects us alll wouldn’t it make sencse that in the moments when we feel strong that we lend our strength to others to try and minimize the hurt they will cause themselves.  Our biggest fear should be the way we tend to our own hearts. Our inability to see compassion in even the smallest of moments will be one of our biggest downfalls. Some will try to pull the wool over other peoples eyes trying to pretend to be somebody they are not. We all know those people. You can feel how disengenuine their hearts are as they make choices that pertain to their own lies. People who are quick to judge others and make rash decision will always be found out. 

We all want to survive but at somebody else’s expense. Haven’t we all been guilty of telling lies or fabricating stories at some point in our lives. Even small ones of their weight on the World.  That was me manipulating situations trying to get the maximum benefit out of most every situation. Here’s the thing though. Something miraculous happened to me as I became a mom. I began to see the ar differently. I no longer just wanted to live in order for me to feel seomthing. I wanted to live to try and prevent others from feeling what I have. So many times we let what others think and feel about us dictate who we want to be. Becoming a fraction of our limitless potential out of fear of upsetting someboy else. We no longer strive to feel our best because we have become impervious to pain. Numbing our senses in order to achieve longevity will never sustain us. In a World where we are taught quantity over quality.  No wonder why the World has an over abundance of pain. We will never be satisfied. The more we lose the more we want. Humility being a thing of the past we will do anything. Anything to quench or thirst or feed or hunger. Anything it seems but to acknowledge the pain.

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“I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that’s real
The needle tears a hole
The old familiar sting
Try to kill it all away
But I remember everything”

-Johnny Cash, Hurt



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  1. cheriewhite says:

    This is such a powerful post, Ruby! And you hot.the nail on the head with it. It seems that people want to hurt others because they think it will quell their own pain.

    I was bullied horribly when I was young and now that I’m older, I realize that my bullies were hurting themselves.

    Wishing you all the best!


  2. Thank you ❤ I feel if more of us speak out it will somehow make the World better xx


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