Waiting for the World To Change

At what point do we get to take a step back and say WTF is going on? There are messages throughout time warning us about our own demise. It’s everywhere you look but also nowhere at the same time. We aren’t looking. We don’t care that much. It’s all about likes, looks, and the leers these days. When was the last time you held a conversation with somebody. I real one where you look into each other’s eyes (our windows to the soul). We can’t really do it that much anymore can we? We are so embarassed of our actions or lack there of that it is better to keep your head down and nose glued to any screen. I grew up in the 90’s. It’s like the decade before everything went to hell. Some will say that it is the era of the cell phone and internet but could it really be just those two material things hanging over our heads like a noose?

I wonder why 2 pac rapped about not being alive to see a Black President or when Biggie rapped about the twin towers. How did they know that these were going to be moments in time? How could it be that two rappers from different coasts bring to life what was to be. Being where I am now it is like it was ripped right out of the headlines. Like in some crazy conspiracy theory it seems the icons that new to much were being done in. Like as in chance. A lottery game that they were never destined to win. Brought up from the ashes to peak at the same time. Possibly to die by the same hand. We will never know. In the land of the cover ups we have become the masters. Not we persey but they. We are just puppets in a master game that we will never know. Destined to make the same mistakes over and over again like on repeat until the disc runs out.

I started thinking about the possibility of being alive for World War Three and it seems that that day may be coming sooner that I had ever dreamed. I have read alot about history. There is a romance in being able to bring to life those that walked before us. War is different now. It is as impersonal as it gets. Computers and Artifical Intelligence are what we are entrusting the end of civilizations as we know it. Like we have a greater purpose to life then our neighbours. Why do we always have to live like this? Angry and hurtful towards each other. What about attracting bees to honey? Oh ya we don’t give a damn about he honeybees flying to extinction. We are grinding the Earth into dust at an alarming rate. We just nonchantly turn a blind eye to everything. Everywhere.

Now more than ever I want to live my life full with purpose. Not just anybody purpose’s but my own. Yes it feels amazing to make others happy. But how soul crushing is it to live entirely on somebody’s elses smile. There will always be a fine line between expecting too much and expecting nothing at all. The World would be much better off if we could find a way to successfully occupy space with each other. Is there any benefit to raping and robbing the World of ALL it’s natural resources. What worries me the most about the potential of a World War is I think here in Canada we are the easiest and best target. We have resources, we are led by the blind, our country is divided and chances are they already have alot of their citizens here anyways so it would be an easy takeover. Like a Trojan horse. Let’s consider all those countries that could have been carrying a grudge since the last wars against us and the states. I would probably start with attacking Canada. We are sitting goose here just waiting.

With that thought what is truly stopping you from living your best life? Look at everybody else around us who is truly suffering. A country is on fire while another one is under water. The grounds shake and mountains errupt. And it seems these days most of our governments are corrupt. I guess you could say I am a wee bit nervous. The way we treat each other is at the forefront of that. I am scared to blink because every time I do there is another storey that rips out your heart and stomps on it into oblivion. The more we know the more pain that we learn to deal with. The more pain that we deal with the sicker we can get. There has to be a better outlet than what we have grown accustomed to. I wonder what makes people want to be mean anyways. I have never felt good after being mean to somebody. Even when it was to those that deserve it. The guilt would eat at my heart like a cancer. Not my style. I am content on straping myself in for a roller coaster ride. I know what is important and what is most important is reaching out to stay what may stick. Chaos is a part of who I am. I will lose my cell prob 20 times, clean the house even more, chase the puppy, chase the kid, feed the kitties you name it it is a whirlwind around here. I try to plan as best as I can but there is always something that comes out. Some other clown has gotten out of the circus and it time for me to do the rounding up. For whatever reason I am kind of the strong personality in the family. I don’t know I just try to find ways to make my day run more efficiently. Helps bring all other emotions into a center so I don’t have to be reminded of tehm with every turn.

The World is getting to be more and more messy. Thankfully I have found a way to express me while embracing those that truly need a loving embrace and a helpful hand. There is nothing I love more than love. Being kind to each other in the most authentic and genuine way will always be my wish for the World. I fear what will happen if we ignore the energy that surrounds us. It’s those that control the orbit of the World that we need to fear the most. Their honour has long left them as they isolated themselves from what is right and what is wrong. Remember: Love soembody who doesn’t deserve it!! They may not deserve it now but maybe they once did or could be once again. The only way to heal what is happening is with love. Now more than ever is the time.

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  1. A storm is definitely brewing. I’ve been bouncing between the USA and China for the last 15 years, and I’ve never seen things as tense as they are now.


    1. It makes me so nervous. We are impervious to knowing just how serious this may become.

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  2. lemmontage says:

    Yes. Sweet love


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